Vital Records of Scituate
Massachusetts to 1850

Transcribed for the web by
D. Pane-Joyce
Version 1.1, Apr 2003

Table of Contents for the entire project

This project is the Annotated Vital Records of Scituate. The first phase is to transcribe the Vital Records of Scituate Massachusetts to 1850 word for word for the web. The first phase is about 40% completed. Later phases will add the annotations.

I have benefitted a great deal from the work of individuals who have prepared genealogical material for the web. For instance, the many books of David Blackwell's "New England History and Genealogy Free Books Online Effort" at, and Theodore Brassardy's Baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam. So, to repay the community, I'm trying to do do my part to bring this kind of information to others. This is my second major project; the first was the Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York, marriage and baptismal records 1683-1809, at

Sources for Scituate vital records.

  1. The original books of vital records do exist and they've been photographed by Holbrook Research. Microfiche images for 1639-1849 are available for sale by Archive Publishing, Also available are the Church records for the first parish, 1695-1887
  2. George Ernest Bowman transcribed the early vital records and they appear in various volumes of the Mayflower Descendant
  3. The printed town records to 1850 (transcribed here) are available at town libraries in Massachusetts and major genealogy libraries in the country.
  4. Images of the printed town records to 1850 are on the web in tiff format at
  5. Jeremy Bang's three-volume The Seventeenth Century Town Records of Scituate, Massachusetts. Note that he has included some corrections to the printed vital records in the appendix of the third volume
  6. "Records of the Second Church of Scituate, now the First Unitarian Church of Norwell, Mass." transcribed by George C. Turner were published in several issues of the New England Historical Genealogical Register

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