Pane-Joyce Genealogy
9022. Sarah Howe. Born bef 1670 in Marlboro, MA.287 Sarah died in Marlboro, MA on 18 Jul 1692.287

Sarah and her three youngest children, born during the years 1687 to 1691, were slain by Indians during their raid of 18 Jul 1692, and her oldest child, Peter, born 8 Dec 1680, was carried away captive with her sister Elizabeth who was visiting her. Peter was killed shortly after being carried away.287
Ca 1686 Sarah married Capt. Peter Joslin, son of Nathaniel Joslin (12 Jun 1627-8 Apr 1694) & Sarah King (ca 1632-2 Jul 1706). Born on 2 Dec 1665 in Lancaster, MA.287 Peter died in Leominster, MA, on 18 Apr 1759; he was 93.
9023. John Howe. Born on 9 Sep 1671 in Marlboro, MA.287 John died in Marlboro, MA, on 19 May 1754; he was 82.287
John first married Rebecca. Rebecca died in Marlboro, MA on 22 Sep 1731.287

Children of John and Rebecca Howe: Peter, John, Sarah, Ebenezer, Rebecca, Mary, Hannah, Seth, Elizabeth, Eunice, & Dorothy.287
On 18 Jun 1740 when John was 68, he second married Ruth Eager (40587) , daughter of Zachariah Eager (20953) (ca 1667-5 Jul 1742) & Elizabeth Newton (28279) (3 Jan 1672-18 Jan 1756).287 Born on 20 Dec 1694 in Marlboro, MA.287 Ruth died in Marlboro, MA, on 14 Oct 1781; she was 86.287
9024. David Howe. Born on 29 Mar 1674 in Marlboro, MA.287 David died in Marlboro, MA, on 29 May 1674.287
9025. Elizabeth Howe. Born on 16 Jul 1675 in Marlboro, MA.287 Elizabeth died on 18 Aug 1764; she was 89.287

From the Ward Genealogy:287
    Elizabeth “was carried into captivity by Indians. She was held by them until 1696 when she was ransomed and returned to her friends. She was about to be marriede when captured. Her intended husband, considering her lost to him, resolved never to marry, but upon her return, repented of his vow, and they wer united in wedlock. It is said that she never fully recovered from the fright of her capture. The family later moved to Shrewsbury, Mass.”

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Howe) Keyes: David, Jonathan, Cyprian, Dianh, Thomas, & Henry.287
On 23 Jan 1699 when Elizabeth was 23, she married Thomas Keyes, son of Elias Keyes (28 May 1643-) & Sarah Blanford, in Marlboro, MA.287 Born on 8 Feb 1674 in Sudbury, MA.70 Thomas died in Shrewsbury, MA, on 25 Aug 1742; he was 68.287
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