Vital Records of Scituate
Massachusetts to 1850
Book I, part 5

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D. Pane-Joyce
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Book I, part 5. Births. Pages 400 through 436. Includes the surnames


WAID, Meshach, s. Nath[anie]ll, bp. July 6, 1740. C.R.1.

Nicolas, s. Nath[anie]l, bp. Feb. 15, 1746. C.R.1.

Peggy, d. Cornelius, bp. Mar. 15, 1747. C.R.1

Shadrach, s. Nat[hanie]l, bp. June 8, 1735. C.R.1.

Simeon, s. Joseph and Ruth, bp. June 27, 1725. C.R.1.

Zebulon, s. Joseph Jr., bp. Nov. 14, 1756. C.R.1.

WAIDE (see Wade, Waid, Wead), Cornelius, s. Cornelius, bp. Apr. 1, 1750. C.R.1.

WALCOT, Anna M., ch. Dexter and Harriet A., Feb. 24, 1844.

WALKER, Sarah A., d. Asa, tack maker, and Hulda B., Aug. 31, 1846.

WALL, Mary [——], w. ——, — [1781]. C.R.3.

WANTON, Edward, s. Edward [s. Edward and Elizabeth, C.R.4.] Sept. 13, 1658, in Boston.

Elizabeth, d. Edward [s. Edward and Elizabeth, C.R.4.], Sept. 16, 1668.

George, s. Edward, Aug. 25, 1666. [Georg, s. Edward and Elizabeth, C.R.4.]

Hanah, d. Ed[ward], July 25, 1677. [Hannah, d. Edward and Mary, C.R.4.]

Hannah, d. Michael and Abigal [Abigail, C.R.4.], Jan. 17, 1721.

Joseph, s. Edward [s. Edward and Elizabeth, C.R.4.], May 1, 1664, in Boston.

John, s. Edward [s. Edward and Elizabeth, C.R.4.], Dec. 24, 1672.

Lidy, Stephen and Hannah, Oct. 31, 1708 [? in Scituate]. C.R.4.

Lusanna, d. Michael, Nov. 11, 1717. [Luccanna [dup. Lusanna], d. Michael and Abigal, Jan. 17, C.R.4.]

Margret, [twin] d. Edward, Sept. 22, 1674. [Margeat, d. Edward and Elizebeth, C.R.4.]

Mary, d. Stephen and Hannah, May 31, 1707 [? in Scituate]. C.R.4.

Mary, d. Mikell [d. Michael and Mary, C.R.4.], Oct. 4, 1707.

Michael, s. Michael and Abigal [Abigail, C.R.4.], Aug. 14, 1724.

Mikell, s. Edward, Apr. 9, 1679. [Micah, s. Edward and Mary, C.R.2.]

Philip, s. Edward, May 9, 1686. [Phillip, s. Edward and Mary, C.R.4.]

Ruth, d. Mikell [d. Michael and Mary, C.R.4.], Oct. 30, 1705.

Sarah, [twin] d. Edward [d. Edward and Elizebeth, C.R.4.] Sept. 22, 1674.

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