Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Henry Loker (3818) & Hannah [Brewer]
11237. Elizabeth Loker.

Children of Jacob and Elizabeth (Loker) Moore, born at Sudbury:66
    i. Jacob Moore, b. 1668;
    ii. Richard Moore, b. 12 Sep 1670;
    iii. John Moore, b. 13 Dec 1673, m. Abigail Wright;
    iv. Elizabeth Moore, b. 4 Feb 1675;
    v. Nathaniel Moore, b. 21 Jun 1678;
    vi. Hannah Moore, b. 18 Jul 1680;
    vii. Sarah Moore, b. 28 Jan 1682, d. 9 Feb 1682;
    viii. Sarah Moore, b. 3 Mar 1683/4;
    ix. Daniel Moore, b. 13 Arp 1687, m. at Sudbury 1 Feb 1708/9 Mary Whitney (d. 18 Apr 1753 at Sudbury);
    x. Samuel Moore, b. 15 Jul 1689, m. at Sudbury 8 Dec 1714 Sarah Haynes;
    xi. James Moore, b. ca. 1693, d. 29 Sep 1756 at Worcester, MA, m. at Sudbury 4 Mar 1718/9 Comfort Rice (b. 10 Aug 1701 at Sudbury, d. 22 Jun 1765 at Worceser); and
    xii. Jonathan Moore, b. ca. 1695, d. before 1732, m. at Weston, MA, 30 may 1721 Mary Fulham.
On 29 May 1667 Elizabeth married Jacob Moore, son of John Moore (ca 1602-6 Jan 1673/4) & Elizabeth Rice (ca Nov 1612-14 Dec 1690), in Sudbury, MA.66 Born on 28 Apr 1645 in Sudbury, MA. Jacob died in Sudbury, MA, on 23 Mar 1715/6; he was 70.
Their children include:
Richard Moore (12 Sep 1670-19 Nov 1767)
Nathaniel Moore (21 Jun 1678-25 Nov 1761)
Samuel Moore (15 Jul 1689-ca 1781)
James Moore (ca 1691-29 Sep 1756)
11238. William Loker. Born on 27 Sep 1652 in Sudbury, MA. William died in Elizabethtown, NJ, on 23 Jan 1728; he was 75.
William married Mary Higgins, daughter of Richard Higgins (ca 1603-1674/5) & Mary [Yates] (-aft 1702). Born on 27 Sep 1652 in Eastham, MA.136,58

According to Underhill:117
    “It was formerly supposed that she married Samuel Oliver, because Probate Records of Essex County, New Jersey, state that Thomas Higgins and Samuel Oliver, his uncles, were appointed guardians of Richard Higgins, the son of Zerah Higgins. Elizabeth Oliver, wife of Zerah Higgins, was a sister of Samuel Oliver. Therefore, Samuel Oliver was a maternal–not paternal–uncle of Richard Higgins. An inscription at Presbyterian churchyard, Elizabethtown; New Jersey, reads: ‘Mary wife of Samuel Oliver died Jan. 23, 1729, aged 6, years, 6 months.’ This disproves the marriage of Samuel Oliver to Mary Higgins, for she was fourteen years older than the Mrs. Mary Oliver of the inscription. ‘Aug. 20, 1682, Mary Higgins, spinster, and Eliakim Higgins carpenter, both of the Towne of Piscataway,’ signed a bond to Richard Smith, Constable, as sureties for the support of the wife of William Looker, late of Elizabethtown.”
11239. Jacob Loker. Born ca 1652 in Sudbury, MA.
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