THE HUXLEY FILE: Commentary Index

This index, its items inventoried by author, will list 120 Victorian critiques of his work.
[This index is currently under construction.]

Sir Edmund Beckett

A Review of Hume and Huxley on Miracles (1883)

Carter Blake

Professor Huxley on Man's Place in Nature. (1863)

Hugh Falconer

On Prof. Huxley's attempted refutation of Cuvier's Laws of Correlation, in the Reconstruction of extinct Vertebrate Forms The Annals and Magazine of Natural History (1856)

W. H. Flower
Flower Account

Edward Forbes
Forbes Account

Michael Foster

A Few more Words on Thomas Henry Huxley Nature (1895)

Foster Account

W. H. Freemantle
Freemantle Account

J. H. Gladstone
Gladstone Account

John Richard Green
Green Account

Ernst Haeckel
Scientific Worthies: Thomas Henry Huxley Nature (1874)

Joseph Hooker
Hooker Account

G. B. Howes
Howes Account

H. A. Huxley
An Agnostic Hymn

R. H. Hutton

Academy Speech (1876)

Professor Huxley on the Charities of London The Spectator (1871)

Professor Huxley on Agnosticism (1889)

Professor Huxley's Hidden Chess Player (1868)

Professor Huxley's Creed Quarterly Review (1895)

Professor Huxley on Denominationalism The Spectator (1870)

Professor Huxley on the Evolution of Theology (1886)

Review of Collected Essays Quarterly Review (1895)

The Great Agnostic The Spectator (1895), Aspects of Religious and Scientific Thought (1899)

News of the Week–Technical Education The Spectator (1877)

Pope Huxley The Spectator (1870).

Professor Huxley as a Machine The Spectator (1870)

William James

Huxley's Comparative Anatomy

J. W. Judd

Huxley's Physiography Nature (1878)

Charles Kingsley

Lord Dundreary "Speech of Lord Dundreary in Section D, on Friday Last, On the Great Hippocampus Question" (1861)

Water Babies (1863)

W. H. Mallock

"Cowardly Agnosticism" A Word with Professor Huxley

Henry Fairfield Osborn
Osborn Account

T. J. Parker
Parker Account

E. P. Poulton

Elementary Instruction in Practical Biology Nature (1888)

Henry Sidgwick
Sidgwick Account

P. G. Tait

Geological Time The North British Review (1869)

John Timbs

Natural History Zoology The Year-Book of Facts (1861)

Professor Huxley, F.R.S. President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1870. The Year-Book of Facts (1871)

J. Veitch

Prof. Huxley's Hume Nature (1879)

A. G. Vernon-Harcourt
Vernon-Harcourt Account

Frederick Waddy

Cartoon Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Men of the Day (1873)

Wilfred Ward

Thomas Henry Huxley: A Reminiscence The Nineteenth Century (1896)


Extract from Journal (1882)

The Foundations of Belief: Being Notes Introductory to the Study of Theology (1906)

Accounts in Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley, vol. 2

On the Relations of Man to the Inferior Animals Man's Place in Nature Anthropological Society Review and Journal (1863)

Review of Man's Place The Athen&ligae;um (1863)

Pedigree of the Horse Proceedings of the London Institution (1876)

Professor Protoplasm Boston Daily Globe (1876 < Detroit Free Press)

Huxley Ikonoklastes New York Daily Graphic (1876)

New Publications New York Times (1863)

New York Times Reviews of Prof. Huxley's Lectures New York Times (1876)

Professor Huxley on Evolution Science (1881)

A Sad Case (1863)

Science and Religion Once More New York Tribune (1876)

Finsbury Prizes Nature (1883)

Geological Society Nature (1887)

Professor Huxley at Aberdeen Nature (1874)

Professor Huxley on Technical Education Nature (1879)

On the Medical Curriculum Nature (1873)

Letter on Medical Education Nature (1890)

Address to Salters' Company Nature (1883)

Scientific Federation Nature (1887)

Professor Huxley on Education Nature (1883)

Protoplasm, Powheads, and Porwiggles (1875)

Professor Huxley's Last New Theory by A Devonshire Man, Pall Mall Gazette (January 18, 1870)



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Gratitude and Permissions

C. Blinderman & D. Joyce
Clark University

§ 1. THH: His Mark
§ 2. Voyage of the Rattlesnake
§ 3. A Sort of Firm
§ 4. Darwin's Bulldog
§ 5. Hidden Bond: Evolution
§ 6. Frankensteinosaurus
§ 7. Bobbing Angels: Human Evolution
§ 8. Matter of Life: Protoplasm
§ 9. Medusa
§ 10. Liberal Education
§ 11. Scientific Education
§ 12. Unity in Diversity
§ 13. Agnosticism
§ 14. New Reformation
§ 15. Verbal Delusions: The Bible
§ 16. Miltonic Hypothesis: Genesis
§ 17. Extremely Wonderful Events: Resurrection and Demons
§ 18. Emancipation: Gender and Race
§ 19. Aryans et al.: Ethnology
§ 20. The Good of Mankind
§ 21.  Jungle Versus Garden