Pane-Joyce Genealogy
3229. Dea. Peter Brackett. Born ca 1608 in Sudbury, Suffolk.301 Peter died in Boston, MA in Jul 1688. Buried on 24 Jul 1688 in Boston, MA.301

Peter was freeman 10 May 1643; representative 1644 and often after for his own town, and for Scarborough in 1673 and 1674. In 1662 he purchased of the Indians the tract on which Mendham was erected.25
On 4 Oct 1632 Peter first married Martha Ray in Cavendish, Sudbury, Suffolk.301 Born ca 1610.

Martha Ray was likely the first cousin of Simon Ray, who also came to Braintree.16
Their children include:
Peter Brackett (ca 1633-)
Rachel Brackett (ca 1634-)
Martha Brackett (ca 1636-4 Jul 1716)
By 1642 Peter second married Priscilla.301

Priscilla was a relative, probably the sister, of Capt. Richard Lord’s wife Sarah of Hartford.301
Their children include:
John Brackett (30 Nov 1641-Jan 1666)
Joseph Brackett (13 Oct 1642-11 Jan 1661/2)
Priscilla Brackett (ca 1646-bef 1738)
Sarah Brackett (ca 1651-)
Mary Brackett (-12 Jan 1660)
Hannah Brackett (Died soon) (14 Aug 1656-15 Jun 1657)
Ruth Brackett (23 Nov 1660-)
Bef Dec 1666 Peter third married Mary.301 Mary died in Boston, MA in 1679.

Mary, widow of Nathaniel Williams. Mary died between 7 May 1679 and 26 Nov 1679, the dates of a codicil and the proof of her will.301
3230. Dea. Richard Brackett. Born ca 1610 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Richard was baptized in St. Gregory’s, Sudbury, on 16 Sep 1610.16 Richard died in Braintree, MA 3 Mar 1689/90.16 Buried in Hancock Cemetery, Quincy. Occupation: husbandman.

Richard came to New England in 1632 and resided in Boston. He travelled to England in 1633 for his marriage and returned in 1634. He was freeman 25 May 1636, and was the Boston jailkeeper from 1637 through 1640. Richard removed to Braintree in 1641 where he became deacon of the church there. He was Braintree selectman five years from 1652 through 1683, and deputy for Braintree to the General Court as ‘Capt. Richard Bracket’ seven years from 1665 through 1674.16
6 Jan 1633/4 Richard married Alice Blower, daughter of Thomas Blower (ca 1587-) & Alice Frost, in St Katherines, By The Tower, London.16 Born ca 1615 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Alice was baptized in St. Gregory’s, Sudbury, on 30 Jun 1615.16 Alice died in Braintree, MA on 3 Nov 1690.16 Buried in Hancock Cemetery, Quincy.
Their children include:
Hannah Brackett (ca Nov 1634-3 Jul 1706)
Peter Brackett (Twin) (ca 1637-bef Apr 1718)
John Brackett (Twin) (ca 1637-18 Mar 1686/7)
Rachel Brackett (ca 1639-ca 1735)
Mary Brackett (1 Dec 1641-23 Mar 1678/9)
James Brackett (ca 1646-8 Apr 1718)
Josiah Brackett (8 Jul 1652-before 14 Jan 1681/2)
Sarah Brackett (ca 1655-ca 1695)
3231. Rachel Brackett. Born ca 1614 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Rachel was baptized in All Saints, Sudbury, on 28 Apr 1614. Rachel died aft 1685.

On 22 Mar 1685 Rachel was admitted to membership in the First Church in Braintree.
On 27 May 1630 Rachel married Francis Newcomb in All Saints, Sudbury. Born ca 1605 in England. Francis died in Braintree, MA on 27 May 1692.

Francis came to New England on the Planter in 1635. He resided in Boston for three years before settling at Braintree, the part that is now Qunicy.
Their children include:
Rachel Newcomb (ca 1631-)
John Newcomb (ca 1634-21 Mar 1721/2)
Hannah Newcomb (15 Oct 1637-)
Mary Newcomb (1 Apr 1640-1 Aug 1678)
Judith Newcomb (16 Jan 1645/6-1 Mar 1722/3)
Peter Newcomb (16 May 1648-)
Abigail Newcomb (16 Jul 1651-)
Leah Newcomb (30 Jul 1654-)
Elizabeth Newcomb (26 Aug 1658-)
3232. Jonathan Brackett. Born ca 1616 in Sudbury, Suffolk.70 Jonathan was baptized in All Saints, Sudbury, on 4 Oct 1616.
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