Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Agnes Bent (1750) & Richard Barnes
4271. Richard Barnes. Born ca 1630/1 in Penton Grafton, Weyhill, Hampshire. Richard was baptized in Penton Grafton, Weyhill, Hampshire, on 20 Feb 1630/1.
On 16 Dec 1667 Richard married Deborah [Dix].

Deborah was not a duaghter of Edward Dix. She was doubtless a widow, for she had sons Leonard, John and William Dix, who were settled at Hartford, CT. Who her first husband was is unknown to me [Bond]; Richard Barnes was her 2d husband.29
Their children include:
Sarah Barnes (1669-)
Richard Barnes (16 Jan 1673-ca 1749)
Abigail Barnes (-4 Feb 1768)
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