Pane-Joyce Genealogy
60452. Dea. Jeremiah Crosby. Born on 15 Aug 1784 in Billerica, MA.430 Jeremiah died on 18 Nov 1872; he was 88.164 Buried in Billerica, MA GR1.

Jeremiah was a Deacon of the Unitarian Church for fifty years.430
On 26 Nov 1812 when Jeremiah was 28, he first married Ruth Bowman, daughter of Abel Bowman & Lucy Needham (30 Apr 1751-31 Mar 1845), in Billerica, MA.430 Born on 4 Apr 1786 in Bedford, MA. Ruth died in Billerica, MA, on 11 Oct 1830; she was 44.164

Children of Jeremiah and Ruth (Bowman) Crosby:
    i. Albert Crosby, b. 23 Sep 1813;
    ii. Leander Crosby, b. 5 Jul 1815;
    iii. Ambrose Crosby, b. 10 Jun 1817, d. 31 Dec 1847 at New Bedford, MA;
    iv. Abigail Crosby, twin, b. 10 Jun 1817, m. 28 Nov 1850 Jackson Richardson of Boston;
    v. Abel Bowman Crosby, b. 17 Oct 1822; and
    vi. Emily Crosby, b. 21 Feb 1825.164
Jeremiah second married Lucy Goodwin. Lucy died in Billerica, MA on 28 May 1846.164

Child of Jeremiah and Lucy (Goodwin) Crosby:
    i. Renslow Crosby, b. 23 Jun 1833 at Billerica.164
60453. Abigail Crosby. Born on 4 Jun 1786 in Billerica, MA.430
On 4 Feb 1808 when Abigail was 21, she married Jeremiah Hobson, son of Jeremiah Hobson & Lucy [Hobson], in Billerica, MA.430 Born on 28 Oct 1779.

Jeremiah was of of Deering, NH, when he married Abigail..430
60454. Silence Crosby. Born on 25 May 1788 in Billerica, MA.164 Silence died in Billerica, MA, on 25 May 1788.
60455. Hannah Crosby. Born on 1 May 1790 in Billerica, MA.430 Hannah died in Billerica, MA, on 28 Feb 1796; she was 5.430
60456. Zoa Crosby. Born on 27 May 1792 in Billerica, MA.430 Zoa died in Billerica, MA, on 18 Mar 1796; she was 3.430
60457. Lucy Crosby. Born on 23 Aug 1794 in Billerica, MA.430 Lucy died in Billerica, MA, on 12 Mar 1796; she was 1.430
60458. Hannah Crosby. Born on 7 Apr 1797 in Billerica, MA.430 Hannah died in Watertown, MA, on 5 May 1880; she was 83.164

Children of Joshua and Hannah (Crosby) Learned, first two born at Westerly, RI, others at Watertown, MA:
    i. Albert Crosby Learned, b. Jan 1820, m. Lucy Corledge;
    ii. Stephen Dana Learned, b. 1 Apr 1822;
    iii. Sarah Ann Learned, b. 14 Jan 1824, m. Joseph L. McLaughlin;
    iv. Harriet W. Learned, b. 19 May 1826, m. Henry M. Wiswell;
    v. Joshua S. Learned, b. 3 Aug 1828, d. young;
    vi. William Bonney Learned, b. 14 Jun 1830, m. Ellen Maria Mason;
    vii. Abigail Crosby Learned, b. 28 Jan 1833, m. 1st Walter McLaughlin, m. 2nd Joseph G. Sanger, m. 3rd Stephen Thayer;
    viii. Lucy E. Learned, b. 17 Sep 1835; and
    ix. Emma Augusta Learned, d. young.164
On 8 Apr 1819 when Hannah was 22, she married Joshua Learned, son of Joshua Learned (23 Aug 1764-29 Sep 1797) & Sarah Coolidge, in Billerica, MA.430 Born on 5 Dec 1796 in Hallowell, Kenebec County, Maine.164 Joshua died in Watertown, MA, on 24 Oct 1867; he was 70.164

Joshua was of Cambridge when he married Hannah.430
60459. Sumner Crosby. Born on 21 Mar 1801 in Billerica, MA.430 Sumner died in South Boston, MA, on 10 Apr 1875; he was 74.

Sumner was of Boston when he married Harriet.430
On 2 Nov 1826 when Sumner was 25, he married Harriet Blanchard, daughter of Joseph Blanchard (17 Oct 1765-11 Sep 1828) & Sarah Brown (24 Mar 1774-), in Billerica, MA.430 Born on 16 Sep 1803 in Billerica, MA.430 Harriet died in South Boston, MA, on 16 Dec 1880; she was 77.

Children of Sumner and Harriet (Blanchard) Crosby, born at Boston, include:
    i. Joseph Blanchard Crosby, b. 5 Feb 1829, d. 20 Jan 1903 at Boston, m. Rachel maria Sears;
    ii. Eliza Harriot crosby, b. 11 Jul 1830, d. 10 Mar 1886 at Boston; and
    iii. William Sumner Crosby, b. 22 Apr 1844, m. at South Boston 11 Oct 1877 Eleanor Francis Davis (b. 14 Mar 1845 at Dedham, MA).
60460. Alonzo Crosby. Born on 22 Mar 1803 in Billerica, MA.430 Alonzo died in East Boston, MA, on 17 Jan 1860; he was 56.164
On 21 Nov 1828 when Alonzo was 25, he first married Ruth Bemis in Boston, MA. Ruth died on 2 May 1834.

Children of Alonzo and Ruth (Bemis) Crosby include:
    i. Rutha Elizabeth Crosby;
    ii. Adelaide Crosby; and
    iii. Mary Frances Crosby.
On 1 Feb 1835 when Alonzo was 31, he second married Hannah Walker, daughter of Nehemiah Walker (6 Oct 1769-7 May 1856) & Elizabeth Francis (-18 Feb 1847). Born ca 1803 in Dighton, MA.

Children of Alonzo and Hannah (Walker) Crosby include:
    i. Clarissa Crosby;
    ii. Lucy Submit Crosby; and
    iii. Alonzo Crosby.
60461. Lucy Crosby. Born on 17 May 1805 in Billerica, MA.430 Lucy died in Oct 1886.

John and Lucy resided at Melrose, MA.164
On 7 Oct 1831 when Lucy was 26, she first married John Osborn, son of John Scollay Osborn (19 Sep 1770-13 Feb 1831) & Abigail Hodgkins (11 Apr 1770-30 Jul 1849), in Billerica, MA.430 Born on 25 Oct 1803 in Belfast, Waldo County, Maine. John died in New Orleans, Jefferson County, Louisiana in 1860.

John was of Belfast, ME, when he married Lucy.430
Lucy second married John Tomlinson.
Lucy third married John B. Leach.
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