Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Nathaniel Foote (3437) & Elizabeth Smith
10289. Nathaniel Foote. Born on 10 Jan 1648 in Wethersfield, CT.151 Nathaniel died in Wethersfield, CT, on 12 Jan 1703; he was 55.151 Occupation: House carpenter, lawyer.

Nathaniel, called Quarter-Master. He settled at Hatfield, MA, where he resided two years, then resided successively at Stratford, Bramford, and finally at Wethersfield.150

“His death prevented another removal which he had planned, to a new settlement prospected by him at ‘Jeremy Farms’ since called Colchester, CT, which was on land granted to him by the Indians ‘as a consideration of love and affection’ to be utilized as he was fit, except 50 acres which they desired him to reserve for himself and heirs forever. The settlement was commence in 1710—but failing health prevented his being one of the company, and his wife and ch. after his dth. became the first settlers of Colchester. Mr. Foote was a house-carpenter and also practices as an attorney in the Colonial Courts.”150

From the Foote Genealogy:293
    “After residing in Hatfield two years, he removed to Springfield, like almost every householder, he was called into the service of his country against the Indians, and was actively engaged in the bloody and successful attack on their encampment at the falls in Connecticut river a few miles above Deerfield, since called Turner’s Falls, in commemoration of the brave Capt. Turner who commanded the expedition. From Springfield, Mr. Foote removed to Stratford, where his house lot of one acre was on Main street, directly east of the old burial ground near the present Congregational Church. This lot he conveyed in March, 1680, to Benjamin Lewis, having decided to move with his family to Branford, where, in February, 1679, he was admitted ‘a planter’ of the own, and a ‘home lot’ was granted to him, ‘on condition that it should have a tenantable house built upon it within two years, and that he come to settle amongst us, or else the lot to return to the town again.’ In pursuing his ‘manifest destiny’ to migrate, Mr. Foote conveyed this lot with sundry other lots of which he had become possessed, to Jonathan Pitman, of Stratford, and moved to Wethersfield, where he continued to reside till his death, although he had, previous to that event, planned another removal to a new settlement begun under his enterprise, at ‘Jeremy’s Farm,’ since and now called Colchester, on the road from Hartford to New London. An order authorizing a settlement at this place was made by the General Court in October, 1698, and the new settlement was made to embrace the territory bounded north by Twenty-mile river, south by Lyme, west by Haddam and Middletown, and east and northeast by Lebanon and Norwich. This land was conveyed by Owaneco, Sachem of Mohegan, ‘for the consideration of love and affection,’ to Nathaniel Foote, to be distributed by him ‘according to his discretion,’ except fifty acres to be selected by himself, which he had the privilege of reserving to himself and his heirs forever. The settlement was commenced in 1701, but on account of failing health, Mr. Foote did not remove. He died Jan. 12, 1703, leaving a widow and nine children, four sons and five daughters. His widow and four youngest children, three sons an one daughter, subsequently moved to Colchester. ... The children all married, and settled in the neighborhood of each other in the new town.
    “Although a house carpenter by trade, and as such was employed to repair the Meeting House at Bradford, Mr. Foote, after his return to Wethersfield, appears to have pursued the practice of the law,—his name frequently appearing on the records of the County Court as Attorney in cases before that court.”

    “ He resided at Hatfield, Mass., two years, Springfield four years, and at Stratford and Branford, Conn., and lastly at Wethersfield, where he d. of consumption, January 12, 1703. His family subsequently removed to  Jeremy's Farm," since and now called Colchester, Conn., a tract of land on the road from Hartford to New London, owned by Jeremiah Adams, one of the first settlers of Hartford. Mr. Foote was a Quartermaster in the army during King Philip's war, and was in the fight at Turner's Falls (Conn. River) under the brave Capt. Turner, who, it is said, that night fought hand to hand with Philip himself. Next day Turner and most of his men were killed by the Indians, and Foote, though badly wounded, was one of the few who escaped.”143
On 2 May 1672 when Nathaniel was 24, he married Margaret Bliss, daughter of Nathaniel Bliss (28 Dec 1622-18 Nov 1654) & Catherine Chapin (ca 1626-4 Feb 1712).151 Born on 12 Nov 1649 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.25 Margaret died in Colchester, CT, on 3 Apr 1745; she was 95.150
Their children include:
Sarah Foote (25 Feb 1672/3-24 Jul 1756)
Margaret Foote (1 Dec 1674-)
Elizabeth Foote (23 Jun 1677/1679-)
Mary Foote (24 Nov 1679-8 Feb 1751/2)
Capt. Nathaniel Foote (9 Sep 1682-20 Aug 1774)
Ephraim Foote (11 Feb 1685-10 Jun 1765)
Josiah Foote (27 Sep 1688-Dec 1788)
Joseph Foote (28 Dec 1690-21 Apr 1756)
Eunice Foote (10 May 1694-11 Mar 1771)
Mary Foote (24 Nov 1697-)
10290. Samuel Foote. Born on 1 May 1649 in Wethersfield, CT.151 Samuel died in Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, on 7 Sep 1689; he was 40.151

Samuel settled in Hatfield.151 Samuel’s second son Samuel was slain by Indians at Deerfield, 1704.150
On 30 May 1671 when Samuel was 22, he married Mary Merrick, daughter of Thomas Merrick (1620-7 Sep 1704) & Sarah Stebbins (1623-4 Oct 1649). Born in Aug 1647 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.385 Mary died in Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 3 Oct 1690.151
Their children include:
Mary Foote (Died young) (9 Jul 1674-)
Samuel Foote (ca 1676-29 Feb 1704)
Mary Foote (28 Feb 1680-18 Feb 1752)
Sarah Foote (26 Feb 1682-22 Nov 1764)
Eleazer Foote (5 Sep 1684-17 Nov 1758)
Thomas Foote (24 Nov 1686-ca 1766)
Daniel Foote (6 Feb 1689-15 Jul 1740)
10291. Daniel Foote. Born ca 1652 in Wethersfield, CT.150 Daniel died in Stratford, CT on 26 Mar 1704.

Daniel removed to Stratford, CT, and had wives Sarah, then Mary.150
Daniel first married Sarah. Born ca 1658.
Their children include:
John Foote (17 Jun 1680-1727)
Daniel Foote (10 Jan 168[1/]2-19 Dec 1755)
Hannah Foote (13 Feb 168[3/]4-)
Solomon Foote (say 1690-)
Jehiel Foote (17 Mar 1687-2 Sep 1740)
Mary Foote (say 1692-20 Aug 1778)
Daniel second married Mary.
10292. Elizabeth Foote. Born in 1654 in Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.150 Elizabeth died in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts on 16 Sep 1696.161

Elizabeth was killed by Indians 16 Sep 1696, and many of her children were captured, wounded, or killed.150

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Foote) Belden:
    i. William Belden, b. 1671;
    ii. Richard Belden, b. 1672;
    iii. Elizabeth Belden, b. 8 Oct 1673, taken captive by Indians;
    iv. Nathaniel Belden, b. 26 Jun 1675, d. 21 Aug 1714;
    v. Mary Belden, b. 17 Nov 1677;
    vi. Daniel Belden, b. 1 Sep 1680, slain by Indians 16 Sep 1696;
    vii. Sarah Belden, b. 15 Mar 1682, slain 16 Sep 1696;
    viii. Esther Belden, b. 29 Sep 1683, taken captive;
    ix. Abigail Belden, b. 1686;
    x. Samuel Belden, b. 10 Apr 1687 at Hatfield, severely wounded;
    xi. John Belden, b. at Deerfield, d. 25 Jun 1689;
    xii. Abigail Belden, b. 18 Aug 1690, wounded;
    xiii. John Belden, b. 28 Feb 1693, slain at three years old;
    xiv. Thankful Belden, b. 21 Dec 1695, slain before her first birthday.293
On 10 Nov 1670 Elizabeth married Daniel Belding (4223) , son of William Belding (ca 1622-27 Mar 1655) & Tamsen Sherwood (1682) (ca 1615-).150 Born on 30 Nov 1648 in Wethersfield, CT.150 Daniel died in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts, on 14 Aug 1731; he was 82.161

Daniel first married Elizabeth Foote; second Hepzibah (Buel) Welles, widow of Thomas Welles; and third Sarah (Hawks) Matton, widow of Philip Mattoon.

Daniel, of Hatfield, but later of Deerfield.150

From the Hatfield Town Records:
        “Elizabeth, wife to Daniel Beldenye head of the family, together with Daniel Belden, John Belden and Thankful Belden, their ehidren, were all of them slaine by the enemie September 16, 1696.”
        “Sept. 16, 1696. The Indians came along from up Green Biver to the town, and assaulted Mr. Daniel Belden’s house; took Mr. Belden, his son Nathaniel and daughter Esther captive, killed his wife and three ehildren, and wounded Samuel and Abigail, but they recovered, altho’ Samuel had a hatchet stuck in his head, and some of his brains came out at his wound. Samuel was born Apr. 10, 1687.”

From Mather's Magnalia:
    “The Indians making an Assault upon Deerfield, in this Present War, they struck a Hatchet some Inches into the Skull of a Boy there, even so deep that the Boy felt the force of a Wrench used by ‘em to get it out. There he lay a long while Weltering in his Blood; they found him, they Dress’d him; considerable Quantities of his Brain came out from time to time when they opened the Wound, yet the Lad recovered, and is now a Iiving Monument of the Power and Goodness of God.”
Their children include:
William Belding (26 Dec 1671-)
Richard Belding (29 Mar 1672/3-)
Elizabeth Belding (8 Oct 1673-)
Nathaniel Belding (16 Jan 1675-21 Aug 1714)
Mary Belding (17 Nov 1677-aft 1737)
Daniel Belding (Died young) (1 Sep 1680-16 Sep 1696)
Sarah Belding (15 Mar 1682-)
Hester Belding (29 Sep 1683-)
Abigail Belding (Died soon) (10 Mar 1686-15 Jun 1686)
Samuel Belding (10 Apr 1687-14 Dec 1750)
John Belding (Died soon) (24 Jun 1689-25 Jun 1689)
Abigail Belding (18 Aug 1690-bef 1732)
John Belding (Died soon) (28 Feb 1693-16 Sep 1696)
Thankful Belding (Died soon) (21 Dec 1695-16 Sep 1696)
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