Pane-Joyce Genealogy
16918. Edward Dorr. Born ca 1680. Edward was baptized on 4 Jul 1680.
16919. Ann Dorr. Born on 4 Sep 1681 in Roxbury, MA. Ann died in Roxbury, MA, on 5 Oct 1683; she was 2.78
16920. Edward Dorr. Born on 15 Nov 1683 in Roxbury, MA.78 Edward was baptized in Roxbury, MA, on 18 Nov 1683. Edward died in Roxbury, MA, on 28 Nov 1683.78
16921. (infant child) Dorr. Born ca 1685. (infant child) died in Roxbury, MA in Nov 1685. Buried on 10 Nov 1685 in Roxbury, MA.78
16922. Capt. Ebenezer Dorr. Born 25 Jan 1687/8 in Roxbury, MA.78 Ebenezer died in Roxbury, MA on 25 Feb 1760.78 Buried in Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury. Lot: C-319. Occupation: tanner, courier.

Ebenezer first married Mary Boardman; second Hannah (Jackson) Loring, widow of Joshua Loring; third Mary (Greenough) (McCarthy) Bridge, widow of Thaddeus McCarthy and Ebenezer Bridge; and his fourth wife was named Susanna.
16 Feb 1709/10 Ebenezer first married Mary Boardman, daughter of Aaron Boardman (ca 1649-15 Jan 1702/3) & Mary, in Cambridge, MA.78,27 Born on 6 May 1689 in Cambridge, MA. Mary died in Roxbury, MA, on 12 Jun 1728; she was 39.78 Buried in Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury. Lot: C323.

Mary, of Cambridge.
Their children include:
Edward Dorr (30 Nov 1710-2 Jan 1768)
Ebenezer Dorr (2 Feb 1712-8 Aug 1782)
Joseph Dorr (Died soon) (22 Aug 1714-)
Aaron Dorr (Died soon) (Apr 1716-25 Jun 1716)
Aaron Dorr (7 Jul 1717-25 Jun 1776)
Mary Dorr (25 Jan 1718-11 Nov 1753)
Elizabeth Dorr (15 Apr 1720-)
Moses Dorr (Died young) (ca 1721-3 Oct 1746)
Abraham Dorr (5 Nov 1722-5 Jun 1764)
Sarah Dorr (5 Aug 1724-bef 2 Aug 1759)
Edmund Dorr (4 Jul 1726-)
On 28 Aug 1729 Ebenezer second married Hannah Jackson (11560) , daughter of Dea. Edward Jackson (3896) (15 Dec 1652-30 Sep 1727) & Abigail Wilson (ca 1663-16 Mar 1746). Born on 10 Aug 1692 in Newton, MA. Hannah died in Roxbury, MA 17 Mar 1747/8.78 Buried in Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury. Lot: D463.

Hannah first married Joshua Loring, second Ebenezer Dorr as his second wife.
On 25 Sep 1749 Ebenezer third married Mary Greenough, daughter of John Greenough (17 Feb 1672-18 Nov 1732) & Elizabeth Gross (22 Jan 1674-ca 1746). Born on 15 Aug 1696. Mary died aft 1761.

Mary first married Thaddeus McCarthy, second Ebenezer Bridge, and third Ebenezer Dorr as his third wife.
Ebenezer fourth married Susanna. Born ca 1683. Susanna died in Roxbury, MA on 21 Nov 1769.78 Buried in Roxbury, MA GR1.
16923. Rev. Joseph Dorr. Born ca 1690 in Roxbury, MA.320 Joseph died in Mendon, MA on 9 Mar 1768.512 Education: Harvard 1711.

Joseph was ordained 25 Feb 1716 minister of the First Church in Mendon, succeeding his future wife’s late father, Grindal Rawson. He remained minister over 52 years until his death. He was the first Moderator of the mendon Association, formed in 1751, which for the first five years held its meetings at his house. He continued to be its standing Moderator until his death. Joseph favored the views of Jonathan Edwards, and signed a testimonial in favor of teh ‘revival of 1740.’ His gravestone epitaph in Mendon: ‘This stone is sacred to the memory of the Rev^d. Joseph Dorr, late Pastor of y^e 1st Church of Christ in Mendon. He died March 9th, 1768, in the 79th year of his age & 52nd of his ministry. He was indued with good Sense. His Temper was mild & placid. He excelled in y^e Birtures of meekness, patience, temperance, sobriety, gravity, benevolence & charity—was a good Scholar, a learned Divine and exemplary Christian.’320

Joseph died in his 79th year, and in the 52d year of his ministry.512
On 9 Apr 1724 Joseph married Mary Rawson (28842) , daughter of Rev. Grindal Rawson (12167) (23 Jan 1659-6 Feb 1714/5) & Susannah Wilson (13000) (1 Dec 1664-8 Jul 1748), in Mendon, MA.512 Born on 22 Jun 1699 in Mendon, MA.512 Mary died in Mendon, MA, on 9 Apr 1776; she was 76.512 Buried in Old Cemetery, Mendon.

Mary’s gravestone inscription: ‘In memory of Mrs. Mary Dorr, Relict of Rev^d. Joseph Dorr, who died April y^e 9, 1776, in the 77th year of her age. Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return.’320
Their children include:
Mary Dorr (6 Jun 1725-10 Jan 1796)
Joseph Dorr (24 May 1730-31 Oct 1808)
Elizabeth Dorr (8 Mar 1731/2-)
Catherine Dorr (8 Mar 1732-)
Susannah Dorr (4 Sep 1734-21 Jun 1783)
16924. Edmund Dorr. Born on 19 Oct 1692 in Roxbury, MA.78 Edmund died in Lyme, CT ca 1776. Occupation: clothier.
On 4 Sep 1719 when Edmund was 26, he married Mary Griswold (11102) , daughter of Matthew Griswold (3721) (1653-13 Jan 1716) & Phebe Hyde (Jan 1662/3-29 Nov 1704), in Lyme, CT. Born on 22 Apr 1694 in Lyme, CT. Mary died in North Lyme, CT, on 21 Feb 1776; she was 81.
Their children include:
George Dorr (4 Aug 1720-1 Jan 1787)
Rev. Edward Dorr (2 Nov 1722-22 Oct 1772)
Matthew Dorr (14 Jun 1724-8 Sep 1801)
Mary Dorr (Died young) (10 Jun 1727-16 Jul 1742)
Eve Dorr (4 Mar 1733-3 Apr 1814)
Elizabeth Dorr (16 Apr 1735-23 Nov 1781)
Deborah Dorr (Died unmarried) (ca 1739-28 Jul 1768)
16925. Harbottle Dorr. Born on 11 May 1696 in Roxbury, MA.78 Harbottle died in Boston, MA, on 18 Jun 1746; he was 50. Buried in Copp’s Hill Burial Ground, Boston. Occupation: leather dresser.
On 8 Apr 1725 when Harbottle was 28, he married Dorothy Weld (23914) , daughter of Edmund Weld (12778) (29 Sep 1659-Jul 1748) & Elizabeth White (9109) (ca 1667-20 Dec 1721), in Roxbury, MA.78 Born ca 1700. Dorothy died in Boston, MA on 16 Apr 1765.
Their children include:
Susannah Dorr (Died young) (11 Jan 1725-)
Thomas Dorr (ca 1728-)
Harbottle Dorr (24 Jan 1729/30-Jun 1794)
Dorothy Dorr (18 Aug 1735-)
Ebenezer Dorr (24 Jul 1740-)
16926. Elizabeth Dorr. Born ca 1698. Elizabeth died in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts ca 1770.
18 Feb 1719/20 Elizabeth married James Scutt in Roxbury, MA. Born ca 1683. James died in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts on 10 Dec 1769. Occupation: Mariner. Marriage intention published on 3 Feb 1720.

James was of Boston in 1735.54 His first wife was Elizabeth Spencer.
Their children include:
James Scutt (2 Feb 1721-)
Elizabeth Scutt (5 Feb 1723-ca 1764)
Mary Scutt (7 Sep 1726-)
Sarah Scutt (20 Jul 1732-)
Joshua Scutt (30 Oct 1735-)
16927. Clemence Dorr. Born on 17 Jul 1700 in Roxbury, MA.78 Clemence died in Roxbury, MA, on 8 Dec 1766; she was 66.78 Buried in Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury. Lot: B207.

Edmund and Clemence were married by Rev. Nehemiah Walter, and joined his church together 30 Jan 1726.54
On 8 Jul 1725 when Clemence was 24, she married Edmund Weld (23913) , son of Edmund Weld (12778) (29 Sep 1659-Jul 1748) & Elizabeth White (9109) (ca 1667-20 Dec 1721), in Roxbury, MA.78 Born on 23 Jun 1695 in Roxbury, MA.78 Edmund died in Roxbury, MA, on 13 Jun 1748; he was 52.78 Buried in Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury. Lot: B208. Occupation: Joiner.

From Charles Frederick Robinson’s Weld Collections:54
    Edmund was a landed man of considerable importance, as shown by his inventory, and is called ‘gentleman’ in the records. His possessions included ‘mansion house, barn and shop (he was a ‘Joyner’), home lot of three acres in Roxbury near Mr. John Greaton’s, prized £75; four acres with barn thereon, late the estate of Mr. William Denison, prized £225; ten acres of upland and meadow on the north-west side of the highway in Roxbury near Capt. Dorr’s, prized £325; seven acres of upland and meadow near the tide mill in Roxbury, prized £150; one undivided fifth part of three acres of salt meadow in Roxbury, prized £7 10 s.; ten and one half acres in Roxbury lying at a place called Holliston, part upland, part meadow, £180; eight acres of woodland near Capt. Joseph Weld’s in Roxbury, £ 80;’ added to this land there was personal estate enough to bring the total to £ 1614 16 s 11 1/2 d. As he made no will, the settlement of the eatate presented some difficulties, which were finally settled by his two sons Samuel and Edmund buying out the other children at £84 8s 5d apice, their mother to hav ethe right of dower; and after her death, they were to pay each haer £42 4s 1 1/2 d more. The right in the training field, over which tere was dispute with the town of Roxbury, was bought from the other heirs by Joseph 22 Feb 1760.

Administration letters granted 26 Jul 1748 to widow Clemence and son Samuel.54
Their children include:
Samuel Weld (14 Apr 1726-1773)
Elizabeth Weld (30 Oct 1727-)
Edmund Weld (12 Jan 1728/9-)
Dorothy Weld (7 Apr 1730-30 Aug 1798)
Joseph Weld (30 Oct 1732-27 Sep 1765)
Edward Weld (5 Feb 1734-19 Feb 1809)
Clemence Weld (ca 1736-Sep 1799)
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