Pane-Joyce Genealogy
10058. Edward Doty. Born on 20 May 1664 in Plymouth, MA.63 Edward died 1690/96.

Edward did not marry.31
10059. Sarah Doty. Born on 9 Jun 1666 in Plymouth, Devon.63 Sarah died bef 16 Aug 1749.31
On 21 Jun 1687 when Sarah was 21, she first married Capt. James Warren (9099) , son of Nathaniel Warren (3082) (1624/5-bet 16 Jul and 21 Oct 1667) & Sarah Walker (ca 1622-24 Nov 1700), in Plymouth, MA.63 Born on 7 Nov 1665 in Plymouth, MA.62 James died in Plymouth, MA, on 30 May 1715; he was 49.63 “Cap^t James Warren Esquire Deceased May 30^th 1715 in y^e 50 yer of his age”. Buried in Lothrup Hill Cemetery.
Their children include:
John Warren (Died soon) (27 Nov 1688-1 Mar 1689)
Edward Warren (Died soon) (14 Sep 1690-29 Feb 1690/1)
Sarah Warren (27 May 1692-25 Aug 1756)
Alice Warren (3 Sep 1695-30 May 1733)
Patience Warren (13 Jan 1697/8-31 Jan 1729/30)
James Warren (14 Apr 1700-Jul 1757)
Hope Warren (2 Aug 1702-3 May 1728)
Marcy Warren (Died unmarried) (21 Mar 1704/5-17 Jan 1745/6)
Mary Warren (Died unmarried) (14 Jan 1707-4 Feb 1795)
Elizabeth Warren (Died unmarried) (17 Jan 1710/1-5 Nov 1744)
On 28 Sep 1726 when Sarah was 60, she second married John Bacon, son of Hon. Nathaniel Bacon (12 Apr 1613-31 Dec 1691) & Hannah Mayo (ca 1622-aft 1691), in Plymouth, Devon.31 Born on 1 Jun 1661 in Barnstable, MA.170 John died in Barnstable, MA, on 20 Aug 1731; he was 70.31

John Bacon first married Sarah Hawes, second Sarah (Doty) Warren.
10060. John Doty. Born on 4 Aug 1668 in Plymouth, MA.63 John died in Plymouth, MA 8 Feb 1689/90.63

John drowned with his father in Plymouth Harbor. He was unmarried.31
10061. Mary Doty. Born on 9 Jul 1671 in Plymouth, MA.63 Mary died bef 6 Apr 1742.
21 Or 26 Dec 1699 Mary married Joseph Allyn (18290) , son of Lt. Samuel Allyn (6594) (1 Feb 1643-25 Nov 1726) & Hannah Walley (1645-23 Oct 1711), in Plymouth, MA.31 Born on 7 Apr 1671 in Barnstable, MA.170 Joseph died in Wethersfield, CT bef Apr 1742.31
Their children include:
Elizabeth Allyn (29 Sep 1700-aft 9 Apr 1753)
Mary Allyn (10 Nov 1702-bef 21 Apr 1774)
Hannah Allyn (17 May 1705-16 Jun 1803)
Samuel Allyn (24 Feb 1707-)
Sarah Allyn (17 Aug 1708-4 Mar 1794)
Martha Allyn (22 Oct 1710-19 Jun 1786)
Abigail Allyn (ca 1712-20 Apr 1790)
10062. Martha Doty. Born on 9 Jul 1671 in Plymouth, MA.63 Martha died between 26 Aug 1741 and 12 Sep 1748.

Thomas and Martha were first cousins once removed; her grandmother, Patience Morton, and his father, Ephraim Morton, were siblings.
On 23 Dec 1696 when Martha was 25, she married Thomas Morton (4647) , son of Ephraim Morton (1847) (ca 1624-5 Oct 1693) & Ann Cooper (-6 Sep 1691), in Plymouth, MA.31 Born ca 1667 in Plymouth, MA.31 Thomas died bef 12 Sep 1748.332

Thomas resided in Plymouth and was noted for his integrity. He was a town officer for many years.66

Thomas’s will, dated 23 Dec 1696, proved 12 Sep 1748, mentions wife Martha, graddaughters Bethsuah and Marrtha daughters of son Thomas deceased, sons Lemuell and Nathaniel, two unnamed granddaughters who were daughters of his deceased daughter Lydia Bartlett, and daughters Sarah Bartlett and Mary Nelson. Executers: wife Martha and sons Lemuel and Nathaniel.
Their children include:
Thomas Morton (12 Feb 1700-10 Jul 1731)
Lydia Morton (15 Nov 1702-Nov 1739)
Lemuel Morton (21 Oct 1704-26 Jan 1779)
Sarah Morton (6 Jul 1706-23 Dec 1785)
Nathaniel Morton (2 Oct 1710-aft 4 Jan 1779)
Mary Morton (30 Aug 1712-bef 4 Jan 1779)
10063. Elizabeth Doty. Born on 22 Dec 1673 in Plymouth, MA.63 Elizabeth died in Marshfield, MA, on 16 Dec 1745; she was 71.60 Buried in Marshfield Hills Cemetery.
On 3 Dec 1696 when Elizabeth was 22, she married Tobias Oakman (6722) , son of Samuel Oakman (ca 1630-bef 28 Jun 1676) & Mary Boaden (2554) (ca 1634-), in Plymouth, MA. Born ca 1664 in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine. Tobias died in Marshfield, MA on 16 Jun 1750.343 Buried in Marshfield Hills Cemetery. Occupation: mariner, coaster, yeoman.

Tobias was made captive of the Indians. Later he removed to Marshfield.47

The will of Tobias Oakman of Marshfield, yeoman, dated 21 Mar 1745, proved 29 Jun 1750 mentions his son Edward Oakman, grandsons Samuel and Tobias Oakman sons of his deceased son Samuel, grandson Jeddediah Eames, his six daughters Faith Foster, Eliza Ford, Sarah Randall, Susanna Collamer, Mary Shairman, and Mercy Hamilton.332

Will: Will of Tobias Oakman of Marshfield, Province of the Massachusetts Bay (1745)
Transcribed by John A. Maltby from Plymouth County Probate Vol. 12, p. 90, from FHL microfilm #0551539.
    In the Name of God Amen I Tobias Oakman of Marshfield in the County of plimouth in New England yeoman being aged and under Infirmytes But of Sound mind Doe make this my Last Will and Testement fors I Recomend my Soul to god that gave it and my body to the Earth to a Decent burail at ye Discretion of my Execr. hereafter named and Touching Such Worldy Goods and Estate as I am ye owner of I give the Same in maner following that is to Say —
    Impr I give and bequeath unto my Son Edward Oakman my Carte and Wheels and all my Husbandry Tools and Implements and one half of my Stock of Cattle and my Negro man Named Jack ~~
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Grand Sons Samul Oakman and tobias Oakman the Sone of my Son Saml. Deceasd all my Land at Spaniznck River both upland and medow with my Comon Right thereto belonging and also all my Land in ye Eastern part in New England to be Equaly Divided betwext them and to be to their heirs and assigns for Ever ~
    Item I give to my Sd Grandson Tobias his heirs and assigns forever my Lot of Land in Marshfield aforesd near Benja thomases being the third Lot in ye Second Division of Marchfeld Comons and also apiece of Salt marsh in said Marchfield Which I have in parteneship with ye Tildens Called Crookers meddo my part being about four or five acres more or Less ~
    Item I give to my Grand Son Jeddediah Eames Twenty pounds in Bills of Credite of the Old Tener to be paid by my Execr within Two years after my Decease
    Item – I give and bequeath unto my Six Daughters Faith Foster Eliza Ford Sarah Randall Susannah Collamer Mary Shairman and Marcy Hamilton and to thair heairs and assigns for Ever all the rest of my Estate both reail and personal of Every Sort and kind and Whairsoever Lying and Being to be Equely Divided betwext them my Just Debts and funeral Charges and Legeses aforesd being first paid out of the Same —
    Lastly I doe hereby appoint my sd Son Edward to be the Sole Execr of this my will in wittness Whaireof I have herunto Sett my hand and Seal March the 21 1745 –
  Tobias  T  Oakeman  (seal)
Sined Sealed pubeshed and Declaired by ye sd Tobias Oakman to be his Last Will and
Testement in presents – of ~
        William Cushing
        Mary Cushing
        Hannah phillips
        Mary Cushing Junr.
Probated on 26 July 1750, and proved by Willm Cushing, Mary Cushing and Mary Cushing Junr.
Their children include:
Faith Oakman (15 May 1697-26 Dec 1758)
Samuel Oakman (15 Mar 1698/9-21 Nov 1739)
Elizabeth Oakman (10 May 1701-5 Nov 1768)
Sarah Oakman (ca 1704-12 Jun 1770)
Susannah Oakman (Jan 1705/6-aft Mar 1757)
Mary Oakman (3 May 170[9?]-aft 4 Oct 1749)
Mercy Oakman (ca 1711-)
Edward Oakman (ca 1716-21 May 1791)
10064. Patience Doty. Born on 7 Jul 1676 in Plymouth, MA.63 Patience died in Plymouth, MA 26 Feb 1690/1.63 Unmarried.
10065. Mercy Doty. Born on 6 Feb 1678 in Plymouth, MA.63 Mercy died in Plymouth, MA, on 30 Nov 1682; she was 4.63
10066. Capt. Samuel Doty. Born on 17 May 1681 in Plymouth, MA.63 Samuel died in Saybrook, CT, on 26 Jan 1750; he was 68.31

Samuel was a freeman of Saybrook CT on 5 Apr 1704.332
On 3 Dec 1706 when Samuel was 25, he first married Anne Buckingham (3786) , daughter of Rev. Thomas Buckingham (ca 1646-1 Apr 1709) & Hester Hosmer (1501) (ca 1647-), in Saybrook, CT.31 Born on 2 Aug 1687 in Saybrook, CT.163 Anne died in Saybrook, CT, on 11 Dec 1745; she was 58.31
Their children include:
Sarah Doty (18 Nov 1708-4 Oct 1731)
Samuel Doty (17 Jun 1712-16 Dec 1751)
Ca 1747 Samuel second married Abiah. Abiah died aft 24 Mar 1759.
10067. Mercy Doty. Born on 23 Sep 1684 in Plymouth, MA.63
On 24 Nov 1713 when Mercy was 29, she married Daniel Pratt, son of John Pratt & Mary Andrews (14 Jan 1650-19 Mar 1691), in Saybrook, CT.163 Born on 13 Jan 1680 in Saybrook, CT.163 Daniel died in Saybrook, CT bef 11 Mar 1758.
Their children include:
Mercy Pratt (27 Jul 1715-26 Apr 1800)
Daniel Pratt (12 Jul 1717/8-)
Patience Pratt (7 Feb 1719/20-aft 11 Mar 1758)
Eunice Pratt (13 Nov 1721-16 Nov 1753)
Edward Pratt (28 Nov 1723-bef 1778)
Sibyl Pratt (10 Dec 1725-12 Mar 1786)
Ethan Pratt (13 Mar 1728-)
10068. Benjamin Doty. Born on 30 May 1689 in Plymouth, MA.63 Benjamin died in Saybrook, CT bef 25 Jun 1770.
On 2 Oct 1716 when Benjamin was 27, he married Hester Beamont (11259) , daughter of Samuel Beamont (28 Feb 1656/7-2 Mar 1747/8) & Hester Buckingham (3778) (10 Jun 1668-), in Saybrook, CT.163 Born ca 1690. Hester died bef 19 May 1773.
Their children include:
Hester Doty (11 Aug 1717-3 Jul 1795)
Anne Doty (Died soon) (5 Jun 1720-24 Oct 1742)
William Doty (Died soon) (18 Mar 1723-6 Nov 1742)
Edward Doty (ca 1724/1726-13 Mar 1806)
Sarah Doty (ca 1726-14 May 1753)
Temperance Doty (ca 1730-Jan 1815)
Martha Doty (ca 1733-)
Benjamin Doty (Died young) (ca 1735-1 Sep 1738)
Mercy Doty (ca 1738-aft 1810)
Mary Doty (ca 1740/1-Feb 1829)
Benjamin Doty (28 Jul 1742-12 Mar 1826)
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