Vital Records of Scituate
Massachusetts to 1850
Book II, part 1

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Book II, part 1. Marriages. Pages 1 through 99. Includes the surnames

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Volume II — Marriages and Deaths

Published by the
New England Historic Genealogical Society
at the charge of
the Eddy town-record fund
Boston, Mass.

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THIS publication is issued under the authority of a vote passed by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, November 6, 1901, as follows:

Voted: That the sum of $20,000, from the bequest of the late Robert Henry Eddy, be set aside as a special fund to be called the Eddy Town-Record Fund, for the sole purpose of publishing the Vital Records of the towns of Massachusetts, and that the Council be authorized and instructed to make such arrangements as may be necessary for such publication. And the treasurer is hereby instructed to honor such drafts as shall be authorized by the Council for this purpose.

Committee on Publications
C. B. TillinghastFrancis Everett Blake
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THE TOWN OF SCITUATE, Plymouth County, was established July 1, 1633, from common land.
    March 7, 1643, bounds were established.
    June 14, 1727, a part of Scituate was included in the new town of Hanover.
    November 8, 1782, bounds between Scituate and Marshfield were established.
    March 10, 1788, a part of Scituate was annexed to Marshfield.
    June 14, 1823, a part of Scituate was annexed to Cohasset.
    March 20, 1840, bounds between Scituate and Cohasset were established and a part of each town was annexed to the other town.
    February 14, 1849, a part of Scituate was established as South Scituate.

Population by Census:1765 (Prov.), 2488;
1776 (Prov.), 2672;1790 (U.S.), 2856;
1800 (U.S.), 2728;1810 (U.S.), 2969;
1820 (U.S.), 3305;1830 (U.S.), 3468;
1840 (U.S.), 3886;1850 (U.S.), 2149;
1855 (State), 2269;1860 (U.S.), 2227;
1865 (State), 2269;1870 (U.S.), 2350;
1875 (State), 2463;1880 (U.S.), 2466;
1885 (State), 2350;1890 (U.S.), 2318;
1895 (State), 2246;1900 (U.S.), 2470;
1905 (State), 2597.

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    1. WHEN places other than Scituate and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.
    2. In all records the original spelling is followed.
    3. The various spellings of a name should be examined, as items about the same family or individual might be found under different spellings.
    4. Marriages and intentions of marriages are printed under the names of both parties. When both the marriage and intention of marriage are recorded, only the marriage record is printed; and where a marriage appears without the intention recorded, it is designated with an asterisk.
    5. Additional information which does not appear in the original text of an item, i.e. any explanation, query, inference, or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed. Parentheses are used to show the difference in the spelling of a name in the same entry, to indicate the maiden name of a wife, to enclose an imperfect portion of the original text, and to separate clauses in the original text—such as the birthplace of a parent in late records.

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a. — age

abt. — about

b. — born

ch. — child

chn. — children

Co. — county

C.R.1. — church record, First Parish, and records from Rev. John Lothrop's original manuscript

C.R.2. — church record, Second Church of Scituate, now the First Unitarian Church of Norwell

C.R.3. — church record, Trinitarian Congregational Church

C.R.4. — records of the Society of Friends of Pembroke, now in the possession of the Society at New Bedford

d. — daughter; died; day

Dea. — deacon

dup. — duplicate entry

G.R.1. — gravestone record, First Parish Cemetery, Meeting House Lane, now Prospect Street, Scituate Harbor

G.R.2. — gravestone record, Groveland Cemetery, North Scituate

G.R.3. — gravestone record, Judge Cushing's Cemetery, Greenbush

G.R.4. — gravestone record, Hatch Burying Ground, Greenbush

G.R.5. — gravestone record, James Burying Ground, Greenbush

G.R.6. — gravestone record, Union Street Cemetery, Scituate Harbor

G.R.7. — gravestone record, Fairview Cemetery, Scituate Centre

G.R.8. — gravestone record, Mt. Hope Cemetery, North Scituate

G.R.9. — gravestone record, Town Burying Ground, Scituate Centre


G.R.10. — gravestone record, Catholic Cemetery, Scituate Harbor

G.R.11. — gravestone record, Kilborn Merritt Cemetery, North Scituate

G.R.12. — gravestone record, Clapp Burying Ground, Greenbush

G.R.13. — gravestone record, Second Church Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.14. — gravestone record, South Parish Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.15. — gravestone record, Church Hill Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.16. — gravestone record, Stockbridge Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.17. — gravestone record, Bowker Street Cemetery Norwell

G.R.18. — gravestone record, Damon Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.19. — gravestone record, Washington Street Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.20. — gravestone record, Quaker Cemetery, Norwell

G.R.21. — gravestone record, Otis Cemetery, Norwell

h. — husband

hrs. — hours

inf. — infant

int. — publishment of intention of marriage

Jr. — junior

m. — married; month

min. — minutes

P.C.R. — Plymouth County Record

P.R.1. — private record, from Little family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Edwin O. Stoddard of North Scituate

P.R.2. — private record, from Merritt family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Sarah Lewis of West Duxbury

P.R.3. — private record, from Kent Account Book, now in the possession of Frank Keene of East Pembroke

P.R.4. — private record, from Brooks-Delano Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Arthur L. Power of Norwell


P.R.5. — private record, from Charles Foster's Register, now in the possession of Mrs. Arthur L. Power of Norwell

P.R.6. — private record, from Litchfield family Bible, now in the possession of Parker R. Litchfield of Medford

P.R.7. — private record, from Wellington family Bible, now in the possession of James E. Welington of Medford

P.R.8. — private record, from sheet of paper of Copeland family in Eells family Bible, now in the possession of Miss Mary Smith Clark of Medford

P.R.9. — private record, from Clapp family Bible, now in the possession of Alfred Clapp of North Scituate

P.R.10. — private record, from Bailey Family Chart, now in the possession of Miss Sarah Tilden Bailey of North Scituate

P.R.11. — private record, from Bailey family Bible, now in the possession of Miss Sarah Tilden Bailey of North Scituate

P.R.12. — private record, from Barnes family Bible, now in the possession of Israel Barnes of North Scituate

P.R.13. — private record, from Clapp family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Mandana Morris of North Scituate

P.R.14. — private record, from a Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Charles H. Killam of Assinippi

P.R.15. — private record, from private papers, now in the possession of Mrs Charles H. Killam of Assinippi

P.R.16. — private record, from Glines family Bible, now in the possession of Henry H. Sylvester of North Scituate

P.R.17. — private record, from Jenkins family record, now in the possession of Mrs. Julia E. Fitts of Greenbush

P.R.18. — private record, from Litchfield family Bible, now in the possession of Henry T. Bailey

P.R.19. — private record, from Merritt family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. David H. Stoddard of North Hanover


P.R.20. — private record, from Ripley family record, now in the possession of Miss Sarah Tilden Bailey of North Scituate

P.R.21. — private record, from Studley family Bible, now in the possession of Miss Deborah Nash Studley of North Scituate

P.R.22 — private record, from Sylvester family Bible, now in the possession of Henry H. Sylvester of North Scituate

P.R.23. — private record, from Stoddard family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. David H. Stoddard of North Hanover

P.R.24. — private record, from Torrey family Bible, now in the possession of George Otis Torrey of Norwell

P.R.25. — Private record, from Bible of Abial Turner, now in the possession of George C. Turner of Norwell

P.R.26. — private record, from Vinal family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Eliza (Vinal) Wade of Greenbush

P.R.27. — private record, from family records now in the possession of Mrs. Sarah Tilden Bailey of North Scituate

P.R.28 — private record, from Wade family Bible, now in the possession of Jetson Wade of Greenbush

P.R.29. — private record, from Diary of Dea. Israel Litchfield, now in the possession of the New England Historic Genealogical Society of Boston

rec. — recorded

s. — son

Sr. — senior

w. — wife; week

wid. — widow

widr. — widower

y. — year

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Scituate Marriages

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BARRIEL (see Barrel, Barrell, Barriell, Barril, Barrill), Abigail [dup. Barrell, int. Mrs. Abigal Barrel Jr.] and Nehemiah Palmer, July 14, 1768.

BARRIELL (see Barrel, Barrell, Barriel, Barril, Barrill), Betsey and James Walker of Maine, "formaly" of Marshfield, int. Aug. 29, 1801. [Betsy Barrell, m. Sept. 16, C.R.2.]

William Jr. and Deborah Chittenden, int. Jan. 6, 1802 [Barrill, m. Apr. 18, C.R.2.]

BARRIL (see Barrel, Barrell, Barriel, Barriell, Barrill), William Jr. and Lydia Simmons, int. Oct. 19, 1745.

BARRILL (see Barrel, Barrell, Barriel, Barriell, Barril), Lydia and Josiah Witherell Jr., int. Nov. 24, 1797. [Barrell, m. Jan. —, 1798, C.R.2.]

William and Elisabath Bayly, July [2], 1706.*

BARSTOW (see Bearstow, Berstow, Bostow), Abby E. and Capt. Thomas H. C. Barstow of Pembroke, int. Apr. 17, 1836.

Abigail and Calvin Lewis Jr. of Marshfield, int. July 20, 1811.

Abigal [int. Abigail], Mrs., and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] Lemuel Bryant of Brantrey, Aug. 23, 174[9].

Allice [int. Alice] and Isaac Peirce [int. Pierce] of Boston, [June] 25, 1809. [Allice and Isaac Peirce of Boston, C.R.1.]

Benja[min] Jr. of Hanover, and Ruth Winslow, int. Oct. 7, 1738.

Betsey Cushing and Gilbart Brook [int. Gilbert Brooks], Nov. 14, 1811.

Charles N., 34, marriner, of Fall River, s. Jacob and Sarah of Fall River, and Mrs. Jane Fowles, d. Asa Curtis and Jane, Nov. 27, 1845.*

Edwin W., Capt., and Jane W. Barstow of Hanson, int. Aug. 9, 1834.

Elijah and Lucy Eells of Hanover, Nov. 8, 1798 in Hanover.

Elijah Jr. and Caroline O. Briggs, May 9, 1837.

Elijahr and Dianan Everson of Kingston, int. July 26, 1841.

Elizabeth and Isaac Barker, Jan. 25, 1719.* [Berstow, and Isaac Barker of Newport, R.I., Jan. 25, 1719-20, C.R.2.]

Grace [int. adds Mrs.] of Hanover, and Elisha Foster Jr., Oct. 19, 1769, in Hanover.

Jacob of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Alice [int. Mrs. Elce] Baker Young, [Feb.] 28, 1788. [Alice Backer Young, C.R.1.]

Jane Dote [int. omits Dote] and Samuel Donnel [int. Samal Dunnel] of Hanover, Jan. 2, 1794. [Donnely, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


BARSTOW, Jane W. of Hanson, and Capt. Edwin W. Barstow, int. Aug. 9, 1834.

John and Lydia Hatch, Jan. 16, 1678.*

John Burden and [int. adds Mrs.] Betsey Ells [int. Eells] of Hanover [int. Honover], Feb. 7, 1788, in Hanover.

Joshua of Hanover, and Eliza[beth] Foster, int. Feb. 28, 1740. [Berstow, m. Apr. 21, 1741, C.R.2.]

Lucannah of Hanover, and John Ruggles Jr., int. Dec. 28, 1754.

Lucy E. and Ozen Jesselyn of Hanson, Nov. 26, 1823.

Lydia Jr. and Thomas Green of New Bedford, int. Jan. 25, 1807. [m. Feb. 20, C.R.2.]

Mary, wid., of Hanov[e]r, and Thomas Bryant Esq., int. Apr. 12, 1735.

Nathaniel [int. Nath[anie]ll] and [int. adds Mrs.] Elizabeth Cushing of Hanover, Aug. 31, 1786, in Hanover.

Nath[anie]l, Cap[t]., and Grace B. Foster, May 2, 1833.

Olive S. and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Thomas Waterman, Apr. 11, 1821.

Rebaccah [int. Rebecca Bastow] and Nath[anie]ll Church, Apr. 4 [1782].

Rebeca [int. Rebecca] and Gideon Richmon [int. Reichman] [of] N[ew] Bedford, Dec. 21, 1820.

Ruth Cain of Pembroke, and Elijah Souther Ewell, int. Oct. 5, 1815.

Samuell and Lydia Randall, Mar. 17, 1707-8.*

Sarah [int. Bastow] and Samuel Woodward [int. Woodworth] of Bristol [int. adds Lincoln Co.], Dec. 30 [1779].

Susannah and Benja[min] Tayler, Nov. 19, 1724.* [Susanna Bestow and Benjamin Taylor, C.R.2.]

Thomas [int. Bastow Jr.] and Lydia Sylvaster [int. Silvaster] [of] Hanover, Nov. 22 [1781].

Thomas H. C., Capt., of Pembroke, and Abby E. Barstow, int. Apr. 17, 1836.

BARTLETT, Josiah M. of Fayetteville, N.Y., and Mary S. Bowers, int. Apr. 28, 1841.

Mercy of Duxbury, and John Turner, Aug. 5, 1714, in Duxbury.*

BASS Benja[min] of Hanover, and [int. adds Mrs.] Mercy Tolman, Oct. 28, 1765.

Mercy Tolman of Hanover, and Thomas Wright, int. Sept. 25, 1818.

BASSETT, Nathanaell of Sandwich, and Mary Stetson, Oct. 22, 1712.* [Nathan of Sandwitch, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


BRANAUE, John and Anne Dilis, Apr. 5, 1717.* [Bruneau, and Anne Delis "[French]," C.R.1.]

BRAYMAN, Mary and William Brooks, Dec. 15, 1737.

BREWSTER, James B. of Hanson, and Rachel S. Clapp, Feb. 14, 1844.

Nathaniel [dup. Nathaniell Bruster of Durborrowj and Mary Dwelly, Dec. 24, 1705, in Duxbury.

BRIANT (see Bryant), David Jr. and Hannah Turner of Hanover, Jan. 16, 1728, in Hanover.*

David and Lydia Cudworth of Freetown, d. David, Feb. 6, 1755, in Freetown.*

Deborah and Nathaniell Winslow Jr., Feb. 17, 1717.* [Bryant, and Nathanael Winslow of Marshfield, Feb. 19, 1717-18, C.R.2.]

John and Mary Hilland, Apr. —, 1664.*

Sally and Thomas Brown of Ipswich, int. June 23, 1804. [Bryant, and Capt. Tho[ma]s Brown, m. July 12, C.R.2.]

BRIDGE, Sarah and James Lambart, Nov. 15, 1725.* [Lambert, C.R.2.]

BRIDGET, Margaret and Elisha Gould, June 5, 1838.

BRIGES (see Brigg, Briggs, Brigs), James and Rebackah Tilding, July 8, 1673.*

BRIGG (see Briges, Briggs, Brigs), Joseph Jr. and Judith Lichfeild, Feb. 20, 1717.* [Briggs, and Judith Lichfield, C.R.1.]

Thomas of Tunton, and Keturah Hatch, Oct. 1, 1702.*

BRIGGS (see Briges, Brigg, Brigs), Abigail and Gideon Rose, Nov. 11, 1754.* C.R.1.

Anna and Nathaniel Clapp, Nov. 27, 1814.

Barnabas W. and Deborah Otis, Jan. 17, 1831.

Bartlet and Deborah Otis, Jan. 29, 1804.

Benjamin and Leah Merrit, Dec. 7, 1719.*

Benja[min] and [int. adds Mrs.] Rebecca Curtis, Aug. 1, 1758.

Benjamin Jr. and Sarah Pratt of Cohasset, Nov. 16, 1790, in Cohasset.

Betsey [int. Mrs. Betty] and Asa Merritt, June 15, 1788. [Betsy and Asa Merrit, C.R.1.]

Betsey and Zeba Cushing, Nov. 24, 1825.

Caroline O. and Elijah Barstow Jr., May 9, 1837.

* intention not recorded


BRIGGS, Charles and Elizabeth Smith of Pembroke, June 7, 1795, in Pembroke.

Charles and Rhoda Reed of Hanson, int. Apr. 4, 1821.

Cornelious and Mary Russell, wid. Sam[uel], Mar. 20, 1677.*

Cornelius and Ruth Barker, Oct. 24, 1706.* [Ruth of Duxborough, C.R.2.]

Cornelius and Lydia Stodder, Apr. 9, 1741.

Cornelius [int. Cornelious] and Jerusha Church, May 23, 1753. [Cornelius and Mrs. Jerusha Church, C.R.2.]

Cushing Otis and Marcy Little Thomas of Pembrook, int. Dec. 19, 1812.

Cynthia M. and George W. Boodery of Bridgewate[r], int. Oct. 4, 1844.

David of Medford, and Charlotte Bradford, Apr. 10, 1836.

Deborah and Dea. Thomas King, June 15, 1699.*

Deborah and George King, July 12, 1710.*

Deborah and Nathanael [int. Nath[anie]ll] Goodspeed, Aug. 18, 1735. [Nath[anie]l, C.R.1.]

Deborah and Thomas Man Jr., int. Jan. 10, 1746. [m. Mar. 12, C.R.1.]

Deborah [int. Debby] and Nehemiah Cushing of Hingham, Jan. 15, 1800.

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] and Job Cowing [int. Cowen], Feb. 4, 1810. [Cowen, C.R.1.]

Deborah C. of Boston, and Israel Nash of Boston, May 23, 1842.*

Elijah and Hannah Bufington of Salam, [int.] Jan. 17, 1789.

Elisha and Abigail Foster, Oct. 2, 1791.

Elizabeth and Elijah Sylvaster of Hanover, Oct. 13, 1791. [Elisabeth and Elijah Sylvester, C.R.2.]

Ezra and Joanna Cudworth, int. Nov. 27, 1756.

Ezra and Lydia [int. Lyda] Neall, Dec. 9, 1764. [Lydia Neal, C.R.1.]

Ezra Jr. of Hanover, and Thankfull Curtis, int. July 4, 1783.

George H. and Nancy L. Stockbridge, Nov. 26, 1840.

Hannah and John Alding of Duxbury, Jan. 12, 1709-10.* [Allding of Duxborough, C.R.2.]

Hannah [and] —— —— [int. Joseph Clap Jr.], Dec. 21, 1732.

Hannah and John Holmes, Dec. 2, 1746.

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and Joshua Clap, Oct. 21, 1787.

Hannah and Job P. Otis, Oct. 5, 1825.

Hannah B., 29, of S. Scituate, d. Cushing 0., and Francis James, 29, mason, of Boston, s. Elisha, int. Apr. 13, 1849, in S. Scituate.

* intention not recorded


BRIGGS, Henry and Betsey Ruggles, Apr. 4, 1813.

Henry and Mrs. Rachel Gardner, July 14, 1836.

Huldah [int. adds Mrs.] and Caleb Merritt [int. Marritt], Nov. 24, 1799. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

Ichabod and Sarah Collier [int. Coller], Nov. 30 [1783].

James and Elisabeth Garritt, May 7, 1713.* [Elizabeth Garrett, C.R.1.]

James and Hanna Stowell, Oct. 4, 1716.* [Hannah, C.R.1.]

James Jr. and Hannah Bayle, Dec. 24, 1716.* [Bayley, C.R.1.]

James and Margaret Stutson, int. Aug. 24, 1739. [Margret Stetson, m. Nov. 22, C.R.2.]

James Jr. and Hannah Barker, int. Dec. 14, 1745.

James and Anna Stutson, int. Sept. 7, 1751. [Stedson, m. Sept. 26, C.R.1.]

James [int. Jr.] and Rhoda [int. Rhodea] Nash, July 17, 1764. [Brigs, and Rhoda Nash, C.R.1.]

James 3d and Deborah Clap, May 17 [1781].

James S. [int. Sylvester] and Selina Curtis, Nov. 16, 1823.

Jerusha and Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] Nash, June 13 [1784].

Joanna and Abiel [int. Abial] Cudworth, Dec. 2, 1810. [Abiel, C.R.1.]

John and Deborah Cushing, Dec. 2, 1712.*

John (—— [Briggs]) [int. John Briggs] and [worn][i]dith [int. Judith] Damon, Aug. 19, 1744. [Dammon, C.R.1.]

John and Abigal Neall [int. Abigail Neal], May 11, 1747.

John 3d and Judith Collier, int. Mar. 6, 1779. [m. Mar. 5, 1780, C.R.1]

John [int. "Tertius"] and Deborah Thomas of Pembroke, Oct. 23, 1796, in Pembroke.

John of Providence, R.I., and Jane Anderson, Oct. 20, 1821.

John and Lucy Studley, June 14, 1835.

Joseph and Deborah Hollbrook, Jan. —, 1703-4.*

Joseph and Mary Garrett, Feb. 2, 1709-10.*

Joseph and Sarah Morey, wid., Jan. 14, 1730.*

Joseph Jr. and Rachil Baily, int. Mar. 10, 1749. [Rachel, wid., m. Mar. 31, 1750, C.R.1.]

Joseph and Miriam [int. Meriam] Silvester, Mar. 28, 1798.

Judith and Will[ia]m Collier of Boston, int. Dec. 30, 1748. [Judith, m. Mar. 23, 1729, C.R.1.]

Judiah and Ebennezer Ellmes, [int.] Aug. 23, 1789.

Judith and Ebenezer Ellmes, Sept. 3, 1789.*

Judith and Joseph Gannett, Mar. 26, 1832.

Leah and —— [worn] [worn]on [int. Josiah Damon], Feb. 23, 1743. [Dammon, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


BRIGGS, Lucy A., 21, of S. Scituate, d. Charles, and Nichols Lincoln, 32, shoemaker, of Danvers, s. Nichols, June 5, 1829, in S. Scituate.

Lydia and Elisha Turner [int. Jr.], [Oct.] 28, 1792.

Mary and Josiah Lichfeild, Dec. 29, 1712.* [Lichfield, C.R.1.]

Mary and Eliab Studly, Apr. 1[0] [17[worn]].* [Studley, Apr. 10, 1729, C.R.1.]

Mary [int. Jr.] and [J]ohn Cudworth Jr., Jan. 13, 1731.

Mary of Pembrook, and Benja[min] Turner Jr., int. Aug. 2, 1735.

Mary Foster and Elijah Whiton Lewis of Hingham, Apr. 13, 1815.

Mary Jane and William Spear, carpenter, Nov. 27, 1845.*

Otis and Caroline Wade, [Mar.] 27, 1834. [Caroline, ch. Shadrach and Mabel, Mar. 26, P.R.28.]

Paul and Siba Litchfield, Apr. 25, 1822.

Paul D., 23, shoemaker, s. Paul and Siba, and Almira L. Damon, 23, d. W[illia]m and Charlotte, Oct. 20, 1846.

Polly and Silas [int. Siles] Litchfield, Sept. 7, 1794. [Silas, C.R.1.]

Rachel and Samuel Curtis, int. Oct. 26, 1745.

Rachel Jr. and Asa Copeland [int. Copland] of Norten [int. Norton], Oct. 25 [1781].

Rachel and Silas Newcumb of Provance Town, [int.] Apr. 1, 1792.

Rebecca [int. Rebebekah] and John Mann, June 18, 1803. [Rebeckah, C.R.1.]

Rhoda and Rufus Curtis, int. Jan. 7, 1837.

Ruth of Pembroke, and Caleb Turner Jr., May 1, 1739, in Pembroke.

Ruth, Mrs., and Jonathan Collier of Hull, int. Oct. 30, 1761.

Ruth and William Cushing of Pembroke, Nov. 13, 1796. [Willam, C.R.2.]

Ruth and Elias W. Pratt of Hanover, Oct. 23, 1822.

Sarah and Simeon Vinal, Mar. 21, 1793.

Selina C. [int. Curtis], 25, d. James S., and Perry L. Parker, 29, mariner [int. master mariner], s. Perry L., Nov. 18, 1849.

Seth and Abigail Church, int. Nov. 2, 1745.

Solomon [int. Soloman] of Norton, and [int. adds Mr[s].] Remember Litchfield, Dec. 15, 1760.

Sophia 2d and Thomas Ellms, Nov. 26, 1829.

Sophia and Nathaniel Peirce, Dec. 2, 1831.

Susanna and Charles Cudworth, June 16, 1802.

Thomas Barker and Lucy Otis, Oct. 10 [1784].

Will[ia]m and Eliza[beth] Coplen, int. Mar. 23, 1754. [Copland, m. June 6, C.R.1.]

William of Medford, and Fanny Cook, Nov. 10, 1841.

* intention not recorded


BRIGGS, William T., Rev., 30, s. Cushing O. and Mary, and Harriet S. Dana, 27, d. Henry B. and Harriet, Oct. 20, 1846.

BRIGS (see Briges, Brigg, Briggs), Benjamin [int. Brigg, adds Capt.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Anna Doane, wid. [int. Doan of Hingham, omits wid.], Nov. 26, 1747, in Hingham.

BRISCO, Edward and Deborah Clarke, Nov. 18, 1708.* [Clerk, C.R.2.]

BRONELL (see Brownell), Grace K. and Isaac P. Packard, int. Apr. 26, 1846.

BRONSDON, Benjamin Jr. [int. Brondston, omits Jr.] of Milton, and Nancy Daman [int. Damon], June 25, 1806. [Bronsden Jr., and Nancy Daman, C.R.1.]

BROOK (see Brookes, Brooks), Gilbart [int. Gilbert Brooks] and Betsey Cushing Barstow, Nov. 14, 1811.

Mary and Henery Withington, Oct. 26, 1720.* [Henry of Milton, C.R.2.]

BROOKER, Benja[min] [int. Brookes] of Roxbury, and Harriet Grandison [int. Herritt Granderson], Jan. 27, 1791. [Brooker "[or Brookes]", and Harriot Grandison, C.R.2.]

Benj[amin] D. and Alice Tew [int. Tue], Oct. 5, 1834.

BROOKES (see Brook, Brooks), Benjamin (see Benjamin Brooker).

Elizebeth [int. Elizabeth Brooks] and Jonath[a]n Burrell of Georg Town [int. John Burrel of Georgetown], Nov. 26 [1778].

BROOKS (see Brook, Brookes), Abigal and Amos Lapum, int. Aug. 25, 1753. [Mrs. Abigail and Amos Lapham, m. Oct. 25, C.R.2.]

Anne [dup. and int. Anna, int. adds Mrs.] and James Sylvaster [dup. and int. Silvester], Dec. 20, 1764.

Betsey [int. Betty] and Capt, Jotham Tilden of Marshheld, [Apr.] 22 [1819].

Betsey of Hanover, and Hemon Stoddard of Hanover, Jan. 4, 1820.*

Cynthia and Stephen Hall Jr. of Chelsea, Nov. 29, 1829.

Deborah and Nath[anie]ll Brooks Jr., Nov. 27 [1783].

Elizabeth [int. Jr., adds Mrs.] and Silvanus [dup. [Si]lvenus, int. Silvenus] Clap, June 9, 1768.

Elizabeth B. and Jacob Federhen [int.Federen] of Boston, May 31, 1837.

* intention not recorded


BROOKS, Emma M., 17, d. John and Emma, and George H. Curtis, 20, of Hanover, b. Hanover, s. William and Casandra of Hanover, July 2, 1848.*

Eunice and David Jordan [int. Jorden], May 3, 1819.

Experance, Mrs., and Charles Randall, int. July 26, 1760.

Gilbart and Marcy Curtis, int. Dec. 15, 1753. [Gilbert and Mrs. Mercy Curtice, m. Jan. 22, 1754, C.R.2.]

Gilbert and Abigail Stockbridge, Mar. 12, 1718.*

Gilbert Jr. and Deborah Curtis, int. July 21, 1739. [Curtice, m. Sept. 13, C.R.2.]

Hannah and [int. Joseph] [L]ambart, Nov. 16, 1762.

Hannah and Samuel Kent, int. Feb. 3, 1798. [Sam[ue]ll, m. Oct. 21, C.R.2.]

Joanna and John Ruggles, Oct. 26, 1720.* [John of Roxborough, C.R.2.]

Joseph of Hanover, and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Stetson [int. Jr.], Jul7 27, 1769.

Leni C., 21, of Hanover, s. John of Hanover, and Angeline S. Curtis, Dec. 3, 1848.*

Lucy and John Hatch, int. Nov. 16, 1799. [m. Jan. 14, 1800, C.R.2.]

Lucy and James J. Farrow, Sept. 7, 1828.

Lydia and Isaac Dammon, int. Sept. 11, 1742. [m. Oct. 14., C.R.2.]

Lydia S. of Hanover, and Silas Ripley of Abington, Oct 26, 1830.*

Marcy and John Hayden Jr. of Brantrey, int. Dec. 8, 1750. [Mercy and John Hayden Jr. of Braintree, m. Jan. 3, 1750, C.R.1.]

Mary and Robart Damon of Pembrook, int. Aug. 4, 1750. [Robert Dammon, m. Sept. 2, C.R.1.]

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Benja[min] Delano [dup. and int. Dilino], Nov. 2, 1769. [Delano, P.R.4.]

Mary [int. Meriem] and Isaac Lincoln of Bristol [int. adds Lincoln Co.], Oct. 10 [1779].

Mary B. of Lowell, and Alexander Damon, int. Sept. 29, 1839.

Mercy (see Marcy)

Meriam, d. W[illia]m, and John Curtis, s. Richard, — [dup. Apr. 4], 1678.*

Nancy and William Bradfoard [int. Bradford] of Kingston, June 14, 1807. [Nancy S. [? T.] and William Bradford of Kingston, C.R.1.]

Nathanaell and Elizabeth Curtis, Dec. 24, 1678.*

Nath[anie]l Jr. and Eliza[beth] Benson, int. Oct. 2, 1742. [Nathanael, m. Nov. 22, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


BRYANT, Lydia, wid., and Richard Humphriss [int. Hunphris], Aug. 20 [1775].

Martha and Calvin [int. Calven] Curtis of Hanover, Jan. 6. [1774].

Mary and Jabez Rose, May 6, 1707.*

Mary and Caleb Torrey, int. Feb. 19, 1731.

Mary and Thomas Turner Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Feb. 14, 1732. [Thomas, Feb. 14, 1732-3, C.R.2.]

Mary and David Clap Jr., int. Dec. 15, 1750.

Mercy [int. Nancy] and Samual Powars [int. Samuel Powers] of Boston, Feb. 19, 1807 [Nancy and Samuel Powers of Boston, C.R.1.]

Molly and Isaac Chitenden, Aug. 8 [1782].

Nancy (see Mercy).

Nath[anie]ll of Marshfield, and Hannah Barker, int. Jan. 15, 1763.

Peleg and Mary Jenkins, July — [worn] [int. 1740.] [Briant, July 10, 1740, C.R.1.]

Peleg [dup. Pelea] Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Collamer [dup. Collamor], Nov. 19, 1767.

Ruth and Benjamin Perry, Feb. 20, 1711-12.*

Ruth [int. adds Mrs.] and Sam[ue]ll Laphum of Marshfield, Jan. 29, 1767. [Samuel, C.R.1.]

Samuel Jr. and Mary Buck, int. Oct. 19, 1745.

Samuell and Abigail Turner, Feb. 14, 1711-12.* [Samuel, C.R.2.]

Seth and Eliza[beth] Barker [int. of Pembrook], Aug. 17, 1736. [Briant, C.R.1.]

Snow and Deborah L. [int. Lincoln] Hatch, June 14, 1818.

Snow and Eliza Ann Damon, int. Apr. 5, 1845.

Temperance and Timothy White, Dec. 26, 1793.

Thirze [int. Thirza Briant] and Jacob Read [int. Reed], Oct. 2, 1817.

Thomas and Mary Ewell, Aug. 28, 1707.*

Thomas Esq. and Mary Barstow, wid., of Hanov[e]r, int. Apr. 12, 1735.

Tho[ma]s Jr. and Mary Randall Jr., int. Aug. 17, 1745.

Thomas Jr. and Mileah Stodder of Hingham, Dec. 16, 1773, in Hingham.*

Vashti of Marshfield [int. Mershfield], and Abijah Brown, June 27, 1790, in Marshfield.

William of Pembroke, and Ruth Stetson, May 7, 1712.*

Zina and Unice Waide [int. Wade Jr.], [Sept.] 9 [1782].

* intention not recorded


BUCK (see Bucke, Buk), Abigal and Lazarus Bowker, int. July 7, 1739.

Abigall and Samuell Lichfeild, Mar. 25, 1712.* [Abigail and Samuel Lichfield, C.R.1.]

Cristiana [int. Chrestiana] and Stephen Vinal, June 4, 1781.

Deborah and Isack Randall, Nov. 29, 1692.*

Hannah and John Nash, Oct. 31, 17[worn] [? 1727].* [Oct. 31, 1728, C.R.1.]

Hannah and Lamuel Turner, int. Sept. 29, 1750.

Isaac Jr. and Mary Turner, int. May 2, 1741. [m. Aug. 6, C.R.2.]

Isaac Jr. and Mrs. Hannah Stodder of Cohasset, int. July 20, 1771.

Isaace and Mary Merritt, Dec. 22, 1712.* [Isaac and Mary Meritt, C.R.1.]

Isack Jr. and Unice Turner, Oct. 24, 1684.*

John and Sarah Doten, wid., Apr. 26, 1693, in Plymouth.*

Jonathan and Rachel Peaks, Mar. 19, 1740.

[Jo]seph [int. Joseph] and Leah Peaks, Aug. 22, 1742.

Lusanna [int. adds Mrs.] and Asher Sprage [int. Sprague] of Hing[ha]m, July 12, 176[worn] [int. 1764].

Margritt and William Torry, May 9, 1706.*

Mary and Eleazer Flagg of Boston, Mar. 11, 1724. [Eleazar, Mar. 13, C.R.1.]

Mary and Samuel Bryant Jr., int. Oct. 19, 1745.

Mary and Seth Hammond [int. Hammon], Feb. 17, 17[63].

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Israel Levit [int. Levitt] Jr. of Abington, June 2 [int. June 4, sic] [1774].

Rachel [int. Jr.] and Will[ia]m Cole, Aug. 21, 1764.

Rachell and John Dwelly, Jan. 4, 1692-3.*

Ruth and Joseph Garrett, Jan. 17, 1676.*

Sarah and Timothy Bailey, May 27, 1731.* [Baily, C.R.1.]

Sarah and [worn]mion [int. Simion] Turner, Jan. 20, 1756.

Thomas and Hannah Tayler, Jan. 8, 1705.*

Tho[ma]s and Mrs. Mary Harris of Boston, int. Nov. 11, 1758. [m. Dec. 14, C.R.1.]

BUCKE (see Buck, Buk), Mehetable and Stephen Chittenden, Nov. 6, 1679.*

BUFINGTON, Hannah of Salam, and Elijah Briggs, [int.] Jan. 17, 1789.

BUK (see Buck, Bucke), Joseph and Deborah Clap, Sept. 10, 1713.* [Joseph Bates, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


COWING (see Cowen, Coweng), Cornelious (see Galthelus).

Gathelius and Mary Gill of Hingham, int. June 1, 1735.

Gathelus [int. Getholus, dup. Cornelius] and [int. adds Mrs.] Lucy Hatch, July 11, 1768.

Hannah and Henry Merritt Jr., Jan. 6, 1712.*

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and Abner Pincin, Apr. 23 [dup. Apr. 22] [1770].

[Is]rael of Rochester, and Eliza[beth] [int. Mrs. Sarah] Cudworth, Jan. 5, 1762.

Israel and Mrs. Desier Mott, int. Feb. 4, 1769.

Israel and Mrs. Rebacah Wade of Bridgewater, [int.] Feb. 15, 1788.

Job (—— ——) [int. Job Cowing] [and] [borah] [G]annett [int. Deborah Gannit], May 24, 1733. [Ganett, C.R.1.]

[J]ob Jr. [int. Coweng] and [int. adds Mrs.] Zillah Perry [int. Perrey], May 20, 1761.

Job [int. Cowen] and [int. adds Mrs.] Deborah Briggs, Feb. 4, 1810. [Cowen, C.R.1.]

Joseph and Jean [int. Jane] Keith of Bridgewater, Nov. 24, 1744, in Bridgewater.

Lydia and Israel Peaks, Jan. 1, 1735 [Lydia, wid., and Israel Peakes, C.R.1.]

Lydia and —— [worn] [int. Isaac] Litchfield, Sept. 8, 1743.

Mary and Benjamin Pierce Jr., Feb. 5, 1711-12.*

Rachel and William Southworth, Feb. 6, 1727.* [Feb. 6, 1727-8, C.R.2.]

Zillah and Phillip Wheelwright of Cohasset, int. May 4, 1805.

COY, Henry and Fanny Richards of Dedham, int. Apr. 17, 1840.

CRADICK, Benja[min] "Trachant person" and Mrs. Mary Torrey Jr., int. Dec. 7, 1771.

CRAGUE, Elizabeth [int. EiIrs. Elizebath Crage] and James Ewell of Marshfield, Apr. 17, 1791. [Elisabeth Crague, C.R.2.]

Lydia and Abner Litchfield, int. Sept. 10, 179[7]. [m. Feb. 19 "[or 9]," 1798, C.R.2.]

CRANE, Elizabeth W. and Joshua S. Damon, int. [Aug.] 30, 1845.

CREED, John of Cohassett [int. Cohasset], and Priscilla Vinal, Dec. 19, 1813. [John of Cohassett, C.R.1.]

Olive J. of Cohassett, and Charles Studley, int. Oct. 19, 1842.

* intention not recorded


CREED, Priscilla V. of Cohasset, and Alexander T. Prouty, int. Nov. 30, 1844.

CROCKER, Joseph Allen of Boston, and Mary Chittenden, June 3, 1810.

CROOKER, Abner [int. Crucker] of Marshfield, and [int. adds Mrs.] Jerusha Hatch, Oct. 1, 1761, in Marshfield.

Abner of Marshfield [int. Mashfield], and Deborah Stetson, Nov. 17, 1791. [Abner of Marshfield, and Deborah Stutson, Nov. 21, C.R.2.]

Elijah [int. Crucker] of Marshfield, and Egyatha [int. Mrs. Egatha] Hatch, Dec. 18, 1760.

Elizabeth W. of Bath, Me., and Benjamin Litchfield, int. June 11, 1824.

Lois and Charles Stetson, Feb. 1 1824.

Mary of Pembrook, and Nath[anie]ll Laphum, int. Mar. 26, 1768.

Nancy and Benja[min] Tolman of Pembrook, [int.] Oct. 24, 1784.

Nancy, Mrs., and Semion Stoddar of Boston, [int.] Aug. 4, 1787.

Zaccheus of Bath [int. adds Lincon Co.], and Polley [int. Polly] Merritt, Oct. 27 [1800].

CROSBY, Mahittable [int. Mahitable] and Thomas Reed "tracient Persons," Jan. 5, 1809. [Mahitable, C.R.1.]

CROSWELL, Rebecca H. [int. Rebecca Holmes Crosswell of Boston] and Warren Baker [int. Bowker], Mar. 4, 1799, in Boston.

CROUCH, Patience and Samson Dunbar of Brantrey, int. Sept. 9, 1750.

CUDWORTH, Abiel [int. Abial] and Joanna Briggs, Dec. 2, 1810. [Abiel, C.R.1.]

Ann R. of Marshfield, and Thomas Clapp, int. Nov. 4, 1838.

Anna and Shadrach B. Curtis, Dec. 2, 1819.

Benjamin and Mary Little, N[ov.] — [worn] [int. 1740] [Nov. 13, 1740, C.R.1.]

Benjamin and Nancy Hatch of Marshfield, int. May 9, 1806.

Betsey of Cohasset, and Ray Sutton, int. Apr. 17, 1801.

Betsy and Asa Merritt, [Oct.] 12, 1815.

Charles and Susanna Briggs, June 16, 1802.

Cynthia [int. Cynthy] and Daniel Ellms [int. Eellms], Nov. 26, 1801. [Cynthia and Daniel Elms, C.R.1.]

David and Abigail Price, int. Feb. 27, 1747. [m. Mar. 22, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


CUDWORTH, David and Rebecca Stutson, wid., of Hano[ver], int. July 12, 1760.

David [int. Jr.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Deborah Soul [int. Sole] of Pembroke, June 3, 1773, in Pembroke.

Desire [int. adds Mrs.] and Seth Webb, Nov. 16 [1786].

Elijah and Lucy Reed of Pembrocke, int. Oct. 7, 1815.

Elijah Jr. and Betsey L. Damon of Marshfield, int. July 15, 1842,

Elisabeth and Lot Nichols of Cohassett, int. Nov. 3, 179[7].

Eliza[beth] and [worn][shua] Young, Aug. 22, 1732.* [Joshua, C.R.1.]

Eliza[beth] and Noah Nash, int. July 31, 1756. [m. Nov. 4, C.R.1.]

Eliza[beth], Mrs., and AtHenon Beswick, int. Sept. 16, 1758. [Averton, m. Nov. 23, C.R.1.]

Eliza[beth] [int. Mrs. Sarah] and [Is]rael Cowing of Rochester, Jan. 5, 1762.

Elizabeth and Josiah Damon Jr, Aug. 1, 1813.

Elizabeth, 22, d. Elijah and Lucy, and John Gardner Jr., 24, clerk, b. Hanover, s. John and Ruth, Oct. 27, 1846.

Hannah and Thomas Hatch, Mar. 6, 1695-6.*

Hannah and [B]enjamin Woodworth, Jan. 27, 1742.

Hannah and Eleazar Peekes Jr., int. June 17, 1780.

Israel (—— ——) [int. Israel Cudworth] [and] [artha] [int. Martha] Baily, Nov. 12, 1734. [Capt. Isr[ae]l, C.R.1.]

Israel Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Mary Merritt [int. Merrit], June 24, 1736. [Israel Jr. and Mary Merritt, C.R.1.]

Israel and Mary [int. Mercy] Cudworth, Nov. 25 [1784].

Israel Jr. and Mabel Jenkins, Dec. 6, 1821. [Mable, C.R.1.]

James and Elisabeth White, Jan. 1, 1712.* [Elizabeth, C.R.1.]

James Jr. and Abigal Litchfield, int. Mar. 8, 1739. [Abigail, m. May 15, 1740, C.R.2]

James (—— ——) [int. James Cudworth Jr.] [and] [Rac]hel Simons [int. Simmons], Dec. 5, 1745. [James, s. Jo[h]n, and Rachel Symmons, C.R.1.]

James ([James Cud]worth) of Freetown, and Anne [int. Mrs. Anna] Bryant, Dec. 7, 1758.

James and Marcy Vinal, Apr. 13, 1809. [Mercy, C.R.1.]

Joanna and Zechariah Coleman, Sept. 16, 1696.*

Joanna and Ezra Briggs int. Nov. 27, 1756.

John and Margerett Hatch, Jan. 4, 1702-3.*

[J]ohn Jr. and Mary Briggs [int. Jr.], Jan. 13, 1731.

John Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Elizabeth Clap, Sept. 7, 1772.

John Jr. and Patty Litchfield, Oct. 4, 1795.

Jonathan and Sarah Jacksun, May 31, 1667.*

* intention not recorded


CUDWORTH, Jonathan and Elizabeth Hiland, Nov. 17, 1709.* [Hyland, C.R.1.]

Jonathan and Hannah Merrit, May 18, 173[8]. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

Joseph and [int. adds Mrs.] Lidia Tower of Hingham, Jan. 22, 1767. [Lydia, C.R.1.]

Joseph and Mrs. Eliza[beth] Soutter of Cohasset, int. Feb. 11, 1775 [Mrs. Elisabeth Souther, int. Feb. 12, P.R.29.]

Joseph Jr. and Betsey Clerk of Bristol, Lincoln Co., int. Aug. 13, 1795.

Keziah and Lt. Benja[min] Homes, int. Aug. 3, 1776. [Holmes, m. Jan. 29, 1777, C.R.1.]

Kizia [int. Kezia] and Ambrous [int. Ambrose] Merritt, Apr. 26, 1804. [Kezia and Ambrose Merritt, C.R.1.]

Laban and Lucy J. Damon of Marshfield, int. May 10, 1846.

Lucy and Cummings Stetson, [Nov.] 30, 1815. [Commings, C.R.1.]

Lydia of Freetown, d. David, and David Briant, Feb. 6, 1755, in Freetown.*

Lydia and Lemuel [int. Lamuel] Studley of Bristol, Lincoln Co., Aug. 3, 1794. [Lemuel, C.R.1.]

Lydia and Ebenezer Bailey, Dec. 4, 1817.

Malzar [int. Melzar] and Lydia [int. Lydea] Merritt, Nov. 2, 1806. [Melzar and Lydia Merritt, C.R.1.]

Marcy and Azotus Litchfield, Nov. 24, 1810.

Mary and Jacob Vinall, Feb. 12, 1695-6.*

Mary and Hezekiah Hatch, June 23, 1755.

Mary [int. Mercy] and Israel Cudworth, Nov. 25 [1784].

Mary and Calvin Jenkins Jr., Dec. 4, 1817.

Mary A., 23, of S. Scituate, d. Elijah, and Augustus Gardner, 22, shoemaker, of S. Scituate, s. John, May 6, 1849, b S. Scituate.

Melzar (see Malzar)

Mercy (see Mary).

Mercy [int. Mrs. Marcy] and [int. adds Capt.] Ebenezer Bailey, Apr. 8, 1804. [Mrs. Mercy and Capt. Ebenezer Bailey, C.R.1.]

Mercy (see Marcy).

Nathaniel and Sarah Joy of Hingham, Feb. 14, 1703-4, in Hingham.*

Noah and Marcy Otis, Sept. 15, 1801.

Peter of Boston, and Mary Curtis, June 25, 1820.

Phibe [int. Pheba] and Samuel McClane [int. McClain] of Bristol, Lincoln Co., Apr. 9, 1789. [Phebe and Sam[ue]ll McChane, C.R.2.]

Rachel and —— —— [int. Seth Baily], Apr. 24, 1744.

* intention not recorded


CUDWORTH, Rachell and Mosess Simons, Jan. 1, 1712.* [Moses Symons, C.R.1.]

Rebecca [int. Rebakah] and Stephen Litchfield, [Jan.] 1, 1795, [Rebekah, C.R.1.]

Ruth, Mrs., and Michael Nicols of Hingham, int. May 10, 1760. [m. June 12, C.R.1.]

Sarah and Jonothan Merritt, June 7, 1706.*

Sarah and John Vinal 3d [Feb. 16] [worn].* [John (s. Jacob), Feb. 16, 1729, C.R.1.]

Sarah (see Elizabeth).

Thirza and Josiah Damon Jr., July 5, 1815.

Urbin and Deborah O. Hudson of Boston, int. Nov. 25, 1820.

Zephaniah [int. Zepheniah] and Elizebath Studley [int. Mrs. Eliza[beth] Studly], Nov. 25, 1773.

Zoe [int. Xoa] and Nathan Curtis of Chesterfield, Aug. 27, 1810. [Zoa, C.R.1.]

CUMINS, Sarah and Isaace Lincoln, Feb. 14, 1716.* [Cummins, and Isaac Lincoln, C.R.1.]

CURLILE (see Carlile), Anna and Ichabod Dammon Jr., int. Aug. 7, 1756.

CURLOO (see Carlow, Corlew, Corlow, Curlow), [Ed]ward [int. Edward] and Abigail Russel [int. Abigall Russell], Apr. 21 1732. [Abigail Russel, C.R.1.]

CURLOW (see Carlow, Corlew, Corlow, Curloo), John and Mary Dunlay, int. Aug. 16, 1755.

CURRILL, Gilbert and Martha Clapp, Dec. 5, 1841.

CURTICE (see Curtis), Martha and Thomas Clarke, Jan. 11, 1676.*

Ruth and Benjamin Stoddard Jr. [int. Stodder, omits Jr.], Nov. 24, 1737. [Stoddard Jr., C.R.2.]

Sarah and Samuel Tilden, July 25, 1694.*

Thomas and Mary Cook, Mar. 6, 1694-5.*

William and Margret Prat, Jan. 29, 1718.* [Jan. 29, 1718-9, C.R.2.]

CURTIS (see Curtice), Abba S. and Peleg Curtis, Sept. 3, 1843.

Abel and [int. adds Mrs.] Desire Curtis, Apr. 26, 1787.

Abigail B. and Calvin Wilder, int. Jan. 19, 1844.

Abigal and Joseph Thomas of Tivertown, int. Apr. 7, 1744. [Abigail Curtice and Joseph Thomas of Tiverton, m. May 7, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


CURTIS, Abner of Hanover, and Deborah Man, int. June 17, 1749. [m. Nov. 23, C.R.1.]

Abner [int. Jr.] [of] Hanover, [and] [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Bowker, May 25 [1775].

Abner of Hanover, and Pheba Dunber of Hanover, Apr. 6, 1799.*

Abnor of Hanover, and Mrs. Sarah Ford, int. May 17, 1766.

Ammiel and Hannah Merritt, [Nov.] 26, 1807.

Amos and Mrs. Mary Faunce of Kingston [int. Kingstown], Jan. 8, 1744-5, in Kingston.

Amos T. and Polly Dunbar, Nov. 25, 1827.

Angeline S. and Levi C. Brooks, 21, of Hanover, s. John of Hanover, Dec. 3, 1848.*

Asa and Jane Bates, Jan. 31, 1811.

Asa F. and Catharine S. Rich, Dec. 10, 1833.

Benjamin, s. W[illia]m, and Mary Silvester, —, 1689.*

Benjamin Jr. and Hannah Palmer, Dec. 13, 1716.*

Benja[min] Jr. and Rebecca House, July 15, 1723.* [Curtice, C.R.2.]

Benjamin Jr. and Mary Cole, Dec. 3, 175[5].

Benjamin and Cristina Bourne [int. Mrs. Christaina Bourn] of Falmouth, Sept. 2, 1787, in Falmouth.

Beriah of Chesterfield, and Desier [int. Desire] Litchfield, Sept. 14, 1783.

Besaleel of Hanover, and Mary Woodard, int. Jan. 27, 1742.

Bethiah and James Gray, Nov. 16 [1785].

Bethiah and Hosea Whiting Jr. of Hingham, Oct. 24, 1827.

Betsey G. and Henry T. Jackson, Feb. 9, 1840.

Bezaleel (see Besaleel)

Calvin [int. Calven] of Hanover, and Martha Bryant, Jan. 6 [1774].

Celia and Jesse Beales [int. Beals] of Pembrock [int. Pembrok], Sept. 30, 1803. [Beals of Pembroke, C.R.1.]

Charles and Lydia James, Feb. 7, 1771.

Charles and Betty Gannett [Nov.] 15, 1792.

Charles and Abigail Litchfield, Dec. 21, 1800. [Dec. 25, C.R.1.]

Charles Jr. and Cynthia Vinal, June 25, 1815.

Charles T. and Martha Woodfall of Boston, int. Nov. 3, 1844.

Charlotte A., 20, d. Shadrach B. and Charlotte, and James Edson, 24, shoemaker, of N. [dup. int. E.] Bridgewater, b. N. Bridgewater, s. Barnabas [int. Barnabus] and Betsey G of N. Bridgewater, Aug. 8, 1849. [Charlotte Ann and James Edson of N. Bridgewater, C.R.1.]

Clarissa of Hanover, and Nathaniel Winslow Jr., Oct. 13, 1796, in Hanover.

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


CURTIS, Tho[ma]s and Mrs. Lucy Baily, int. June 30, 1759. [Lusanna, m. Oct. 25, C.R.C.]

Tho[ma] and Mercy Webb, wid., int. Aug. 12, 1775 [m. Sept. 12, C.R.1.]

Thomas and Drusilla Vinal, int. Sept. 21, 1828.

William, s. John, and Rachell Stoder, May 22, 1707.*

Zachary and Mrs. Lydia Palmer of Hano[ver], int. Dec. 19, 1761.

Zibia [int. Zebiah] and Charles Fish, Oct. 18, 1789. [Zebia, C.R.1.]

Zintha, Mrs., and Noah Nickols, int. June 18, 1774.

Zipporah [int. Zeppa] and Zaccheus Lambert [int. Zacheus [Lambart Jr.], Dec. 19, 1793. [Zipporah and Zacheus Lambart, C.R.2.]

CUSHING, Abagail and Dr. Cushing Otis, int. Oct. 18, 1806. [Abagail, m. Nov. 27, C.R.2.]

Abigail B. of Hingham, and Henry Shute, int. [Oct.] 15, 1848,

Allen of Hingham, and Lydia Lapham, Dec. 5, 1822.

Allice [int. Elice, adds Mrs.] and Nath[artie]ll Cushing [of] Hingham, June 30 [1774].

Allyne and Sarah Daman, int. Dec. 21, 1834.

Almira and Lines T. [int. omits T.] Munroe [int. Monroe], Oct. 6, 1835. [Lines T. Munroe, C.R.1.]

Ann of Boston, and Capt. Joshua Bowker, int. Dec. 25, 1813.

Ann Jane and James Woodman, July 20, 1826.

Anna and Nichols Litchfield, Dec. 10, 1828.

Bela and Polly Cushing, int. July 1, 1797. [m. July 25, C.R.2.]

Benja[min] and Mrs. Jean Louring of Hull, int. Jan. 16, 1768.

Bethiah [int. adds Mrs.] and Abial Farrow, May 30 [1768].

Bethyah [int. adds Mrs.] and Abraham Burbank [int. Jr.] of Suffield, Nov. 1, 1[7][worn] [int. 1764].

Betsey 2d and Harvey Litchfield, Nov. 8, 1832.

Betsy and Noah Jenkens [int. Jenkins], Nov. 13, 1803. [Jenkins, C.R.1.]

Caroline (see Coraline).

Charles and Chrischain Thomas of Plympton, int. Mar. 3, 1804.

Charles Whiting of Hingham, and Deborah Jacobs, [Nov.] 29, 1795.

Charlotte V. and Foster Waterman of Boston, int. Mar. 19, 1830.

Christopher [int. Esq.] and Lucy Nichols, Nov. 30, 1817.

Content and Jesse Stephens of Hingham, int. Dec. 4, 1742 [Stephenson, m. May 3, 1743, C.R.2.]

Coraline [int. Caroline] and Spencer Cushman of Kingston, Oct. 22, 1832.

* intention not recorded


CUSHING, David of Hingham, and Mary S. Lapham, int. Oct. 23, 1825.

David J. and Amy C. Jacobs of Hingham, int. Aug. 31, 828.

Debby and John Nash, int. Oct. 28, 1796. [m. —, C.R.2.]

Deborah, d. John Esq., and Thomas Loring [dup. of Plimouth], s. Thomas of Hull, Apr. 19, 1699, in Hingham [dup. in Boston].

Deborah and John Briggs, Dec. 2, 1712.*

Deborah and David Stocbridge [int. Stockbridge] of Hanover, [Jan.] [worn] [int. 1736]. [Stockbridge, Jan. 10, 1736-7, C.R.2.]

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] and Josiah Cushing Jr. [of] Pembrook, [Feb.] 16 [1769].

Deborah and John Turner Esq. of Turner, Cumberland Co., int. Mar. 2, 1799.

Deborah R. of Hingham, and Rufus Farrow, int. Jan. 16, 1819. [m. May 26, P.R.14.]

Elijah and Elizabeth Barker, Jan. 7, 1724.* [Jan. 7, 1724-5, C.R.2.]

Eliza and Josiah Barker of Hanson, Nov. 5, 1834.

Eliza[beth] and [worn][s]hua Richmond [int. Joshua Ritchman] of Dartmuuth, Nov. 26, 1761.

Elizabeth [int. adds Mrs.j of Hanover, and Nathaniel [int. Nath[anie]ll] Barstow, Aug. 31, 1786, in Hanover.

Elnathan and Lillis Silvester, int. Apr. 1, 1802. [Lillie Sylvester, m. Apr. 15, C.R.2.]

Elnathan and Elizabeth Noyes of Charlestown, int. May 24, 1829.

Francis and Temperauce [dup. and int. Temporance] Foster, Apr. 8 [1773].

Francis [int. adds Capt.] and Lucy Dyer [int. Diear] of Plymouth, June 19, 1786, in Plymouth.

Francis [sic] [int. Frances] and Lemuel Cushing, Aug. 6, 1812.

Francis 2d, 23, shoemaker, of Weymouth, s. Mayor and Susan, and Eliza Stoddard, 18, of Weymotrth, d. Lydia, wid., July 14, 1846.*

Fredrick [int. Frederick] and Cynthia Curtis, Nov. 30, 1843. [Frederick, C.R.3.]

George and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Cushing, June 9 [dup. June 19], 1771.

Hannah and John Barker, Jan. 22, 1706.*

Hannah and Samuell Barker, Dec. 25, 1706.* [Samuel, C.R.2.]

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and Rev. Samuel Boldwin [int. Sam[ue]ll Baldwin] of Hanover, Jan. 4 [worn] [int. Nov. 4, 1758].

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] of Hingham, and Enoch Collamore [int. Collamer], Jan. 13, 1774, in Hingham.

* intention not recorded


CUSHlNG, Hannah of Hingham, and Capt. Joshua Jacobs Jr., May 30, 1796, in Hingham.

Hannah and Perez Turner, int. Oct. 28, 1797. [Periz, m. Nov. 30, C.R.2.]

Hannah and William Haskins, Dec. 30, 1832.

Hannah B., 21, d. Zeba and Betsey, and Rev. Franklin Damon, 29, s. Zachariah and Sarah, Mar. 16, 1848.

Harriet and Ward Litchfield of Boston, int. Dec. 17, 1831.

Hawke and Abigail Clapp [int. Clap], Nov. 4, 1792. [Clapp, C.R.2.]

Hawks [int. Hawke] and [int. adds Mrs.] Ruth Cushing of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], Sept. 28, 1769, in Pembroke.

Jael of Hingham, and Amasa Bailey [int. Baily], Sept. 29, 1763, in Cohasset.

James and Sarah House, Jan. 18, 1710-11.*

James and Mary Barrell, Dec. 10, 1713.* [Barrel, C.R.2.]

James Jr. and Mary Souther of Hingham, Jan. 21, 1738-9, in Hingham.

James Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Tower of Cohasset [int. Hingham], Dec. 8, 1763, in Cohasset.

Job Esq. of Cohasset, and Abigail [int. Abigael] Peirce [int. adds wid.], Apr. 27 [1784].

John Jr. and Debrah Loring, May 20, 1688.*

Jo[h]n Jr. and Elizabeth Holmes, Apr. 1, 1718.*

John Esq. and Mrs. Mary Cotton of Plymouth, Nov. 20, 1729, in Plymouth.*

Jo[h]n Jr. and Deborah Barker Jr., int. July 12, 1742. [m. Aug. 12, 1742, C.R.2.]

John Jr. and Mary Jacob, Dec. 6 [worn] [int. 176[4 worn]].

John, Capt., and Sarah C. Haskins, Mar. 16, 1835.

Jonathan of Hingham, and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Simmons, Dec. 20, 1787.

Joseph and Mercy Pickles, Jan. 1, 1710-11.*

Joseph Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia King, Mar. 29, 1733.

Joseph and Desire Bowker, Sept. 15, 1790.

Joshua, s. John Esq., and Mary Bacon, d. Samuel "late" of Hingham, May 31, 1699, in Hingham.*

Josiah and Ruth Thomas, Oct. 20, 1737.

Josiah Jr. [of] Pembrook, and [int. adds Mrs.] Deborah Cusiring [Feb.] 16 [1769].

Josiah [int. Jr.] [of] Pembrook, and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Cushing, Aug. 14 [1774]

Julia and Rev. Edward C. Messenger of Middleborough, Apr. 7, 1835.

* intention not recorded


CUSHING, Lemuel and Francis [sic] [int. Frances] Cushing, Aug. 6, 1812.

Leonard [of] Hingham, and Mary Whiton [int. Mary C. Whiting], Jan. 1, 1821.

Louisa M., 19, d. Elnathan and Louisa M., and William H. Hobart, clerk, of Boston, Apr. 22, 1847.

Lucy of Falmouth, and Dr. James Otis, int. Oct. 3, 1761.

Lucy, Mrs., and Tho[ma]s Aylwin of Boston, int. Aug. 3, 1771.

Lucy and Stephen Bowker, Apr. 30, 1789.

Lucy and William H. Bean [of] Berlin, Conn., Apr. 16, 1818.

Lucy, Mrs., and Hon. Wilkes Wood of Middleboro [int. Middleborough], Sept. 26, 1827.

Lydia [int. adds Mrs.] and George Cushing, June 9 [int. June 19], 1771.

Lydia [int. adds Mrs.] and Josiah Cushing [int. Jr.] [of] Pembrook, Aug. 14 [1774].

Lydia K. and Rev. Lewis Holmes of Edgartown, int. June 21, 1841.

Mabel of Hingham, and Isaac Burrell 3d, int. Oct. 21, 1832.

Marcy, Mrs., and Capt. Israel Vinal Jr, Sept. 25, 1760.

Martha of Hingham, and Warren J. Vinal, cordwainer, s. Dexter, Feb. 1, 1846.

Mary and Eleazer Dorby, June 29, 1721.* [Mrs. Mary and Eleazer Darby of Boston, C.R.2.]

Mary, Mrs., and Jonathan Dorby, int. Apr 13, 1754.

Mary [int. Jr.] and Rev. Ebenezer Gay of Suffield, Nov. 10, 17[63].

Mary and Dr. William Whitridge [int. Whetridge] of Tivertown, [int. Tevertown, R.I.], Mar. 18 [1781].

Mary and James Loring of Boston, int. Feb. 10, 1798. [m. Apr. 11, C.R.2.]

Matilda and David Burr of Hingham, Nov. 7, 1824.

Mercy [int. adds. Mrs.] and Nathanael [int. Nath[anie]ll] Eells of Stonnington [int. Stonington], Conn., Oct. 18, 173[3] [int. 1733]. [Nathanael of Stonington, Conn., C.R.2.]

Mercy (see Elarcy).

Nabby and Thomas Dexter, [Nov.] 10, 1816.

Nathan Esq. and [int. adds Mrs.] Abigail Tilden of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], July 11, 1772, in Pembroke.

Nathaniel Jr. [int. Nath[anie]ll, omits Jr.] and Hannah Jacobs of Hanover, Feb. 24, 1793.

Nathaniel [int. Nath[anie]ll] Jr. and Jain [int. Jane] Peirce, [Nov.] 29, 1807. [Nathaniel Jr. and Jane Pierce, C.R.1.]

Nathaniel 3d and Olive Wade, Oct. 26, 1823. [Olive, ch. Jotham and Margaret, P.R.27.]

* intention not recorded


CUSHING, Nath[anie]ll [of] Hingham, and [int. Mrs. Elice] Allice Cushing, June 30 [1774].

Nazareth and Benja[min] Boulch, Sept. 8, 1726.* [Balch, C.R.2.]

Nehemiah of Hingham, and Deborah [int. Debby] Briggs, Jan. 15, 1800.

Phebe [int. Mrs. Febe of Falmoth] and Noah Otis, May 1, 1766.

Pickels and Abagail [int. Abigal] Hatch of Hingham, May 29, 1766, in Hingham.

Pickels Jr. and Rachel Cushing, int. Jan. 2, 1802. [Pickles, m. Jan. 24, C.R.2.]

Pickles Jr. and Ruth Cushing, Jan. 10, 1792. [Jan. 19, C.R.2.]

Polly and Bela Cushing, int. July 1, 1797. [m. July 25, C.R.2.]

Polly and Abraham Joselyn of Hanson, int. Sept. 16, 1820.

Rachel and Jacob Turner, Feb. 13 [1780].

Rachel and Pickels Cushing Jr., int. Jan. 2, 1802. [Pickles, m. Jan. 24, C.R.2.]

Rebecca P. [int. T.] [of] Hingham, and Nath[anie]l Brooks, Aug. 29, 1841.

Ruth [int. adds Mrs.] of Pembroke [bt. Pembrook], and Hawks [int. Hawke] Cushing, Sept. 28, 1769, in Pembroke.

Ruth and Pickles Cushing Jr., Jan. 10, 1792. [Jan. 19, C.R.2.]

Ruth of Hingham, and Peleg Simmons, int. Sept. 1, 1821.

Ruth and Thomas Totman, Oct. 1, 1826.

Sally and Perez Pincin, int. May 4, 1805. [m. July 21, C.R.2.]

Sam[ue]ll Esq. of Hingham, and Mrs. Hannah Sparhawke, Aug. 10, 1749.

Sarah and David Jacob, Dec. 20, 1689.*

Sarah and Nathaniell Pitcher, May 24, 1710.* [Mrs. Sarah and Rev. Nathanael Pitcher, C.R.2.]

Sarah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Perpoint [int. Ebenezar Perpont] of Roxbury, Aug. 16 [1750].

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] of Cohasset, and Matthwq Prince [int. Marthew Peirce], Apr. 24, 1777, in Cohasset.

Sarah and Micah Lapham, May 19, 1793.

Sarah and Samuel Waterman, int. July 8, 1797.

Silva "mulatto" and Windson [Windsor] Turner "Black man," [int] Oct. 26, 1788.

Stephen and Ethalinda Edwards of Weare, N.H., int. Dec. 20, 1823.

Theophilus of Hingham, and Lucinda Lapham, May 13, 1827.

Thomas of Hingham, and Elizabeth Turner, Sept. 30, 1773.

Thomas and Ruth Turner, Nov. 29, 1795.

Timothy of Hing[ha]m, and [int. adds Mrs.] Desier Jenkins, June 4, 1765. [Desire Jenkings, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


CUSHING, Warren B. of Weymouth, and Eveline Bowker, Oct. 20, 1839.

Will[ia]m Esq., Hon., and Mrs. Hannah Phillips of Middleton, Conn., int. Aug. 27, 1774.

William of Pembroke, and Ruth Briggs, Nov. 13, 1796. [Willam, C.R.2.]

William G. of Hingham, and Sarah Merritt, Dec. 27, 1835.

Zeba and Betsey Briggs, Nov. 24, 1825.

CUSHMAN, Sarah of Halifax, and Amos Perry, Jan. 20, 1757, in Halifax.*

Spencer of Kingston, and Coraline [int. Caroline] Cushing, Oct. 22, 1832.

DAGGED (see Dogget, Dogid), Jemima [int. Doggit, adds Mrs.] and Joshua Whitten of Hanover, Mar. 20 [1778].

DAMAIN (see Daman, Damen, Dammon, Damon), Henry [int. Daman] and Nancy [int. Anna] Cook, Nov. 28, 1805. [Daman, and Anna Cook, C.R.1.]

DAMAN (see Damain, Damen, Dammon, Damon), Abial [int. Abiel Damman] "Transsient Person" and Sarah Prouty, Oct. 18 [1807].

Abigail and Jacob Daman, [Oct.] 18, 1814.

Ebenezer and Abigale Thomas of Marshfield, Oct. 27, 1725, in Marshfield.*

Elijah and Sally Sears, Nov. 24, 1811.

Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Silvanus Simmons of Marshfield, Dec. 4, 1800. [Elisabeth, C.R.1.]

Galen [int. Galon Damon] and Jenne Bowker, Oct. 1, 1789.

Jacob and Abigail Daman, [Oct.] 18, 1814.

Jane [int. Damon] and George Anderson, Oct. 15, 1812.

Lucinda and Melzar Litchfield, int. Dec. 3, 1796. [m. May 17, 1797, C.R.2.]

Luther [int. Damon] and Ellice [int. Ellis] Nash, Nov. 6, 1796.

Lydia and Thomas Beal [int. Beals] of Roxbury, June 18, 1809. [Beal, C.R.1.]

Marcy [int. Mary] and Joshua Ferrington [int. Farrington] of Roxbury, Feb. 20, 1809. [Mary Damon and Joshua Farrington of Roxbury, C.R.1.]

Mary A. [int. Damon] and William Stockbridge of Hanover, Sept. 7, 1841.

Melzar and Bathsheba Jones, int. Mar. 25, 1809. [m. Apr. 16, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded

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