Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Abigail Ford (3606) & Eld. John Strong
10802. Thomas Strong. Born ca 1637 in Dorchester, MA. Thomas died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 3 Oct 1689.115

Thomas was a trooper under Capt. Mason of Windsor; removed with his father to Northampton 1659. He had 16 children ans was the ancestor of the Woodbury, CT, Strongs.115
On 5 Dec 1660 Thomas first married Mary Hewitt, daughter of Rev. Ephraim Hewitt (ca 1604-4 Sep 1644) & Isabel Overton (ca 1608-8 May 1661), in Windsor, CT.115 Mary died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 20 Feb 1671.115
Their children include:
Thomas Strong (16 Nov 1661-30 Nov 1735)
Maria Strong (31 Aug 1663-18 May 1701)
On 10 Oct 1671 Thomas second married Rachel Holton, daughter of Dea. William Holton (28 Apr 1610-12 Aug 1691) & Mary Winche (-16 Nov 1691), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Born ca 1650 in Hartford, CT.
Their children include:
Joseph Strong (2 Dec 1672-23 Dec 1763)
Ruth Strong (4 Feb 1688-18 Sep 1743)
10803. Jedediah Strong. Born on 7 May 1637 in Dorchester, MA.115 At the age of 1, Jedediah was baptized in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, on 14 Apr 1639. Jedediah died in Coventry, CT, on 22 May 1733; he was 96.115

Jedidiah resided in Northampton; removed in old age to Lebanon or Coventry, CT.115
On 18 Nov 1662 when Jedediah was 25, he first married Freedom Woodward, daughter of Henry Woodward (22 May 1607-7 Apr 1683) & Elizabeth Mather (ca 1618-13 Aug 1690), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Born ca 1642 in Dorchester, MA. Freedom was baptized in Dorchester, MA, in Jul 1642. Freedom died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 17 May 1681.
Their children include:
Elizabeth Strong (9 Jun 1664-17 Feb 1692)
Abigail Strong (9 Jul 1666-25 Jul 1689)
Jedediah Strong (7 Aug 1667-12 Oct 1709)
Ford Strong (Died soon) (2 Sep 1668-1 Nov 1668)
(Infant) Strong (Stillborn) (11 Oct 1669-)
Hannah Strong (3 Feb 1671-)
Thankful Strong (15 Apr 1672-16 Apr 1742)
John Strong (Died soon) (15 Nov 1673-)
Sarah Strong (ca 1674-25 Dec 1726)
Lydia Strong (9 Nov 1675-16 Jul 1718)
Mary Strong (Died young) (May 1677-)
Experience Strong (Died soon) (19 Aug 1678-16 Sep 1678)
Perserved Strong (10 May 1680-)
John Strong (Died young) (10 May 1681-21 Apr 1699)
On 28 Dec 1681 when Jedediah was 44, he second married Abigail Bartlett, daughter of Robert Bartlett (ca 1612-16 Mar 1675/6) & Anne (-3 Jul 1676), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.385 Born ca 1637 in Hartford, CT.16 Abigail died in South Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 10 Oct 1710.385

Abigail first married John Stebbins, second Jedediah Strong as his second wife.
5 Jan 1691/2 Jedediah third married Mary Hart, daughter of Dea. Stephen Hart (ca 1604-Mar 1682/3), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.16 Born say 1638. Mary died in South Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 10 Oct 1710.
10804. Josiah Strong. Born ca 1639.115
10805. Return Strong. Born on 9 Apr 1640 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Return died in Windsor, CT, on 6 Apr 1726; he was 85.80 Occupation: tanner.

Return resided entire adult life at Windsor, CT. Lt. of the Hartford County Cavalry Troop 1692; deputy to General Court 1689-1690; and county justice of the peace 1710.
On 11 May 1664 when Return was 24, he first married Sarah Warham, daughter of Rev. John Warham (ca 1595-1 Apr 1670) & Jane, in Windsor, CT.16 Born on 28 Aug 1642 in Windsor, CT.16 Sarah died in Windsor, CT, on 26 Dec 1678; she was 36.80

Children of Return and Sarah: Sarah, Abigail, Return, Elizabeth, Samuel, Damaris, Samuel, Mary, and Joseph.
Their children include:
Sarah Strong (14 Mar 1666-27 May 1739)
Samuel Strong (27 Dec 1675-15 Jan 1740)
On 23 May 1689 when Return was 49, he second married Margaret Newberry (18299) , daughter of Capt. Benjamin Newberry (ca 1624-11 Sep 1689) & Mary Allyn (6604) (ca 1627/8-29 Jul 1689), in Windsor, CT.25 Born on 23 Oct 1662 in Windsor, CT.173 Margaret died in 1699.
10806. Eld. Ebenezer Strong. Born ca 1643 in Windsor, CT. Ebenezer died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts 11 Jan 1728/9.
On 14 Oct 1668 Ebenezer first married Hannah Clapp (9968) , daughter of Dea. Nicholas Clapp (3357) (1612-24 Nov 1679) & Sarah Clap (3367) (1611-ca 1650), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.25 Born in 1646 in Dorchester, MA.25

Children of Ebenezer and Hannah (Clapp) Strong and Hannah Clapp:
    i. Sarah;
    ii. Preserved;
    iii. Sarah, m. 1st Thomas Stebbins (b. 6 May 1662 at Northampton, d. there 28 Apr 1712 ), m. 2nd a Mr Williston;
    iv. Noah;
    v. Hannah, b. ca. 1670;
    vi. Ebenezer, b. 2 Aug 1671, d. 12 Nov 1729 at Northampton, m. 1st there 25 Oct 1695 Mary Holton 25 Oct 1695, m. 2nd there 18 Sep 1706 Elizabeth Parsons;
    vii. Nathaniel, b. 25 Sep 1673, d. Oct 1750, m. 1st Penelope Leonard, m. 2nd Mary Cook, m. 3rd at Northampton 1697 Rebecca Stebbins ( b. 20 Feb 1675/76 at Northampton, d. there 08 May 1712; and
    viii. Jonathan, b. 1 May 1683, d. 09 Dec 1766 at Northampton, m. 1st Mary Clapp, m. 2nd 21 Nov 1702 Mehitable Stebbins (b. 27 Nov 1683 at Springfield, d. 3 Mar 1761 at Northampton).
Their children include:
Hannah Strong (7 Oct 1669-29 Nov 1691)
Ebenezer Strong (1 Aug 1671-12 Nov 1729)
Lieut. Nathaniel Strong (25 Sep 1673-Oct 1750)
On 23 Mar 1683 Ebenezer second married Abigail.
10807. Abigail Strong. Born in 1645 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Abigail died on 15 Apr 1704.25
On 12 Nov 1673 Abigail first married Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy, son of Rev. Charles Chauncy (5 Nov 1592-19 Feb 1671/2) & Catherine Eyre (-23 Jan 1667), in Windsor, CT.25 Born ca 1639 in Plymouth, MA.25 Nathaniel died in Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 4 Nov 1685.25 Education: Harvard 1661.

Nathaniel, of Hatfield, was of Windsor 1667, when very diverse affections disturb. the declin. yrs. of the first min. Wareham by means of ris. admira. of Rev. John Woodbridge; of wh. eno. is to be seen in the Col. Rec. of Trumbull, II. 85, 113.25
Their children include:
Isaac Chauncy (Died unmarried) (16 Sep 1674-23 Jul 1748)
Catherine Chauncy (12 Jan 1676-15 May 1754)
Abigail Chauncy (14 Oct 1677-)
Charles Chauncy (3 Sep 1679-31 Oct 1689)
Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy (21 Sep 1681-8 Feb 1756)
Saah Chauncy (15 Sep 1683-20 or 23 Oct 1767)
On 14 Sep 1686 Abigail second married Dea. Medad Pomeroy (8129) , son of Eltweed Pomeroy (2881) (ca 1585-Mar 1673) & Margery Rockett (-5 Jul 1655), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.16 Born ca 1638 in Windsor, CT. Medad was baptized in Windsor, CT, on 19 Aug 1638.173 Medad died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 30 Sep 1716.25 Occupation: blacksmith.

Medad had land granted him at Massaca (Simsbury).115 For many years hew was town clerk; deacon; and rep. 1677, 83, 84, 86, 90, and 92.25

From the Pomeroy Family:117
    Deacon Medad Pomery, when he arrived at Northampton in 1659, he was welcomed by the authorities on account of his skill, knowledge of which had preceded him, and was granted a chest of tools and some land. He was twenty-one years of age, with a robust constitution, master of an excellent trade, that of general smithing, acquired from his father, but with few tools. The town was but five years settled, inhabitants were scarce, and every accession to the number, especially a skilled gun-smith, was heartily welcomed, although he was not, we have reason to believe, the first blacksmith who came to Northampton. John Webb preceded him, bringing a full complement of tools. It may be reasonably conjectured that Medad Pomeroy went to work for Webb, and soon proved by his skill, ability and industry that he was a desirable inhabitant, and a man worthv of encouragement. In August, 1660, the following resolve was passed: “John Webb’s tools that Medad Pomeroy shall have on terms: A pair of bellows, an anvil, a hand hammer, one hammer, three pairs of tongs, a beak iron, a slice, a nailing stake, two chisels, one nailing hammer.'” The terms on which the tools were granted are not stated. * * * “On the 13th Dec. 1664. at a legal town meeting the town gave Medad Pomeroy the tools they had of John Webb, as long as he lives in the town, but if he removes out of the town he is then to leave them to the town; but in case he dies in the town the tools are to belong to i\is estate, provided he do the town work.” In 1670 it was voted to give him the “Smith's tools that he had of the town in his hand by a clear vote without any condition.”
    In 1675, Medad Pomeroy was chosen Selectman, to which position he was re-elected twenty-seven times. He was first chosen Deputy in 1677, and was six times re-elected to that important position, his last service being in 1692. He was chosen County Treasurer in 1698, and was a number of times re-elected to that office, until the vear of his death. It appears that in some years he held not less than six important town offices at the same time. He not only held various judicial offices, but was employed in the settlement of estates, and his record as a public officer was both honorable and enterprising.
    It has been intimated that he was a lawyer. This may be correct, though it is hardly probable that he had studied law. and there is no evidence that he ever practiced at the bar. But there is evidence that he had a keen, judicial mind, and that he comprehended intuitively the salient points of any cause which came before him in his manifold duties. As we have said, he held various judicial offices, and was frequently employed in the settlement of estates. In 1678 he was appointed Clerk of the Writs (Register of Deeds) for Northampton by the Court of Sessions, and held that office till near the close of his life. In 1684 he was commissioned by the same court ‘to tend small causes.’ Several years after, and for a number of years in succession, he served as one of the Associate Justices for the County of Hampshire.
    Medad Pomeroy's home-lot, granted by the town, was situated in the vicinity of Bridge Street Cemetery, but it is doubtful whether he ever occupied this lot. He bought an acre on Meeting-House Hill, where he resided till his death, Dec. 30, 1716. His homestead, which eventually consisted of twelve acres in the heart of the settlement, is remarkable for the number born upon it in the line of Deacon Medad having military service and titles, at least nine, namely: Hon. Ebenezcr, Major of Infantry; Captain John Pomeroy, Ensign Josiah Pomeroy. Captain Joseph Pomeroy. General Scth Pomeroy, Lieut. Daniel Pomoroy (killed at Lake George), Major Daniel Pomeroy (his son). Captain Elisha Pomeroy, and Colonel Thomas Pomeroy. He also took an honorable part in the engagement at Turner’s Falls, May 19, 1676.
    “He was Deputy to the General Court many years, having been chosen in 1677, re-elected in 1683, 1684, 1685, 1686, 1690,and 1692.”— Sylvester Judd.
    In 1686 he accumulated considerable real estate in different parts of
the town, and his son, Ebenezer Pomeroy, owned twelve acres in the very center of the village, adjoining the first acre bought of Thomas Salmon, having received all but three and a half acres from his father by deed. ...
    ... in 1672 [he] brought his aged father from Windsor to Northampton, took him into his own family and amply provided for him during the rest of his life. He was indued with strong religious principles, was chosen deacon of the church in 1675, and became one of its strongest supporters. ...
Their children include:
Rev. Samuel Pomeroy (16 Sep 1687-30 Jun 1744)
10808. Elizabeth Strong. Born 24 Feb 1647/8 in Windsor, CT.494 Elizabeth died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts on 12 Mar 1736.115 Buried in Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Strong) Parsons, born at Northampton:
    i. Joseph Parsons, b. 11 Jan 1671/2, d. 13 Mar 1739/40 at Salisbury Beach, MA, m. Elizabeth Thompson (b. ca. 1672 at Roxbury, MA, d. ca. 1774 at Kengington, NH);
    ii. John Parsons, b. 11 Jan 1672/3, d. 5 Sep 1746, m. 1st at Northampton 23 Dec 1696 Sarah Atherton 23 Dec 1696 (b. 26 Oct 1676, d. 12 Feb 1728/29), m. 2nd 12 Jun 1729 Hannah Clapp (b. 5 May 1681 at Northampton, d. 8 Nov 1758);
    iii. Ebenezer Parsons, b. 31 Dec 1675, d. 1 Jul 1744 at Northampton, m. 1st Mary Stebbins (b. ca. 1676), m. 2nd at Springfield 15 Dec 1703 Mercy Stebbins (b. 29 Oct 1685 at Springfield, d. 1 Nov 1753 at Northampton);
    iv. Elizabeth Parsons, b. 3 Feb 1677/8, d. 17 Apr 1763 at Northampton, m. there 18 Sep 1706 Ebenezer Strong Jr;
    v. David Parsons, b. 1 Feb 1679/80, d. 12 Oct 1743 at Leicester, MA, m. 22 Oct 1707 Sarah Stebbins (b. 17 Apr 1686 at Springfield, d. 17 Jun 1759 at Leicester);
    vi. Josiah Parsons, b. 2 Jan 1681/2, d. 12 Apr 1768 at Northampton, m. 1st there 22 Jun 1710 Sarah Sheldon 22 (b. 16 Jul 1688, d.14 Dec 1738), m. 2nd Elizabeth Edwards (b. ca. 1699 at Northampton, d. ca. 1776);
    vii-viii. twins, b. 15 Aug 1683, and died the same day;
    ix. Daniel Parsons, b. 18 Aug 1685, d. 27 Jan 1774 at Springfield, m. at Long Meadow, MA, 2 Jun 1709 Abigail Cooley (b. 22 Feb 1690/91 at Springfield, d. 8 Jun 1763);
    x. Moses Parsons, b. 15 Jan 1686/87, d. 25 Sep 1754, m. Abigail Ball (b. ca. 1688, d. 4 Dec 1760);
    xi. Abigail Parsons, b. 1 Jan 1688/89, d. 17 Aug 1763 at Northampton, m. there 10 Dec 1712 Ebenezer Clark (b. 18 Oct 1682 at Northampton, d. ca. 1781); and
    xii. Noah Parsons, b. 15 Aug 1692, d. 27 Oct 1779 at Northampton, m. there 17 Jan 1711/2 Mindwell Edwards (b. 11 Jan 1694/5 at Northampton, d. 17 Mar 1775 at Northampton).
17 Mar 1668/9 Elizabeth married Joseph Parsons, son of Cor. Joseph Parsons (ca 1620-9 Oct 1683) & Mary Bliss (ca 1628-29 Jan 1712/3), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.494 Born on 1 Nov 1647 in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. Joseph died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts 21 or 29 Nov 1729.494 Buried in Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton.

Joseph was a fur trader, lawyer, first judge of Hampshire County Court, and a founder of Northampton.
Their children include:
Ebenezer Parsons (31 Dec 1675-1 Jul 1744)
Josiah Parsons (2 Jan 1682-12 Apr 1768)
10809. Experience Strong. Born on 4 Aug 1650 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts.115 Experience was baptized in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, on 4 Aug 1650.115 Experience died in Windsor, CT, on 20 Oct 1714; she was 64.

Children of Zerubbabel and Experience (Strong) Filer, born at Windsor:
    i. Thomas Filer, b. 25 Jan 1669/70, d. 1756, m. at Windsor 20 Nov 1707 Elizabeth Grant;
    ii. Jane Filer, b. 1 Jan 1672; m. at Windsor 20 Sep 1694 Wakefield Dibble, (b. 15 Sep 1667, d. 1734, son of Ebenezer & Mary (Wakefield) Dibble);
    iii. Zerubbabel Filer, b. 31 Oct 1673, d. 27 Nov 1673;
    iv. Zeruabbabel Filer, b. 25 Dec 1674, d. 29 Jan 1761 at Bloomfield, CT, m. at Simsbury 3 Jan 1706 Rachel Gillette (d. 28 Jan 1768 at Windsor, dau. of Jeremiah & Rachel (Kelsey) Gilette);
    v. John Filer, b. 2 Mar 1675/6, d. 10 Aug 1715;
    vi. Abigail Filer, b. 5 Jan 1679/80, d. 9 Sep 1680;
    vii. Samuel Filer, b. 5 Jan 1680/1, d. soon;
    viii. Samuel Filer, b. 26 Sep 1682;
    ix. Abigail Filer, b. 8 Apr 1683;
    x. Stephen Filer, b. 27 Mar 1688;
    xi. Ebenezer Filer, b. 2 Dec 1690, d. 16 Dec 1690;
    xii. Experience Filer, b. 25 Dec 1691; and
    xiii. Elizabeth Filer, b. 2 Jun 1694.
On 27 May 1669 when Experience was 18, she married Zerubabel Filer, son of Walter Filer (ca 1613-12 Dec 1683) & Jane [Filer] (-11 Sep 1690), in Windsor, CT. Born on 23 Dec 1644 in Windsor, CT.173 Zerubabel died in Windsor, CT, on 21 Oct 1714; he was 69.

Zerubabel was bequeathed a lot in Windsor by Thomas Ford if ‘he should marry Experience Strong,’ which he did.
Their children include:
Samuel Filer (26 Sep 1681-13 Sep 1710)
10810. Joseph Strong. Born on 5 Aug 1652 in Windsor, CT.115 Joseph was baptized in Windsor, CT, on 5 Aug 1651.115
10811. Samuel Strong. Born on 5 Aug 1652 in Windsor, CT.115 Samuel was baptized in Windsor, CT, on 5 Aug 1652.115 Samuel died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, on 29 Oct 1732; he was 80.115

Samuel and his son Samuel were ambushed by Indians 10 Aug 1711 at Northampton, MA, with the younger Samuel being killed. Samuel was taken to Canada as prisoner of the Indians, but escaped and returned home.
On 19 Jun 1684 when Samuel was 31, he first married Esther Clap (9985) , daughter of Edward Clap (3365) (ca 1609-8 Jan 1664/5) & Susanna Cockerill (-16 Jun 1688), in Dorchester, MA.14 Born ca 1656 in Dorchester, MA. Esther was baptized in Dorchester, MA, on 3 Aug 1656.14 Esther died on 26 Jan 1698.
Their children include:
Susanna Strong (26 Feb 1687/8-)
Abigail Strong (28 Nov 1690-)
Nehemiah Strong (ca 1694-28 Feb 1772)
On 28 Oct 1698 when Samuel was 46, he second married Ruth Sheldon, daughter of Isaac Sheldon (ca 1630-27 Jul 1708) & Mary Woodford (24 Jan 1635/6-17 Apr 1684). Born on 27 Aug 1663 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
Their children include:
Dea. Samuel Strong (11 Feb 1711/2-4 Sep 1795)
10812. Mary Strong. Born on 26 Oct 1654 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts.115 Mary died in Windsor, CT, on 8 Dec 1738; she was 84.115
On 20 Mar 1679 when Mary was 24, she married Dea. John Clark, son of Lieut. William Clark (ca 1609-14 Jul 1690) & Sarah (-6 Sep 1675), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Born on 1 May 1651 in Dorchester, MA. John died in Windsor, CT, on 3 Sep 1704; he was 53.

John first married Rebecca Cooper, second Mary Strong.
Their children include:
Dea. John Clark (28 Dec 1679-3 Aug 1768)
Nathaniel Clark (13 May 1681-23 Nov 1767)
Increase Clark (8 Apr 1684-27 Aug 1775)
Dea. Josiah Clark (11 Jun 1697-7 Apr 1789)
10813. Sarah Strong. Born in 1656 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Sarah died in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts on 10 Feb 1733.115
On 19 Dec 1675 Sarah first married Joseph Barnard, son of Francis Barnard (ca 1617-3 Feb 1698) & Hannah Merrill (-ca 1675), in Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.151 Born ca 1645 in Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Joseph died in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts on 18 Sep 1695.161 Occupation: Tailor, surveryor, farmer.

From the History of Deerfield, genealogies page 65:161
    Joseph was one of the foremost in the permanent settlement of the town; was Recorder for the Proprietors, the first Town Clerk, and Clerk of the Writs in 1690; wounded by Indians at Indian Bridge Aug. 18, 1695, and d. Sept. 18; his gravestone bears the oldest date of any in the old burying yard.
Their children include:
Dr. John Barnard (19 Nov 1676-6 Mar 1726)
Ebenezer Barnard (13 Mar 1696-20 Jul 1764)
On 23 Sep 1698 Sarah second married Capt. Jonathan Welles, son of Thomas Welles (ca 1620-3 Sep 1676) & Mary Beardsley (-20 Sep 1691), in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts.151 Born ca 1658 in Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Jonathan died in Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts 3 Jan 1738/9.

Johnathan, of Hadley, at the age of 16 faught at the Fight of Turner’s Falls becoming known as the ‘Boy Hero’ of that battle.
10814. Hannah Strong. Born on 30 May 1659 in Windsor, CT. Hannah died on 31 Jan 1694; she was 34.115
On 15 Jul 1680 when Hannah was 21, she married Capt. William Clark, son of Lieut. William Clark (ca 1609-14 Jul 1690) & Sarah (-6 Sep 1675), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Born on 3 Jul 1656 in Dorchester, MA. William died in Lebanon, CT, on 9 May 1725; he was 68.

William first married Hannah Strong, second Mary Smith.
Their children include:
Hannah Clark (5 May 1682-10 Jun 1758)
Capt. William Clark (5 Feb 1685-28 Aug 1753)
Jonathan Clark (13 May 1688-12 Jan 1743/4)
Joseph Clark (31 Dec 1691-10 Sep 1769)
10815. Hester Strong. Born on 7 Jun 1661 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Hester died in Windsor, CT, on 4 Mar 1727; she was 65.115
On 15 Oct 1678 when Hester was 17, she married Thomas Bissell, son of Thomas Bissell (ca 1629-31 Jul 1689) & Abigail Moore (14 Feb 1639[/40]-Feb 1725), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Born on 2 Oct 1656 in Windsor, CT.173 Thomas died on 27 Dec 1738; he was 82.
Their children include:
Abigail Bissell (20 Oct 1681-23 Oct 1740)
10816. Thankful Strong. Born on 25 Jul 1663 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.115 Thankful died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, on 24 May 1754; she was 90.

Children of Jonathan and Thankful (Strong) Baldwin, born at Milford:
    i. Abigail Baldwin, bp. 1695, m. Joseph Tibbals (b. ca. Mar 1687/8 at Milford, d. 14 Oct 1774, settled at Durham, CT;
    ii. Hannah Baldwin, bp. 1696, d. 10 Dec 1776, bur. at Northford, CT, m. 6 Jan 1723 Josiah Fowler (b. ca. 1688 at Guilfod, d. 7 Sep 1757, son of Abraham & Elizabeth (Bartlett) Fowler);
    iii. Martha Baldwin, bp. 1698, d. soon;
    iv. Ebenezer Baldwin, b. 1699, d. bef. 1728;
    v. Noah Baldwin, bp. 30 Nov 1701, d. 3 Mar 1784 at Milford, m. there 27 Mar 1733 Thankful Johnson of Stratford (d.6 Feb 1802 at Milford);
    vi. Phebe Baldwin, b. 6 Nov 1704, unmarried in 1728; and
    vii. Ezra Baldwin, b. 1 Dec 1706, bp. 3 Dec 1706, d. 26 Mar 1782 at Durham, m. there 2 Dec 1728 Ruth Curtis (d. 2 Nov 1772 at Durham).
Thankful married Sergt. Jonathan Baldwin (13203) , son of Joseph Baldwin (4506) (ca 1609-2 Nov 1684) & Hannah Whitlock (-25 Apr 1661). Born on 15 Feb 1649 in Milford, CT.65 Jonathan was baptized on 17 Feb 1649.64 Jonathan died in Milford, CT, on 13 Dec 1739; he was 90.64
Their children include:
Noah Baldwin (ca 1701-3 Mar 1784)
10817. Jerijah Strong. Born on 12 Dec 1665 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.115 Jerijah died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, on 24 Apr 1754; he was 88.115

Jerijah, or Zerijah, resided in Northampton, had five children.115
On 18 Jul 1700 when Jerijah was 34, he married Thankful Stebbins, daughter of Dea. John Stebbins (1626-7 Mar 1678/9) & Abigail Bartlett (ca 1637-10 Oct 1710), in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Born on 11 May 1678 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.385 Thankful died in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, on 24 May 1744; she was 66.

Children of Jerijah and Thankful (Stebbins) Strong:
    i. Jerijah (1701-<1705)
    ii. Thankful (1702-1785)
    iii. Jerijah (1705-1781)
    iv. Eunice (1707-)
    v. Ithamar (1710-1711)
    vi. Ithamar (1713-1714)
    vii. Seth (1716-)
    viii. Belah (1719-1803)
Their children include:
Thankful Strong (26 Aug 1702-5 May 1785)
Seth Strong (4 Apr 1716-1790)
Bela Strong (4 Oct 1719-5 May 1803)
10818. Experience Strong.
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