Pane-Joyce Genealogy
16720. Hannah Richardson. Born on 21 Oct 1667 in Woburn, MA.124 Hannah died in Woburn, MA, on 28 Sep 1726; she was 58.279

Daniel and Hannah were second cousins since his maternal grandfather and her paternal grandfather were brothers.
6 Jan 168[4/]5 Hannah married Daniel Baldwin (22158) , son of Dea. Henry Baldwin (-14 Feb 1697/8) & Phebe Richardson (8294) (ca 1632-13 Sep 1716), in Cambridge, MA.124 Born on 15 Mar 1659 in Woburn, MA.124 Daniel died in Woburn, MA 24 Jan 1718/9.279

In the case of John Seers versus Lieutenant John Wyman, before the council in 1676, Daniel Baldwin, aged seventeen years, testified about the impressment of two horses, and that while pressing a horse belonging to John Wyman, he resisted the constable, said Wyman "suffered his negro servant to beat me with a great stick, and reproved him not." In the same case, on the testimony of several witnesses, Daniel Baldwin is called "grandchild to John Seers," and came with him to Lieutenant Wyman's garrison. The witnesses say Daniel Baldwin abused James Carringbone, negro servant of said Wyman, "both in words and deeds," calling him "Black Roag," and struck him with his gun across his back, and said he would "shute" him. Seers stated that Baldwin was a "solger" who came to Wyman's with him, and that one of Wyman's household struck said Baldwin with a "great stick." The particulars of this interesting case are published in Woburn Men in the Indian and Other Wars, pp. 11-14 (editions of 1897 and 1903).457
Their children include:
Hannah Baldwin (21 Aug 1686-)
Phebe Baldwin (Died young) (13 May 1690-10 Mar 1706/7)
Joseph Baldwin (Twin, died young) (15 Mar 1693-12 Mar 1693)
Henry Baldwin (Twin, died young) (16 Mar 1693-12 Mar 1693)
Susanna Baldwin (31 Mar 1694-bef 1746)
Daniel Baldwin (16 Dec 1695-5 Sep 1724)
Dorcas Baldwin (Died soon) (18 Oct 1697-7 Mar 1697/8)
Joseph Baldwin (17 Mar 1699-3 Feb 1744/5)
Dorcas Baldwin (11 Aug 1701-26 Jun 1745)
John Baldwin (28 Aug 1703-)
Rebecca Baldwin (19 Dec 1705-10 Mar 1735/6)
Benjamin Baldwin (30 Mar 1707-)
Phebe Baldwin (28 Dec 1708-)
16721. Mary Richardson. Born on 22 Mar 1669 in Woburn, MA.124 Mary died in Charlestown, MA, on 23 Oct 1748; she was 79.124 Buried in First Burial Ground of Woburn.144 “Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Mary Walker, Relict of Deacon Samuel Walker & formerly wife to Captain James Fowle, who departed this life, Oct'br 23, 1748, in the 80th year of her age”.

Mary first married James Fowle, seocnd Samuel Walker as his second wife.

Mary’s will, dated 6 May 1748 at Woburn, mentions sons John Fowle and Samuel Fowle; daughters Mary Simonds, Hannah Walker, Abigail Thompson, Elizabeth Newell, Sarah Richardson, Esther Simonds, Martha Clap, and Catherine Whittemore.133

First Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Mary Walker, Relict of Deacon Samuel Walker & formerly wife to Captain James Fowle, who departed this life, Oct'br 23, 1748, in the 80th year of her age
On 2 Oct 1688 when Mary was 19, she first married Capt. James Fowle (7254) , son of Lieut. James Fowle (2663) (12th 1st m. 1642 [Mar 1642/3]-17 Dec 1690) & Abigail Carter (3313) (21 Apr 1648-11 May 1718), in Woburn, MA.124 Born on 4 Mar 1667 in Woburn, MA.124 James died in Woburn, MA 19 Mar 171[3/]4.124 Buried in First Burial Ground of Woburn.144 “Here lyes ye body of Captain James Fowle, aged 47 years & 14 dayes, who deceased March ye 19, 1713”. Occupation: cordwainer.

James was selectman of Woburn in 1693 and 1694, also 1700 to 1714, when he died.  He was town clerk from 1701 to 1714.  He was also Captain in the trainbands.279 He died intestate.256
Their children include:
Mary Fowle (18 Jun 1689-9 Mar 1762)
James Fowle (Died young) (20 Jul 1691-11 Oct 1706)
Abigail Fowle (22 Aug 1693-19/20 Feb 1759)
Maj. John Fowle (11 Nov 1695-28 Sep 1775)
Hannah Fowle (13 Sep 1697-13 May 1788)
Elizabeth Fowle (9 Aug 1699-28 Jan 1760)
Ruth Fowle (Died young) (6 Apr 1701-3 Mar 171[2/]3)
Sarah Fowle (29 Jul 1703-)
Samuel Fowle (10 Jun 1705-)
Esther Fowle (29 May 1707-)
Martha Fowle (12 Mar 1709-5 Sep 1794)
Catherine Fowle (20 Sep 1711-25 Dec 1790)
Mary second married Dea. Samuel Walker (8918) , son of Dea. Samuel Walker (3055) (28 Jun 1643-18 Jan 1703/4) & Sarah Reed (3911) (ca 1643-1 Nov 1681). Born on 25 Jan 1667 in Woburn, MA.124 Samuel died in Woburn, MA, on 28 Sep 1744; he was 77.124 Buried in Second Parish Burial Ground, Burlington.

Samuel first married Judith Heywood, second Mary (Richardson) Fowle, widow of James Fowle.

Samuel resided in that part of Woburn which was incorporated in 1730 as the town of Wilminington. He was a deacon from 1709 through 1730 of the original church in Woburn, and afterwards a deacon of the church in the second precince of Woburn which became Burlington.279

Samuel’s will, dated 2 Sep 1744, mentions his wife Mary; sons Samuel and Timothy; daughters Sarah Buck, deceased, Judith Johnson, deceased, Hannah Wyman, Mary Johnson, and Phebe Richardson; the children of Sarah Buck; the children Judith had by her husband Kendall; grandchild, daughter of Judith Johnson by her husband Johnson; and Rev. John Fox and Rev. Supply Clap.133

Second Parish Burial Ground, Burlington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    Here lyes the body of Deacon Samuel Walker who departed this life Sept. 28, 1744 in the 77th year of his age.
16722. Elizabeth Richardson. Born on 28 Jun 1670 in Woburn, MA.124 Elizabeth died in Woburn, MA, on 2 May 1752; she was 81.279

Elizabeth first married John Coggin, second Jacob Wyman as his second wife.

“Mrs. Elizabeth Cogging and Mr. Jacob Wyman” were both of Woburn when they married.124
On 12 Apr 1692 when Elizabeth was 21, she first married Capt. John Coggin (18582) , son of John Coggin (6702) (ca 1642/3-) & Mary Long (7694) (say 1645-7 May 1681), in Woburn, MA.124 Born on 27 Aug 1666 in Charlestown, MA.106 John died in Woburn, MA, on 17 Feb 1725; he was 58.124 Buried in First Burial Ground of Woburn.144 “Here lyes buried the body of Captain John Coggin, who deceased February 17th, 1725, in ye 59th year of his age”. Occupation: Cordwainer.

John died intestate and administration was granted to son John, 23 Mar 1724/5 (Middlesex Probate file 4750.) the heirs: John Cogan of Cambridge cordwainer; Joseph Coggen of Wilmington blacksmith; Abigail Snow widow; Mary and Hannah Coggen spinsters; Thomas Coggen husbandman; and Priscilla Coggen spinster of Tewsksbury.32
Their children include:
John Coggin (Died soon) (9 Mar 1693-9 Mar 1693)
Henry Coggin (Died soon) (17 Mar 1694-17 Mar 1694)
Elizabeth Coggin (Died unmarried) (5 Jan 1695-23 Jan 1758/9)
Henry Coggin (Died soon) (21 Aug 1697-21 Aug 1697)
Joseph Coggin (Died soon) (22 Sep 1698-22 Sep 1698)
Capt. John Coggin (3 Aug 1699-15 Sep 1782)
Henry Coggin (Died soon) (27 Mar 1703-29 Mar 1703)
Henry Coggin (1 Jul 1704-6 Nov 1730)
Josiah Coggin (26 Aug 1706-17 Oct 1758)
Abigail Coggin (6 Sep 1708-aft 1756)
Mary Coggin (Died unmarried) (1 Nov 1710-28 Nov 1789)
Joseph Coggin (1 Sep 1713-aft Mar 1780)
Hannah Coggin (Died unmarried) (22 Feb 1714-15 Aug 1795)
On 4 Feb 1739 when Elizabeth was 68, she second married Jacob Wyman (22118) , son of Lieut. John Wyman (8279) (ca 1621-9 May 1684) & Sarah Nutt (ca 1624-24 May 1688), in Woburn, MA.124 Born on 4 Jun 1665 in Woburn, MA. Jacob died in Watertown, MA, on 31 Mar 1742; he was 76.125 Occupation: tanner.

Jacob was freeman in 1690.125

Jacob’s first wife Elizabeth Richardson (dau. of Samuel Richardson) and second wife Elizabeth (Richardson) Coggin (dau. of Joseph Richardson) were first cousins.
16723. Lieut. Joseph Richardson. Born on 19 May 1672 in Woburn, MA.124 Joseph died in Woburn, MA, on 5 Dec 1754; he was 82.124

Joseph was selectman of Woburn, 1714 and 1716.  His will is dated 17 June 1754, proved 30 Dec 1754, mentions his son Josiah, of Sudbury, son Charles of Sutton, daughters Mary Baldwin, Hannah Carter, and Ruth Baldwin, and appoints his sons Reuben and Oliver, executors.279
On 24 Oct 1693 when Joseph was 21, he married Mary Blodgett, daughter of Samuel Blodgett (ca 1633-8 Jul 1687) & Ruth Eggleton (8 Nov 1631-14 Aug 1703), in Woburn or Charlestown, MA.124,106 Joseph Richardson & Mary Bloghead, both of Woburn, married by Mr. Charles Morton, Min. of Charlestowne. Born on 15 Sep 1673 in Woburn, MA.124 Mary died in Woburn, MA, on 11 Mar 1752; she was 78.124
Their children include:
Mary Richardson (10 Jan 1695-25 Oct 1798)
Hannah Richardson (17 Aug 1697-8 Sep 1778)
Joseph Richardson (9 Nov 1699-7 Dec 1725)
Maj. Josiah Richardson (12 Jan 1702-30 Aug 1770)
Reuben Richardson (12 Jun 1704-22 Dec 1776)
Oliver Richardson (15 Aug 1706-7 Apr 1795)
David Richardson (Twin, died young) (12 Oct 1708-12 Oct 1708)
Samuel Richardson (Twin, died young) (12 Oct 1708-12 Oct 1708)
Charles Richardson (27 Jul 1710-ca 1782)
Ruth Richardson (17 Jun 1713-13 May 1791)
16724. Dea. Stephen Richardson. Born on 7 Feb 1674 in Woburn, MA.124 Stephen died in Woburn, MA, on 4 Feb 1752; he was 77.124 Buried in First Burial Ground of Woburn.144 “Here lyes buried ye body of Deacon Stephen Richardson, who departed this life, February ye 4th, 1752, in ye 79th year of his age”.

Stephen was a captain the militia, selectman of Woburn 1721, deacon of the church in Woburn 1745, but was commonly known as “captain.”279
On 21 Nov 1695 when Stephen was 21, he married Bridget Richardson (22173) , daughter of Theophilus Richardson (8295) (ca 1633-28 Dec 1674) & Mary Champney (Oct 1635-26 Aug 1704), in Woburn, MA.124 Born ca 1674.279 Bridget died in Woburn, MA on 1 Jul 1750.124 Buried in First Burial Ground of Woburn.144 “Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Bridget Richardson, wife to Deacon Stephen Richardson, who died July ye 1st, 1750, aged 76 years”.

Stephen and Bridget were second cousins. His grandfather, Samuel Richardson, and her grandfather, Ezekiel Richardson, were brothers.
Their children include:
Stephen Richardson (Died young) (12 Jun 1696-21 Sep 1703)
Maj. Joseph Richardson (20 Jul 1698-19 Nov 1756)
Thomas Richardson (5 Feb 1700-11 Jun 1754)
Bridget Richardson (Died young) (15 Oct 1701-)
Phebe Richardson (16 May 1704-15 Feb 1785)
Ichabod Richardson (11 Jan 1706-12 May 1768)
Stephen Richardson (ca 1707-4 Apr 1787)
Dr. Adam Richardson (10 Apr 1709-)
Asa Richardson (12 Dec 1713-17 Mar 1752)
Bridget Richardson (Died young) (ca 1722-26 Sep 1736)
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