Vital Records of Scituate
Massachusetts to 1850
Book II, part 3

Transcribed for the web by
D. Pane-Joyce
Version 1.0, Jan 2002

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Book II, part 3. Marriages. Pages 200 through 299. Includes the surnames

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MARKS, Lois (see Loes Moses).

MARRITT (see Merrett, Merrit, Merritt), Keziah, Mrs. [int. Merritt], and Stephen Litchfield, [June] 21, 1818. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

MARSH, Horace "transient" and Julia Ann Studley, Nov. 27, 1836.

John "Transient" and Lucy D. Studley, May 10, 1840.

MARSHALL, John of Boston, and Jane Allin, Nov. 16, 1697.*

MARTIN, Anthony, 28, marriner, b. Island of Pico, and [int. adds Mrs.] Matilda W. Jacobs, wid. [int. omits wid.], 32, d. David Otis and Ruth, Nov. 8, 1846.

John of Bristol, and Mrs. Mercy Linclon, int. Nov. 14, 1767.

MASON, Henry of Boston, and Julia Curtis, May 23, 1830.

MAYCUMBER, Hannah of Marshfeild, and Joseph Randall, Oct. —, 1672.*

William of Dartmouth, and Lizabeth Turner, Mar. 9, 1697-8.*

MAYHEW (see Mahew, Mayho, Maytr), Lucy and Joseph Nash Jr., int. Feb. 1, 1799. [m. Mar. 4, C.R.2.]

Nath[anie]ll [int. Mahew] and Mary Randall, Jan. 24 [int. Dec. 31, 1748], 1748.

Will[ia]m [int. Mayo] and Joanna Farrow, Apr. 2 [1781].

MAYHO (see Mahew, Mayhew, Mayo), Lemuel of Marshheld [dup. Lamuel Mayhew of Mershfield], and [int. adds Mrs.] Anna [dup. Nancy] Mott, June 18, 1772.

MAYO (see Mahew, Mayhew, Mayho), Abigail M., 17, d. Nath[anie]l and Sophia, and Caleb L. Damon, 20, shoemaker, s. Caleb and Sally, Nov. 17, 1845.

Jane [int. Mrs. Jenne] and Luther Gardner of Hingham, Apr. 2, 1788, in Hingham.

Lydia and Samuel Sprague [int. "a Tranciant Person"], Dec. 25, 1788. [Mayhew, C.R.2.]

Polly R. and John C. Damon, Sept. 25, 1838.

William of Cohasset, and Elvira Bates, int. [Jan.] 24, 1846.

McCLANE (see Macdan, Magnean), Samuel [int. McClain] of Bristol, Lincoln Co., and Phibe [int. Pheba] Cudworth, Apr. 9, 1789. [Sam[ue]ll McChane and Phebe Cudworth, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


McCLOUD, John [int. MeLoud] "transient" and Susan C. Bates, Apr. 23, 1840.

McFARLAND (see Magfarland).

McLEAN (see Macdan, Magnean, McClane).

McREADING, Charles S. and Betsey Jenkins 2d, July 29, 1832.

MEACROUNICK, Jean (see Jenny Maconely).

MELLEWS (see Mallus, Mellus), William and Sarah Balch, Dec. 25, 1716.* [Mellus, and Sarah Balch, wid., C.R.1.]

MELLUS (see Mallus, Mellews), Abigail [int. Abigal] and Isaac Lincoln, Dec. 21, 1738. [Abigail, C.R.2.]

Jane and Thomas Bedford, Jan. 15, 1711-12.*

William and Jael Chittenden, Mar. 5, 1711-12.*

MENDALL, Sarah and Josiah Torry, Jan. 12, 1692.*

MERRETT (see Marritt, Merrit, Merritt), Mary and Benjamen Studlie, Oct. 7, 1683.*

MERRILL, Belinda T. (see Belinda T. Merritt).

MERRIT (see Marritt, Merrett, Merritt), Abigail, wid., and Edward Jenkins, Sept. 12, 17[worn] [? 1727].* [Merit, Sept. 12, 1728, C.R.1.]

Abigail and Moses Simmons Jr., int. Feb. 8, 1745. [Meritt, and Moses Symmons Jr., m. Dec. 16, 1746, C.R.1.]

Abigal and Benja[min] House, July 22, 1725.* [Abigail, Apr. 22 [July, written below], C.R.1.]

David and Hannah Barrell [int. Barrel] [Oct. 21] [worn] [int. 1736]. [Merit, Oct. 21, 1736, C.R.2.]

Deborah and Jeremiah Hatch, May 11, 1721.* [Merit, C.R.2.]

Elisha and Priscilla [int. Pricilla] Holbrook, Sept. 17, 1741. [Merritt, and Priscilla Holbrook, C.R.1.]

Eliza[beth] and David Jenkins, Jan. 14, 1741. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

Ezekel and [int. adds Mrs.] Rachel Vinal, Aug. 3, 1758.

Hannah and Jonathan Cudworth, May 18, 173[8]. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

Henery Jr. and Margrett Dwelly, Apr. 13, 1726.* [Henry Merit Jr. and Margret Dwelle, C.R.2.]

Henery [int. Merritt, adds Capt.] and Anna [int. Anner] Studly, Mar. 17, 1763.

Ichabod and Mary Thorn, Apr. 23, 1728.*

* intention not recorded


MERRIT, James Jr. and Eliza[beth] [int. Elisabeth] Cole, May 17 [worn] [int. 1738]. [Merritt, and Eliz[abeth] Cole, May 17, 1739, C.R.1.]

John Jr. and Hannah Peaks, July 10, 1727.*

Jonathan Jr. [int. Merritt] and Sarah Wade, Jan. 21, 1741. [Meritt, C.R.1.]

Jonathan Jr. and Desire Chittenden Jr., int. Nov. 2, 1776, [Merritt, m. Dec. 25, C.R.1.]

Katherine, d. Henry, and John Damen, June —, 1644.*

Leah and Benjamin Briggs, Dec. 7, 1719.*

Martha and Ezekel Peirce, int. Dec. 14, 1754. [Ezekiel, m. May 1, 1755, C.R.1.]

Mary and (—— ——) [int. Jona[than] Fish], Mar. 18, 1743. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

Obadiah and Deborah Litchfield, int. Jan. 10, 1746. [Merit, m. Jan. 29, C.R.1.]

Penelope and David Nash, Nov. — [worn] [int. 1740]. [Meritt, Nov. 20, 1740, C.R.1.]

Rachel and Eleazer Peaks, Nov. 5, 1718.* [Merit, C.R.1.]

Sarah and Israel Damon, int. July —, 1746. [Meritt, and Israel Dammon, m. Aug. 14, C.R.1.]

Seth and Marcy Stodder of Hingham, int. Dec. 21, 1751.

Tho[ma]s and Jane Nicols [int. Nickols], Nov. 2, 1749.

MERRITT (see Marritt, Merrett, Merrit), Abigail [int. Nabby] and Benjamin Prat [int. Pratt] of Cohassett, Oct. 1, 1802. [Abigail and Benjamin Pratt, C.R.1.]

Abigail (see Nabby).

Abigail B. [int. adds Mrs.] and Dexter Merritt, Nov. 5, 1826. [Mrs Abigail, C.R.1.]

Ambrous [int. Ambrose] and Kizia [int. Kezia] Cudworth, Apr. 26, 1804. [Ambrose and Kezia Cudworth, C.R.1.]

Amos and Lydia Bailey, June 20, 1779. [Baily, May 20, C.R.1.]

Asa and Betsey [int. Mrs. Betty] Briggs, June 15, 1788. [Merrit, and Betsy Briggs, C.R.1.]

Asa and Betsy Cudworth, [Oct.] 12, 1815.

Bailey and Lucy Hatch, Dec. 20, 1829.

Belinda T. [int. Merrill] and Ira Roberts [of] N.H. [int. Middleton, N.H.], May 16, 1840. [Merritt, and Ira Roberts of Middleton, N.H., C.R.1.]

Benjamin and Sally Cole, July 31, 1814.

Benj[amin] F., 26, marriner, s. Ensign and Sally, and Charlotte Hall, 23, d. Robert and Marie, Feb. 27, 1848.

* intention not recorded


MERRITT Betsey B., 18, d. Shadrach B. and Arvilla H., and Job Vinal, 28, s. Robert and Polly, Jan. 2, 1848.

Betty and Ward Litchfield, Oct. 12 [1783].

Billings and Abigail [int. Abigal] Brooks Otis, Jan. 26, 1817. [Abbigail Brooks Otis, C.R.1.]

Caleb [int. Marritt] and [int. adds Mrs.] Huldah Briggs, Nov. 24, 1799. [Merritt, C.R.1.]

Clarissa and Otis Peirce, Jan. 10, 1830. [Clarrissa, C.R.1.]

Consider and Mrs. Sarah Beals of Coltasset, int. Jan. 28, 1775. [Beal, m. Feb. 16, C.R.1.] [Beals, d. Benja[min], m. Feb. 17, P.R.29.]

Consider Jr. and Betsy [int. Betsey] Stetson, Oct. 11, 1815.

Cynthia and Anthony Chubbuck, Oct. 22, 1836.

Daniel and Molly Simmons, Mar. 23, 1786.

David and Sarah Curtis [int. adds wid.], Feb. 17, 17[63].

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] and Eli Curtis Jr., Aug. 31 [1786].

Deborah and Bennett D. [int. Dunbar] Studley, Nov. 24, 1823. [Bennett Dunbar Studley, Nov. 23, P.R.21.]

Deborah and Enos Brown, int. Nov. 12, 1836.

Deborah and Joseph Nash,[May] — [worn].* [Merit, May 21, 1730, C.R.1.]

Dexter and [int. adds Mrs.] Abigail B. Merritt, Nov. 5, 1826. [Mrs. Abigail B., C.R.1.]

Dexter, widr. [int. omits widr.], 53, farmer, s. Paul and Deborah, and Martha Litchfield, 46, d. Nathan and Polly, Mar. 30, 1848 [Dexter Esq., C.R.1.]

Elisha and Sabera Litchfield, Apr. 19, 1801.

Eliza and William Cook, Jan. 1, 1826.

Eliza Ann and Capt. William E. New of Boston, int. Sept. 24, 1831.

Eliza W. and John E. Corthell of Hingham, int. Sept. 3, 1835.

Elizabeth and Isaac Prouty, Oct. 11, 1711.* [Meritt, and Isaac Proute, C.R.2.]

Elizabeth [int. Elizebeth] C. and Orange Litchfield, May 16, 1822. [Elizabeth C., C.R.1.]

Elizabeth S. [int. L.] and Seth Merritt, Feb. 23, 1840. [Elizabeth, L., C.R.1.]

Emeline, 33, d. Isreal and Celia, and Melzar S. Turner, widr. [int. omits widr.], 36, shipright, s. Luther and Lucy of Pembroke, Dec. 6, 1846.

Ensign and Sally Cook, Nov. 25, 1802.

Francis and Clarissa Litchfield, June 16, 1822.

Francis [int. Merrett] Jr., blacksmith, s. Francis and w., and Lydia [int. adds V.] Cole, Aug. 27, 1845. [Merritt, and Lydia V. Cole, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


MERRITT, Freeman and Hannah Clapp, June 1, 1828.

Gamelial [int. Gamaliel] and Hannah Mott, June 9 [1782].

George and Abigail Marble of Cohassett [int. Cohasset], Dec. 7, 1788.

Hannah Jr. and Alphaus [int. Alpheus] Dunbar of Boston, Mar. 18, 1804. [Alpheus, C.R.1.]

Hannah, Mrs., and Laban Rose, int. Oct. 26, 1805. [m. Nov. 10, C.R.1.]

Hannah and Ammiel Curtis, [Nov.] 26, 1807.

Harriet Howard [int. Hannah H.], d. Freeman and Hannah, and Joseph E. Merritt, mason, s. Ensign, Jan. 18, 1846. [Hannah H. and Joseph Ensign Merritt, C.R.1.]

Henry Jr. and Hannah Cowing, Jan. 6, 1712.*

Henry and Isabella [int. Isabelle] Litchfield, Dec. 25, 1828. [Issabella, C.R.1.]

Henry, 24, carpenter, s. Asa, and Lydia B. Merritt, 20, d. James L., Dec. 25, 1849. [Lydia B., d. Lincoln, C.R.1.]

Israel and Cela [int. Celia] Young, Aug. 31, 1797. [Celia, C.R.1.]

Israel, 40, mariner [int. master mariner], s. Israel, and Julia A. [int. Ann] Litchfield, 39, d. Nathaniel, Dec. 2, 1849.

Issabella [int. Isabelle] and Lincoln Litchfield, Apr. 11, 1830. [Issabelle, C.R.1.]

James and Ruth Wade, Feb. 9, 1715.* [Meritt, C.R.1.]

[J]ames Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Northey, Dec. 1, 1768. [Merrit, and Mary Northy, C.R.1.]

James H. and Eliza Bailey, Mar. 21, 1824.

Jamts H. and Mrs. Diana Jenkins, Dec. 26, 1841. [James Hervey Merritt, C.R.1.]

James L. Jr. and Elizabeth O. Jackson, Jan. 15, 1843.

James Lincoln and Emely [int. Emily] Litchfield, Oct. 1, 1815. [Emily, C.R.1.]

Joan and William Brown Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Bath [int. Beath, Lincoln Co.], July 1, 1807. [William Jr. of Bath, C.R.1.]

Joanna and William O. Merritt, Feb. 1, 1844.

John and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Lucy Groose [int. Gross], — [int. May 7], 1780.

Jonathan and Elizabeth Whiton, Aug. 8, 171[illegible].* [Meritt, Aug. 8, 1710, C.R.1.]

Jonathan 3d and Mehitabel Damon, Jan. 8, 172[worrT] [? 1727].* [Merit, and Mehetabel Damon, Jan. 8, 1727, C.R.1.]

Jonatham and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Eliza[beth] Hobart of Hingham, Apr. 6, 1742, in Hingham.

Jonathan Jr. and Ruth Stutson, Nov. 6, 1746.*

* intention not recorded


MERRITT, Jonathan and Caroline W. Fernald of Quincy, int. May 28, 1826.

Jonothan and Sarah Cudworth, June 7, 1706.*

Joseph E., mason, s. Ensign, and Harriet Howard [int. Hannah H.] Merritt, d. Freeman and Hannah, Jan. 18, 1846. [Joseph Ensign Merritt and Hannah H. Merritt, C.R.1.]

Joshua and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Priscilla Litchfield, — [int. May 7], 1780.

Julia F. and William Brown, Dec. 30, 1827.

Kezia of Hanover, and Joshua Jenkins [int. Jinknes], July 22, 1792, in Hanover.

Kilborn B., 24, housewright, s. Martin D. and Debby, and Deborah Litchfield, 19, d. Asa and Lucy, Nov. 30, 1848. [Kilburn B., C.R.1.] [Kilborn B., P.R.19.]

Lavinia and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Hayward Vinal, June 5, 1831. [Capt. Hayward, C.R.1.]

Lucy, wid. [int. Marritt, adds Mrs., omits wid.], and James Jenkins, Jan. 15, 1815.

Lucy and Samuel Langdon of Boston, June 4, 1818. [Langton, C.R.1.]

Lydia [int. Lydea] and Malzar [int. Melzar] Cudworth, Nov. 2, 1806. [Lydia and Melzar Cudworth, C.R.1.]

Lydia B., 20, d. James L., and Henry Merritt, 24, carpenter, s. Asa, Dec. 25, 1849. [Lydia B., d. Lincoln, C.R.1.]

Mable and Shadrach Wade, [N]ov. 21, 1811. [Mabil, C.R.1.] [Mabel, P.R.28.]

Malachi and Mercy Webb, May 22, 1790.

Marcy [int. Mercy] and David Browne [int. Brown] of Boston, Mar. 2, 1809. [Mercy Merrit and David Brown of Boston, C.R.1.]

Marcy and John Peirce, May 15, 1811. [Mercy, C.R.1.]

Maria and Paul Litchfield, int. Nov. 30, 1828.

Martin D. and Debby Bailey, Nov. 18, 1818.

Mary and Isaace Buck, Dec. 22, 1712.* [Meritt, and Isaac Buck, C.R.1.]

Mary [int. Merrit] and Israel Cudworth Jr. [int. omits Jr.], June 24, 1736. [Merritt, and Israel Cudworth Jr., C.R.1.]

Melzar and Deborah Bailey, [Dec.] 29, 1814. [Melzer, C.R.1.]

Mercy (see Marcy).

Munroe, shoemaker, s. James L., and Harriet Litchfield, Nov. 26, 1845.

Nabby [int. Abigail] and Amos Tilden, Apr. 12, 1835. [Abigail, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


MERRITT, Nehemiah and Sarah Litchfield, Oct. 5, 1794. [Mrs. Sarah, C.R.1.]

Nehemiah and Anna Brown, Nov. 14 1820.

Noah and [int. adds Mrs.] Betty Bryant, Jan. 11 [1787].

Obadiah, 23, mason, s. Ensign and Sally, and Mary T. Curtis, 19, d. Amos T. and Polly, Dec. 12, 1847. [Mary Turner Curtis, C.R.1.]

Paul and Deborah Nash, Oct. 12 [1783].

Paul, Maj., and Xoa Litchfield, June 23, 1822. [Zoa, C.R.1.]

Polley [int. Polly] and Zaccheus Crooker of Bath [int. adds Lincon Co.], Oct. 27 [1800].

Priscilla Jr. and Luther Wade, int. Dec. 3, 1763.

Racnel, Mrs. [int. wid., omits Mrs.], and David House Jr. of Hanover, —, 1783 [int. July 20, 1782].

Rebecca [int. Beckah] and Hayward Vinal, June 26, 1806. [Rebecca, C.R.1.]

Rhoda and Amos Tilden, [Mar.] 22, 1820.

Robert [int. adds C.] and Martha Tilden, Dec. 23, 1832.

Ruth [int. adds Mrs.] and Micha [int. Micca] Mott, Dec. 26, 1769. [Micah, C.R.1.]

Ruth, Mrs., and James Nash, int. Dec. 16, 1775. [m. Apr. 24, 1776, C.R.1.]

Ruth and Israel Nichols, Feb. 18, 1830.

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Benja[min] Vinall [int. Vinal], Dec. 1, 1768. [Merrit, and Benjamin Vinal, C.R.1.]

Sarah and James Damon, July 30, 1826.

Sarah and William G. Cushing of Hingham, Dec. 27, 1835.

Seth Jr. and Susanna Gannett [int. Gannit], Nov. 28, 1782.

Seth, Dea., and Betsey [int. Betsy] White, Dec. 1, 1816. [Betsey, C.R.1.]

Seth and Elizabeth S. [int. L.] Merritt, Feb. 23, 1840. [Elizabeth L., C.R.1.]

Shadrach B. and Arvilla H. Litchfield, Apr. 26, 1821. [Arvella, C.R.1.]

Sophia and Morshal Litchfield, int. Sept. 8, 1821.

Thankful and Issicher Wade, int. Dec. 29, 1750. [Meritt, and Issachar Wade, m. Apr. 2, 1751, C.R.1.]

Thomas and Abigail Woodworth, Nov. 7, 1711.*

William H., 23, blacksmith, s. Consider and Betsey, and Elizabeth R. Turner, 24, d. Benjamin and H. C., Dec. 18, 1845.

William O. and Joanna Merritt, Feb. 1, 1844.

MESSENGER, Edward C., Rev., of Middleborough, and Julia Cushing, Apr. 7, 1835.

* intention not recorded


MEW, Mary of Newport, R.1., and Thomas Coleman, Feb. 12, 1702-3, in Newport, R.1.

Mary [dup. New] and Michell [dup. Michaell] Wanton, Jan. 15, 1704-5.* [Mew, d. Noell dec'd, and Michael Wanton, shipewright, s. Edward, C.R.4.]

Richard of Newport, R.1., and Sarah Coleman [dup. Jr.], d. Thomas, Oct. 8, 1702.

MILLER, Nancy C. of Boston, and Charles H. Chase, int. Nov. 27, 1839.

MILLS, John of Boston, and Mary Curtis, Oct. 28, 1822.

MILTON, Patty of Braintree, and Silas Stetson, Feb. 3, 1780, in Braintree.*

MINOT (see Minott), Mellen and Mary Sprague of Hingham, int. Dec. 19, 1840.

MINOTT (see Minot), Nathaniel [int. Minot] of Dochester [int. Dorchestar], and Elizabeth Bailey, Dec. 22, 1799. [Minott of Dorchester, C.R.1.]

Phillp D. [int. and dup. int. omit D.] and Sally B. Hamilton, Apr. 3, 1835.

MITCHEL (see Mitchell), Calvin [int. Mitchell] of Bridgewater, and Lydia Prince [int. negroes], Sept. 5, 1813.

Elizabeth [int. adds Mrs.] and Job Ewell of Marshfield, June 1, 1769, in Marshfield.

Job and Mrs. Sarah Wormwood of Marsh[fiel]d, int. Mar. 12, 1768.

John of Marshfield, and Lydia Hatch, int. Jan. 20, 1738. [m. Mar. 22, 1738-9, C.R.2.]

MITCHELL (see Mitchel), Jo[h]n Jr. [int. Mitchel] and Rizpha Richard of Pembroke [int. Rispha Ritchards of Pembrook], June 2, 1763, in Pembroke.

Nancy C. [int. omits C.], 27, d. Archibald and Rhoda, and Edwin Foster, 27, trader, of Beverly, b. Beverly, Nov. 25, 1847 [Nancy C., C.R.1.]

MONRO (see Monroe, Munroe, Munrow), Bethia of Hanover, and Israel V. Bailey of Dorchester, Oct. 13, 1844, in Hanover.* C.R.3.

MONROE (see Monro, Monroe, Munrow), James and Mary Litchfield, Aug. 23, 1842.

* intention not recorded

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NASH, Abigail [int. Abagiel] [and] Gersham [int. Gashiam] Collier, Nov. 2 [1783].

Abraham [int. Jr.] of Columbia, Me., and Lucy N. Curtis, Feb. 8, 1838.

Betty and Joseph Vinal Jr., int. July 4, 1779. [m. July 22, C.R.1.]

Betty and Charles Clapp [int. Clap], Feb. 3, 1789. [Clap, C.R.1.]

Charlotte A., 15, d. Lem[uel] and Mary, and Daniel Langdon, 24, shoemaker, s. Thomas and Deborah, Nov. 26, 1846.

David and Penelope Merrit, Nov. — [worn] [int. 1740] [Meritt, Nov. 20, 1740, C.R.1.]

Deborah, Mrs., and Benja[min] Clap Jr., int. Jan. 7, 1758. [m. Jan. 20, C.R.1.]

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] and Thomas Jenkins, Feb. 28, 1769.

Deborah and Paul Merritt, Oct. 12 [1783].

Deborah and Marshal Hatch, Sept. 30, 1810.

Delrght and Increes Clap, int. Apr. 3, 1756. [Increase, m. June 24, C.R.1.]

Desire and Joseph Young, int. July 19, 1778. [m. Sept. 27, C.R.1]

Elisha and Abigal White, int. Sept. 8, 1753. [Abigail, m. Jan. 3, 1754, C.R.1.]

Elizabeth and John Garret, int. May 6, 1738.

Eliza[beth], Mrs., and Tho[ma]s Pincin, int. Oct. 12, 1765.

Ellice [int. Ellis] and Luther Daman [int. Damon] Nov. 6, 1796.

Eunice (see Unice).

Eunice [int. Unice] and Joseph Davis Ramsdell [int. Joseph Daws Ramsdel] of Hanover, Aug. 29, 1787, in Hanover.

Ezra of Weymouth, and Ruth Lapham, int. Aug. 8, 1800. [Laphum, m. Sept. 14, C.R.2.]

Hannah and [S]amuel Brown, Apr. 1, 1731.*

Hannah, Mrs, and John Whitcomb Jr., int. Dec. 3, 1757. [m. May 11, 1758, C.R.1.]

Hannah of Ilsborough [int. Allsbery], and Jonathan Collier, May 10, 1807. [Hannah of Isleborough, C.R.1.]

Israel of Boston, and Deborah C. Briggs of Boston, May 23, 1842.*

James and Sarah Litchfield, Feb. 23, 1737-8.

James and Hopestill [int. Mrs. Hopestil] Agry, May 23, 1765. [Hopestill, C.R.1.]

James and Mrs. Ruth Merritt, int. Dec. 16, 1775. [m. Apr. 24, 1776, C.R.1.]

James O. of Abington, and Mary B. Damon, int. Mar. 22, 1845.

* intention not recorded


NASH, John and Hannah Buck, Oct. 31, 17[worn] [? 1727].* [Oct. 31, 1728, C.R.1.]

Jo[h]n of Waymuth, and Eliza[beth] Turner, int. May 29, 1742. [John of Weymouth, m. June 17, C.R.2.]

John and Debby Cushing, int. Oct. 28, 1796. [m. —, C.R.2.]

John K. and Sarah D. Foster, Nov. 29, 1832.

Joseph and Hannah Curtis, Jan. 1, 1700.*

Joseph Jr. and Thankfull Hammon, Dec. 16, 1755.

Joseph Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Lucy Peakes, Jan. 13, 1767.

Joseph Jr. and Lucy Mayhew, int. Feb. 1, 1799. [m. Mar. 4, C.R.2.]

Joseph and Deborah Merritt [May] — [worn]. [Merit, May 21, 1730, C.R.1.]

Lois and Edward Stodder, May 7, 1800.

Lucy [int. adds Mrs.] and Ezra Vinal, June 5, 1766.

Lucy and Lott Vinal, Aug. 7, 1791.

Lucy and Ward Jackson, Aug. 12, 1792.

Lucy P. and Foster Litchfield, Nov. 21, 1819. [Mrs. Lucy, C.R.1.]

Mabel and Laban [int. Laben] Rose, Mar. 7, 1782.

Marcy, Mrs., and Joseph Clap Jr., int. June 6, 1761.

Merriam [int. Mrs. Meriam] and Caleb Nichols [int. Nicols], July 8, 1765. [Meriam and Caleb Nicols, C.R.1.]

Nancy and Daniel Hatch, Sept. 23 [1798].

Noah and Eliza[beth] Cudworth, int. July 31, 1756. [m. Nov. 4, C.R.1.]

Priscilla and Nathanael Lichfield, int. Nov. 21, 1747. [Nath[anie]l Litchfeild, m. Dec. 13, C.R.1.]

Releaf [int. Releaff] and Bartlett Barrel [int. Barttlet Barrell], July 6, 1794. [Relief and Bartlett Barrell, C.R.2.]

Rhoda [int. Rhodea] and James Briggs [int. Jr.], July 17, 1764 [Rhoda and James Brigs, C.R.1.]

Ruth, Mrs., and Sam[ue]ll Curtis 3d, int. Feb. 8, 1777. [Samuel Jr., m. Apr. 10, C.R.1.]

Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] and Jerusha Briggs, June 13 [1784].

Sarah and Joshua Roggers Jr., Mar. 15, 1764.

Simeon and Lydia Church, int. Oct. 11, 1740. [m. Feb. 19, 1740-1, C.R.2.]

Solon and Sally Bailey, June 2, 1791.

Thankfull [int. adds wid.] and Caleb Bailey, Aug. 23, 1781.

Thankfull and Asa Vinal, Nov. 8, 1789.

Thomas and [int. adds Mrs.] Eunice Stetson of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], Feb. 18, 1766, in Pembroke.

Thomas and Betty Man Jr. of Pembroke, int. Aug. 20, 1780.

* intention not recorded


NASH, Unice [int. Eunice, adds wid.] and Nath Gorden [int. Nath[anle]ll Jorden], Jan. 19, 1779.

NEAL (see Neall, Neells), Abigail [int. Abagail Neall] and Elisha Magoon [int. Magoun] of Pembrook [int. Penbrook], Dec. 29 [1782].

Anne [int. Ann] and John House of Hanover, Nov. [19, 1734] [int. 1734]. [Anne, Nov. 19, C.R.2]

James and Jane Blair, Oct. 28, 1731.

Job and Sarah Barker, int. Dec. 3, 1743. [m. Feb. 13, 1743-4, C.R.2.]

Joseph Jr. and Else Palmer, int. Nov. 24, 1736.

Lydia and Jesse Turner, Mar. 29, 1741.

Lydia [int. Lydea] and Elisha Magoun [int. Magoon] of Pembrook, Mar. 29, 1789.

Mary and Barnabas Barker, May [4, 1][worn] [int. May 9, 1736]. [May 24, 1736, C.R.2.]

NEALL (see Neal, Neells), Abigal [int. Abigail Neal] and John Briggs, May 11, 1747.

Jerusha (see Jerusha Beal).

Lydia [int. Lyda] and Ezra Briggs, Dec. 9, 1764. [Lydia Neal, C.R.1.]

Mary and Isaac Linclon [int. Lincoln], Oct. 10, 1749.

NED, Mattha and London "negro Servt. to Capt. Lamll. Barker," int. Mar. 3, 1753. [Martha, Indian, m. Mar. 22, C.R.1.]

NEELLS (see Neal, Neall), Joseph and Abigall Smith, Apr. 24, 1705.*

NEW, Mary (see Mary Mew).

William E., Capt., of Boston, and Eliza Ann Merritt, int. Sept. 24, 1831.

NEWCOM (see Newcomb, Newcome, Newcumb), Rachel of Province Town, and Simeon Bates, int. Oct. 23, 1785.

NEWCOMB (see Newcom, Newcome, Newcumb), Enoch C., 28, shoemaker, of Hingham, and Sarah B. Totman, 17, d. Thomas and Ruth, July 4, 1848.

Jacob C. of Hingham, and Roxana Vinal, Dec. 11, 1836. [Roxanna, Dec. 4, C.R.1.]

Joanna F., 18, d. Levi and Joanna N., and Thomas D. Sherar [int. Shearer], 26, of Hopkinton, b. Hopkinton, s. —— of Hopkinton, Dec. 25, 1847. [Joann Frances Newcomb and Thomas D. Sherar, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


NORTHY (see Northey, Nothey), Eunice and David Clark of Hanover, int. Aug. 4, 1816.

James and Mary Stockbridge, July 9, 1717.* [Northey, C.R.1.]

Molly [int. Northey] and John Woodworth "a Trancient" [int. "a Tranchant person now Residing in the Town of Hingham"], Nov. 13, 1794.

Sarah [int. Northey] and Zebedee Delano of Pembroke [int. Zebbeda Dilline of Pembrook], Jan. 31, 1750-1, in Pembroke.

NORTON, Mercy of Edgartown, and Zebulon Wade, int. Sept. 22, 1744.

NOTHEY (see Northey, Northy), Betsey of Cohassett, and William Beckwith, Mar. 26, 1808.*

NOTT, Asael [int. Asahel Not) and Delilah Studley, Apr. 2, 1829. [Yuel Not, C.R.1.]

NOYES, Elizabeth of Charlestown, and Elnathan Cushing, int. May 24, 1829.

NUMMUCK, Silas (see Silas Mummuck)

Sarah and Nehemiah Griffen, int. Feb. 5, 1763.

NYE, Bathsheba of Rochester, and Charles Stutson, int. Aug. 8, 1752.

Stephen of Rochester, and Arathusa Tolman, Sept. 1, 1799.* C.R.2.

Temperance of Sandwich, and John Damon, Oct. 13, 1712, in Sandwich.*

William of Falmouth, and Hannah Tolman, int. Oct. 10, 1801 [m. June 3, 1802, C.R.2.]

OAKES, Ruth L. of Cohasset, and Caleb Bailey Jr., int. Jan. 21, 1815.

OAKMAN, Betsey [int. Mrs. Betty] of Marshfield, and William Turner, Apr. 27, 1769, in Marshfield.

Constant [int. Content] Fobes of Marshfield [int. Mashfield] and Rachel Hatch, Dec. 11, 1783, in Marshfield.

Deborah [int. adds Mrs.] of Marshfield, and John Hatch, Oct. 10, 1771, in Marshfield.

Eunice of Marshfield [int. Oakmon of Mash[fiel]d] and Thomas Ruggles, May 10, 1781, in Marshfield.

Louisa of Marshfield, and Melzer Turner Oakman of Marshfield, Sept. 3, 1787.*

* intention not recorded


OAKMAN, Mary, Mrs. [int. Mercy, omits Mrs.], of Mershfield [int. Mershfild], and Isarel [int. Israel] Turner, — [int. Mar. 28], 1784.

Melzer Turner of Marshfield, and Louisa Oakman of Marshfield, Sept. 3, 1787.*

Rachel of Marshfield, and Howard White, int. Jan. 24, 1824.

Samuel of Marshfield, and Elizabeth Hatch, Jan. 6, 1725.* [Jan. 6, 1725-6, C.R.2.]

Samuel of Marshfield, and Catharine [int. Catharene] White, Feb. 1, 1821. [Catharine, C.R.1.]

Sam[ue]ll of Marshfield, and Deborah [int. Daborah] Turner, June 9, 174[8].

Sarah of Marshfield, and Benjamin Randall, May 17, 1722, in Marshfield.*

Susanna of Marshfield, and Anthony Collamore [int. Collamer], May 4, 1732, in Marshfield.

Xoa of Marshfield, and Martin Stoddard, int. Mar. 8, 1821.

OALDUM (see Oldam, Oldeham, Oldham, Oldum), Anna and Joseph Young, Oct. 13, 1718.* [Oldum, and Joseph Young of Trurow, C.R.2.]

OATICE (see Otis), Steven and Hannah Ensine, Jan. 16, 1685.*

OBER, E. Gardner, 23, cooper, of Boston, b. Salem, s. Josiah A. of Salem, and Sarah A. F. Young, 20, b. Boston, d. Erastus A., Sept. 27, 1849. [Eph[rai]m Gardner Ober, C.R.1.]

OLDAM (see Oaldum, Oldeham, Oldham, Oldum), Hannah and Joseph Stetson, Nov. 6, 1688.*

Mary and John Bisbee of Marshfield, Jan. 31, 1710-1.* [Bisbie, C.R.2.]

Mercy and Andrew Newcome of Eastham, Nov. 4, 1708.* [Oldham, C.R.2.]

Sarah and Lenix Beverly of Rehoboth, Jan. 11, 1714-5.* [Oldum, and Lenex Beverly, C.R.2.]

Thomas and Mary Wetherell, Nov. 20, 1656.*

Thomas and Mercy Sprout, June 27, 1683.*

OLDEHAM (see Oaldum, Oldam, Oldham, Oldum), Eunice (see Unice).

Patiance and Joseph Turner, Dec. 25 [1782].*

Unice of Hanover, and Joseph Neal Bates of Hanover, Mar. 20 [1783].*

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


OTIS (see Oatice), Abigail and Andrew Halliburton, Feb. 22, 1730.*

Abigail and Milton Litchfield, Dec. 5, 1819.

Abigail B. and William P. Allen, Oct. 14, 1838. [William Paley Allen, C.R.1.]

Abigail [int. Abigal] Brooks and Billings Merritt, Jan. 26, 1817. [Abbigail Brooks Otis, C.R.1.]

Abigail R. and Franklin K. Ames of Mansfield, int. Nov. 5, 1848.

Abijah and Mary Turner, Mar. 22, 1795.

Alice (see Elce).

Almeda, Mrs., and Edwin Spalding, Apr. 6, 1834. [Spaulding, C.R.1.]

Amos S. and Nancy Brown, Mar. 20, 1831.

Barnabas of Plymouth, and Fanny Totman, int. July 29, 1832.

Benjamin and Betsey [int. adds A.] Totman, [Dec.] 18, 1842.

Betsey and Nahum Vinal, June 6, 1832.

Charles and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Tilden, Feb. 8 [1787].

Charles and Elizabeth Hammon [int. Hammond], Dec. 12, 1798.

Charles Tilden and Marcia Ripley, Jan. 10, 1816.* P.R.20.

Charlotte and Snell Wade, Oct. 20, 1783.

Cushing, Dr., and Abagail Cushing, int. Oct. 18, 1806. [Abigail, m. Nov. 27, C.R.2.]

David Jr. and Ruth Otis, Nov. 17, 1803.

David Jr. and Lucy O. Chubbuck [int. Chubuck], Nov. 18, 1832.

Debby [int. Deborah] and Ephraim Tailor of Newcastle [int. adds Lincoln Co.], Nov. 13 [1797].

Deborah Jr. and Tho[ma]s Rogers Jr. of Marshfield, int. Sept. 8, 1744. [m. Nov. 5, C.R.2]

Deborah and Bartlet Briggs, Jan. 29, 1804.

Deborah and Barnabas W. Briggs, Jan. 17, 1831.

Desire and Natha[nie]ll Chittenden, int. July 15, 1749. [Nath[anie]l, m. Nov. 28, C.R.1.]

Desire [and] James Curtis of Marshfield, Feb. 23, 1802. [Desiar, C.R.1.]

Edwin and Margaret A. Brown, Oct. 5, 1843.

Elce [int. Alice] and Calvin Peirce Jr., Aug. 9, 1807. [Alce, C.R.1.]

Elisabeth and Luke Lincoln, Mar. 24, 1719.* [Elizabeth and Luke Lincoln of Hingham, Mar. 24, 1719-20, C.R.2.]

Elisha and Mary B. Anderson, [Dec.] 25, 1842.

Elizabeth (see Elisabeth).

Eliza[beth], Mrs., and Jesse Sutten, int. May 27, 1758.

Elizabeth, wid., and David Cole, int. May 23, 1778. [m. June 28, C.R.1.]

Ensign and Mary Barker, Jan. 6, 1713-14.*

* intention not recorded


OTIS, Ensign and [int. adds Mrs.] Lucy Lapham [int. Laphum], Apr. 30 [1775].

Ensign [int. Jr.] and Lucy Little, Sept. 17, 1801. [Ensign Jr., C.R.1.]

Ephraim and Rachel Hearsy of Hingham, int. Feb. 17, 1732.

Eunice and Joseph Bryant Esq. of Marshfield, Jan. 1, 1795.*

Eunice and Benjamin T. [int. Turner] Totman, Nov. 23, 1820.

Hannah and John Richmond, Nov. 28, 1709.*

Hannah and Rev. Nehemiah Thomas, int. Sept. 11, 1795.

Hannah and Christopher James of Cohassett, Oct. 27, 1803. [Christopher of Cohasset, C.R.1.]

Hannah and David Straffin of Plymouth, Dec. 15, 1821.

Hannah E. and George M. Allen of Pembroke, May 18, 1828.

Howland and Polly Waterman, May 29, 1814.

Isaac, Dr., and Mrs. Deborah Jacob, May 25, 1719.*

James, Dr., and Lucy Cushing of Falmouth, int. Oct. 3, 1761.

James L., Capt., and Almeda Colman, June 1, 1828.

Jane [int. adds T.] and John Beal, Jan. 17, 1819.

Job Jr. and Thankful Otis, Feb. 16, 1726.*

Job P. and Hannah Briggs, Oct. 5, 1825.

Job P. and Lydia Clapp, June 15, 1828.

Job P., 19, ship carpenter, s. Job P., and Deborah T. Webb, 16, d. Stephen, Dec. 30, 1849.

John and Leah Stodder, Feb. 1, 1715.*

John and Jane Turner, int. Dec. 1, 1746.

John Jr. and Hannah Clapp 3d [dup. omits 3d, int. Clap], Apr. 19, 1795. [Hannah Clap 3d, C.R.1.]

John and Mrs. Lydia Bailey, Sept. 30, 1819.

John C. and Philenia Paine [int. Payne], July 9, 1826.

John F. [int. Turner] and Sarah W. Jenkins, Dec. 6, 1821.

John T. [dup. John F. Otes], 26, brick layer, s. John T., and Lucretra O. Bailey of Cohasset, b. Cohassett, d. Caleb Jr., int. Mar. 14, 1849.

Joseph and Dorothy Thomas, Nov. 20, 1688.*

Joseph [int. Jr. of New London] and Eliza[beth] Little, June 6 [17[worn]] [int. 1737]. [Joseph of N. London, June 6, 1738, C.R.1.]

Joseph and Mercy [int. Marcy] Little, Feb. 2, 1740. [Mercy, C.R.1.]

Joseph and Sarah N. Jackson, Apr. 19, 1827. [Apr. 29, C.R.1.]

Joshua and Hannah Barker, int. Dec. 13, 1735.

Joshua [int. Jr.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Thaxter of Hingham, Nov. 23, 1769, in Hingham.

* intention not recorded


OTIS, Judeth and Benjamin Clapp, Aug. 14, 1803. [Judith, C.R.1.]

Lucy and Thomas Barker Briggs, Oct. 10 [1784].

Lucy and Eleazer [int. Elezar] Churchel of Bridgwater, Jan. 27, 1789. [Eleazer Churchel of Bridgewater, C.R.1.]

Lucy and Anthorny Chubbuck [int. Anthony Chubuck], May 24, 1807. [Anthony Chubbuck, C.R.1.]

Lucy and John Clapp, May 4, 1817.

Lydia and [Capt.] Kenelm Ripley, May 7, 1823.* P.R.20.

Lydia C., 16, d. Job P., and James D. Damon, 22, bricklayer, s. James, Dec. 9, 1849. [James Doane Damon, C.R.1.]

Lydia J. and Henry F. Vinal, Aug. 30, 1829.

Marcy and Noah Cudworth, Sept. 15, 1801.

Mary and Joseph Hinkley Jr. of Barnstable, Sept. 9, 1725.* [Hinckly, C.R.1.]

Mary [int. Polly] and Samuel Foster [int. Fostor] of Kingston, Apr. 3, 1792. [Mary and Sam[ue]ll Foster, C.R.2.]

Mary and Charles Ellms [int. Elmes], Mar. 24, 1801. [Elmes, C.R.1.]

Mary (see Mercy).

Mary V. and Russel Cook of Boston, Oct. 2, 1833.

Mercy Jr. and John Clap Jr., Nov. 5, 1724.*

Mercy, Mrs., and Nath[anie]ll Waterman of Boston, int. June 14, 1766.

Mercy (see Marcy).

Mercy [int. Mary] and Atwood Litchfield of Dorchester [int. Dochestor], Nov. 30, 1806. [Mary and Atwood Litchfield of Dorchestor, C.R.1.] [Polly, Nov. 27, P.R.6.]

Mercy Little and [int. adds Capt.] Nehemiah Curtis, Aug. 26, 1806. [Capt. Nehemiah, C.R.1.]

Nabby and Capt. Seth Foster, int. Oct. 30, 1800. [m. Dec. 2, C.R.2.] [m. Dec. 15, P.R.5.]

Nancy, Mrs., and Harvey Whitcomb, Nov. 23, 1843.

Noah and [int. Mrs. Febe] Phebe Cushing [int. of Falmoth], May 1, 1766.

Paul and Penelope Nichols [int. Penelopa Nichouls], Nov. 17, 1791. [Penelopie Nichols, C.R.2.]

Paul and Lucy Bailey, Sept. 30, 1795.

Paul and Mable Litchfield, Apr. 27, 1806.

Phebe and Elijah Curtis, Apr. 24, 1803. [Capt. Elijah, C.R.1.]

Polley [int. Polly] and Abner Bailey Jr., Oct. 25, 1798. [Polly, C.R.1.]

Polly and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] George Pillsbury [int. Pilsberry] of Boston, Jan. 6, 1783.

* intention not recorded


OTIS, Prence and Ruth Otis, int. Dec. 26, 1779.

Rachel H. [int. Harvey] and Stephen Jacobs of Hanover, Dec. 31, 1812.

Rachel T. and Henry Wade, Jan. 13, 1828. [Rachel F. [or T.], C.R.1.]

Ruth and Dr. Benjamin Stocbridge, June 3, 1731.* [Stockbridge, C.R.2.]

Ruth and Prence Otis, int. Dec. 26, 1779.

Ruth and David Otis jr., Nov. 17, 1803.

Sally and Cotten [int. Cotton] Bailey, Nov. 25, 1813. [Cotton, C.R.1.]

Sarah and Mordecai [int. Mordicai] Ellis, Sept. — [worn] [int. 1740]. [Mordecai, Sept. 30, 1740, C.R.1.]

Sarah and Nath[anie]l Ford of Weymouth, Apr. 17, 1842.

Sophia and Milton Litchfield, Nov. 25, 1834.

Stephen Jr. and Eliza[beth] Wade Jr., int. Sept. 27, 1755.

Thankful and Job Otis Jr., Feb. 16, 1726.*

Thankfull and George Torrey, Sept. 22 [1782].

Winnet and Nath[anie]ll [int. Nathniel] Peirce, May 11, 1800. [Nathaniell, C.R.1.]

ORKWARD (see Awkard, Orcut, Orcutt), Thankfull of Cohassett, and George Wade, [int.] July 11, 1793.

PACKARD, Isaac P. and Grace K. Bronell, int. Apr. 26, 1846.

Lemuel of Marshfield, and Nancy Ford, Jan. 23, 1831.

PAGE, Luther of Boston, and Mary Tilden, Aug. 10, 1834.

PAIN (see Paine, Payne), Mary of Brantrey, and Giddeon Stutson, int. July 12, 1740.

Sam[ue]ll of Brantrey, and Eliza[beth] Turner, int. Dec. 28, 1740.

PAINE (see Pain, Payne), Alfred of Abington, and Sophia D. Totman, int. June 14, 1834.

Paul [int. Pane] of Truro, and Rachel Bates, [Nov.] 19, 1789. [Paine, C.R.1.]

Philenia [int. Payne] and John C. Otis, July 9, 1826.

Polly of Greenwich, and Caleb Prouty Jr., int. Nov. 13, 1813.

PALMAR (see Palmer), Charles Jr. [int. Tolman] and Betsey Copeland, Mar. 7, 1811. [Tolman, C.R.2.]

PALMER (see Palmar), Abigail of Hanover, and Elisha Sylvester Jr., Nov. 23, 1775, in Hanover.

Amasa and Mary Hill of Hanover, Dec. 3, 1843.

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


RAND, Elizabeth F. and Francis M. Lincoln of Cohasset, int. Apr. 5, 1832.

RANDAL (see Randall, Randol, Randoll, Randull), Allen Jr. and Eliza Kelly, int. [Sept.] 20, 1846.

Elijah [int. Randol] and Hannah [int. Hanah] Stetson, Dec. 22 [1784].

Elisha and Zipporah James, int. Mar. 24, 1738. [Zeporah, m. Dec. 20, 1739, C.R.2]

Gershom and Elisabeth Dwelle, int. Feb. 11, 1743. [Elizabeth, m. Mar. 1, 1743-4, C.R.2.]

Mary 2d [int. Randall, adds Mrs., omits 2d] of Pembroke [int. Pembrook, and Matthew Stetson [int. Mathew Stutson], Feb. 5, 1761, in Pembroke.

Mary and Thomas Schiverick of Falmouth, [May] 24 [1781].*

Perez [int. Peres Randall] and Susannah Sturtevant of Halifax [int. Hallifax] Jan. 30, 1744, in Halifax.

Periz [int. Peres Randall] and Sarah Cooke [int. Cook] of Kingston, Nov. 4, 1746, in Kingston.

Samuel Jr. and Sally Wilder of Hingham, int. Oct. 30, 1812.

RANDALL (see Randal, Randol, Randoll, Randull), Abigal and Benja[min] Bryant, Sept. 11, 1729.* [Abigail, C.R.2.]

Achsah and Ebenezer B. Howland of Pembroke, Sept. 14, 1835.

Allen and Elizabeth Jones, int. May 23, 1818.

Benjamin and Sarah Oakman of Marshfield, May 17, 1722, m. Marshfield.*

Benja[min] Jr. and Hannah Dean of Rainham, int. Aug. 13, 1748.

Betsey [int. Randal] and Meshack [int. Mesheck] Pennaman of Quincy [int. Quinsey], May 12, 1812.

Charles and Mrs. Experance Broorks, int. July 26, 1760.

Deborah and Ebenezer Barker, Nov. 1, 1710.* [Randal, and Ebenezar Barker, C.R.2.]

Deborah [dup. Doborah, int. adds Mrs.] and Solomon Linclon [dup. Lincoln], May 26, 1771.

Doughty and Elizabeth Tilson of Plymouth, Jan. 8, 1746, m. Plymouth.

Elijah and Ruth Woodworth, Dec. 2, 1795.

Elizabeth and Samuel [int. Sam[ue]11] Fish of Duxbury [int. Duxboro], Mar. 1, 1732, In Duxbury.

Elizabeth [int. Randoll] and Nath[anie]ll Eells, Mar. 9, 1792. [Elisabeth Randall and Nath[anie]ll Eelles, C.R.2.]

Ezra and Margaret Foster, Nov. 14, 1751. [Randal, and Mrs. Margaret Foster, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


RANDALL, Grace and James Gilkey of Brantrey, int. Feb. 9, 1737.

Hanna, d. Will[iam], and Daniell Turner, June 20, 1665 or 1666.*

Hannah and Cornelius White of Marshfield, May 22, 1706.* [Randal, C.R.2.]

Isack and Susanah Berstow, Nov. 19, 1684.*

Jsack and Deborah Buck, Nov. 29, 1692.*,

Jeane and David Vinal, int. May 9, 1736.

Jorusha, wid., and Ebenezer Ransom, May 1, 1723.*

Job and Mrs. Mary Ridley, May 18, 1720.* [Randal, and Mary Ridley of Charlestown, C.R.2.]

Joseph and Hannah Maycumber of Marshfeild, Oct. —, 1672.*

Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth Turner, May 13, 1709.*

Joshua and Mercy Stockbridge, June 21, 1736.

Lucy [int. adds Mrs.] and Elisha Jacob, May 1, 1760.

Lucy and George Litchfield, July 31, 1814.

Lydia and Samuell Barstow, Mar. 17, 1707-8.*

Lydia and David Dyer of Weymouth [int. Dier of Waymouth], Dec. 11 [1803].

Margaret and Nathan Sprague of Swanzie, Dec. 14, 1710.*

Mary and John Turner of Pembrook, int. Mar. 28, 1736.

Mary Jr. and Tho[ma]s Bryant Jr., int. Aug. 17, 1745.

Mary and Tho[ma]s Bourn of Sandwich, Nov. 26, 1747.

Mary and Nath[anie]ll Mayhew [int. Mahew], Jan. 24 [int. Dec. 31], 1748.

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Ebenezer Curtis [of] Hanover, Dec. 14. [1775].

Mary [int. Randol] and William James, Apr. 20 [1780].

Mary and Joseph Dwelly, Oct. [9, 1[worn]].* [Randal, Oct. 9, 1729, C.R.1.]

Mercy and Benjamin Bearstow, Dec. 20, 1709.* [Randal, C.R.2.]

Mercy [int. Marcy] of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Jesse Lapham [int. Laphum], Nov. 15, 1762, in Pembroke.

Mercy of Pembroke, and Joseph Northey, int. June 7, 1835.

Nehemiah and Mercy Stockbridge, Dec. 19, 1709.*

Nehemiah [dup. Randoll, int. of Hing[ha]m] and [int. adds Mrs.] Rebecca Collamer [dup. Rebacah Collamor], Apr. 21, 1768.

Rachel and Joseph Smith, Oct. 1, 1719.* [Randal, C.R.2.]

Ruth and John Lambart, Nov. 12, 1719.* [Randal, and John Lambert, C.R.2.]

Ruth [int. adds Mrs.] and [int. adds Lt.] Ezekiel Turner of Hanover [June 17] [worn] [int. 1735]. [Mrs. Ruth Randal and Lt. Ezekiel Turner, June 17, 1736, C.R.2.]

Ruth and Joshua Vinal, int. Feb. 8, 1755. [Randal, m. Apr. 8, 1756, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


RANDALL, Ruth and Joshua S. Damun, Oct. 17, 1841.

Sally and William Farrar, Jan. 28, 1839.

Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] and Desire [int. Mrs. Desier] Curtis, Nov. 23, 1775.

Sam[ue]ll and Sarah Clap, int. Feb. 16, 1750. [Sam[ue]l Randal, m. Mar. 14, C.R.1.]

Sarah and William Bearstow Jr., Dec. 20, 1709.* [Randal, C.R.2.]

Sussanna and Nathaniel Stetson, July 28, 1710.*.

Thomas and Faith Winslow, Dec. 11, 1729.* [Randal, C.R.2.]

Zipporah [int. Zeporah] and [int. adds Lt.] Elijah Curtis, Jan. 5, 1769.

RANDOL (see Randal, Randall, Randoll, Randull), Mary [int. Mercy] and Elijah Whitman [int. Whetman] of Bridgwater, July 1 [1784].

Sarah and Lemuel Jacob, Mar. 31 [1785].

RANDOLL (see Randal, Randall, Randol, Randull), Betty [int. Bettey Randol] and Laben Souter, Dec. 25 [1783].

Sarah Jr. and Tho[mas] Sheverick of Falmouth, Banstable Co., int. Nov. 11, 1780.

RANDULL (see Randal, Randall, Randol, Randoll), John and Jerusha Woodwarth, Oct. 31, 1717.* [Randall, and Jerusha Woodworth, C.R.1.]

Nehemiah and Ruth Stetson, Aug. 30, 1716.* [Randall, C.R.2.]

Ursula and Josiah Foster of Pembrook, May 2, 1717.* [Ursellah Randall and Josiah Foster of Pembrooke, C.R.2.]

RANSFORD (see Rainsford), Josiah C. of Boston, and Sally Chitenden, int. June 19, 1807.

RANSOM, Ebenezer and Jerusha Randall, wid., May 1, 1723.*

Hannah and John Wneelwright, int. Jan. 7, 1743.

Hannah and Benjamin Torrey, int. Mar. 15, 17[45].

Lemuel of Middleborough, and Mrs. Molly Thompson, Jan. 3, 1785.*

RAWLINGS (see Rallings, Rawlins), Joanna and Ephraim Kempton, Jan. 28, 1645.* [Joanna, d. Thomas, P.C.R.]

Mary, d. Tho[mas], and Will Parker, Apr. —, 1639.*

Nathaniel and Lydia Silvester, d. "Rico.," Sept. 4, 1652.* [Lydia, d. Richard, P.C.R.]

RAWLINS (see Rallings, Rawlings), Lydia, wid., and Edward Wright, May 25, 1664.*

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


ROGGERS, John and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Lambart, Mar. 26, 1770. [Lambort, C.R.1.]

Joshua Jr. and Sarah Nash, Mar. 15, 1764.

[Th]o[ma]s Jr. of Marshfield, and Submit Hatch, Nov. 19, 1761.

Will[ia]m and Lydia Backer [int. Baker], July 24, 1756.

ROGGERSON, Catherine and Harvey Ripley, Feb. 5, 1844.* P.R.20.

ROLLINS (see Rallings, Rawlings, Rawlins).

ROOSE (see Rose), Thomas and Alise (Hatch) Pickles, wid. Jonas, Dec. —, 1666 [? 1665].*

ROSE (see Roose), Elizabeth, wid., and Timothy Symmes, July 31, 1710.* [Symms, C.R.2.]

Elizabeth and Seth Stutson. Apr. 19, 1727.* [Stetson, C.R.2.]

Elizabeth [int. adds Mrs.] and Joseph [int. Isaah Wing of Hanover, June 12 [1770].

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Osborn, int. May 26, 1799. [m. Oct. 24, C.R.2.]

Giddeon and Lydia Turner, Dec. 11, 1723.* [Gidion, C.R.2.]

Gideon and Abigail Briggs, Nov. 11, 1754.* C.R.1.

Jabez and Mary Bryant, May 6, 1707.*

Laban [int. Laben] and Mabel Nash, Mar. 7, 1782.

Laban and [int. adds Mrs.] Martha Barrell, [Ja]n. 9, 1801.

Laban and Mrs. Hannah Merritt, int. Oct. 26, 1805. [m. Nov. 10, C.R.1.]

Lydia and Lemuel Silvester, int. Apr. 10, 1756.

Mabel and Thomas F. Jones, May 1, 1819.

Mary and John Palmer, Dec. 20, 1694.*

Mary and John Woodwarth, Dec. 3, 1718.* [Woodworth C.R.2.]

Mary and Joseph Bates Jr., Oct. 27, 1725, in Pembroke.*

Nabby and Lemuel Curtis Jr. of Hanover, int. Jan. 8, 1803. [m. Feb. 20, C.R.2.]

Ruben and Mrs. Martha Curtis, int. Oct. 8, 1768.

Ruth and Mark "negro Servt to John Codmont of Charlestown," int. Apr. 6, 1745.

Sarah and Luther Curtis, Jan. 9, 1831.

Thomas of Hanover, and Faith Silvester, Aug. 19, 1731.*

RUGGLES, Betsey and Henry Briggs, Apr. 4, 1813.

Eunice and Charles Foster, Oct. 28, 1810.

Grace and Elisha Silvester [int. Selvester] Jr., Dec. 17, 1751. [Mrs. Grace and Elisha Silvester Jr., C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


RUGGLES, Hannah and Elisha Young, int. Dec. 28, 1782.

John and Joanna Brooks, Oct. 26, 1720.* [John of Roxborough, C.R.2.].

John Jr. ard Lucannah Barstow of Hanover, int. Dec. 28, 1754.*

Lusannah and George Hatch, [int.] Aug. 20, 1808. [Lusanna, m. Sept. 14, C.R.2.]

Samuel O. and Harriet B. Litchfield, Mar. 20, 1820.

Samuel O. and Mary Litchfield of Boston, int. Nov. 10, 1825.

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Benjamin Clap, June 23, 1768.

Sarah [int. Ruggels] and Warren [int. Warrin] Hatch, Jan. 16, 1813.

Thomas and Eunice Oakman [int. Oakmon] of Marshfield [int. Mash[fiel]d], May 10, 1781, in Marshfield.

Thomas and Lucy Wright, wid., July 8, 1813.

RUSSEL (see Russell), Abigail [int. Abigall Russell] and [worn]ward [int. Edward] Curloo, Apr. 21, 1732. [Abigail Russel, C.R.1.]

Desire, Mrs., of Barnstable, and Benja[min] Baily, int. Oct. 29, 1757. [Russell, m. Nov. 17, C.R.1.]

John [int. Russell] and Lydia Gray, Sept. 3 [1786].

Joshua [int. Russell] and Silence Damon [int. Dammon], Aug. 23, 1733. [Russel, and Silence Dammon, C.R.2.]

Mary of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Thomas Corlew [int. Corlow], July 18, 1764, in Pembroke.

Vina of Doxboro, and Thomas Corlow, int. Dec. 27, 1760.

RUSSELL (see Russel), Deborah and Abial Hinds, Feb. 5, 1793.

George and Lydia Hinds, Oct. 23, 1796.

Jonathan of Barnstable, and Desire Bourn, int. Aug. 19, 1749. [Russel, m. Nov. 30, C.R.1.]

Julia of Kingston, and Rev. Daniel Wight Jr., int. Aug. 22, 1847.

Mary, wid. Sam[uel], and Cornelious Briggs, Mar. 20, 1677.*

William, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Boston, and Unice [int. Eunice] Wade, Jan. 28, 1784.

RUST, Billah [int. Biller Russ] of Hingham, and Ezekiel Lamb Jan. 11, 1749-50, in Hingham.

RYDER (see Rider), Samuel B. [of] Braintree, Vt., and Abigail Whiting, int. Apr. 10, 1814.

SABLE, Lucy C. of Medford, and Alexamler Totman, int. Apr. 6, 1848.

SAGAMORE, Joel of Watt[er]town, Conn., and Polly Whiten of Ingham, Sept. 25, 1806.*

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


SILVESTER, Fruitful and Polly [int. Patty] Clapp, negroes, May 28, 1795. [Fruitfull Sylvester and Patty Clapp, C.R.2.]

Israel (— [l]lvester) [int. Israel Silvester] Jr. and Margreat [int. Mrs. Margrat] Bowker, Nov. 15, 1770.

Israell and Ruth Prince, Oct. 3, 1701.*

Joseph and Lydia Turner, Nov. 5, 1728.*

Joseph and Mrs. Mehitable Cole, int. Aug. 10, 1771.

Joseph [int. Sylvaster] of Freeport [int. Prouts Goor, Comberland Co.], and Lucy Wade, June 2, 1789.

Lemuel and Lyclia Rose, int. Apr. 10, 1756.

Lillis and Elnathan Cushing, int. Apr. 1, 1802. [Lillie Sylvester, m. Apr. 15, C.R.2.]

Lois and Hezekiah Stodder, Nov. 19, 1706, in Hingham.*

Lott of Marshfield, and Lydia [int. Mrs. Lidia] Ewell, Oct. 9, 1760.

Luke and Mary Damun, int. Mar. 2, 1750. [Sylvester, and Mary Dammon, m. Oct. 31, 1751, C.R.1.]

Lurana [dup. Uraina Sylvaster, int. Sisvester, adds Mrs.] and Abiel [dup. Abial] Turner Jr., Nov. 13, 1766.

Lydia, d. "Rico., " and Nathanael Rawlings, Sept. 4, 1652.* [Lydia, d. Richard, P.C.R.]

Martha and Thomas Turner, Dec. 7, 1703.*

Martha and Elisha Prouty, Mar. 17, 1747.

Mary and Benjamin Curtis, s. W[illia]m, —, 1689.*

Mary and Benjamin Stodder, Jan. 31, 1705-6.*

Mary Jr. and John Totman of Plymo[uth], int. Apr. 16, 1774.

Miriam [int. Meriam] and Joseph Briggs, Mar. 28, 1798.

Naomy and Abner Turner, Nov. 20, 1705.* [Nov. 27, C.R.2.]

Nehemiah and Mehitable Dammon, int. Sept. 3, 1737.

Olive [int. Oliff] and Edimund Gross [int. Grose] of Hingham, Mar. 3, 1736-7. [Olive and Edmund Grosse of Hingham, C.R.2.]

Peter and Mary Torrey, Dec. 31, 1712.* [Torry, C.R.2.]

Rachel and Anson Robbins, July 22, 1803.

Releaf and John Ewell, int. Mar. 17, 1798. [Relief Sylvester, m. Mar. 19, C.R.2.]

Richard and Desire Stetson, Aug. 16, 1703.*

Samuel and Hannah Nickols, int. Apr. 17, 1773. [Nichols, m. June 23, C.R.1.]

Thomas Jr. [dup. Sylvaster, omits Jr.] and Relief [dup. Relefe, int. Releaf] Jorden, Jan. 18, 1773.

Triphena [int. Tryphenia] and Homer Bowker, Apr. 7, 1811.

Uraina (see Lurana).

* intention not recorded


SILVESTER, Warren and Hannah Turner, int. Jan. 20, 1805. [Sylvester, m. Mar. 9, C.R.2.]

Zebulun and Mary Turner, Jan. 1, 1711-12.*

SIMMONS (see Simons, Symons), Aaron Jr. and Mrs. Martha Vinall, int. Sept. 28, 1776. [Vinal, m. Dec. 19, C.R.1]

Abigal [int. Simons] and Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] Garnet Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Hingham Apr. 18, 1738 [Abigail Simons and Samuel Garnet Jr., C.R.2.]

Barnabas and Lydia Wade, int. Feb. 7, 1778. [m. Mar. 16, C.R.1.]

Benjamin of Marshfield [dup. Mershfield], and Sarah Damon, Dec. 20, 1770.

Charles and Tamsen Whiton [int. Tamsun Whitten] of Hingham, Dec. 7, 1794, in Hingham.

Eben[eze]r of Hanover, and Mrs. Mary S. Curtis, int. Aug. 9, 1835.

Elisha and Martha Hersey of Hingham, Dec. 13, 1781, in Hingham.*

Emily and Freeman Damon, int. Oct. 11, 1846.

Freeman and Betsey E. B. Litchfield, Dec. 16, 1832.

Jihiel [int. Jehiel] of Duxborough, and Rhoda Stetson, Apr. 10, 17[6][worn] [int. 1764].

Leah [int. Simons, adds Mrs.] and Ezekiel [dup. and int. Ezekel] Turner, June 6, 1765.

Lucy and Hosea Dunbar [int. Dunber], Nov. 15 [1786].

Lydia and William Barril Jr., int. Oct. 19, 1745.

Lydia [int. Lydea] and David Turner, Feb. 21, 1819.

Mary and Nehemiah Sprague of Hingham, int. Aug, 10. 1745.

Mary and Loring Jacobs of Boston, May 30, 1802.

Mary and Billings Litchfield, Apr. 1, 1827.

Mary and James K. Young, int. Dec. 23, 1844.

Molly and Daniel Merritt, Mar. 23, 1786.

Moses Jr. and Abigail Merrit, int. Feb. 8, 1745. [Symmons and Abigail Meritt, m. Dec. 16, 1746, C.R.1.]

[Pe]leg [int. Symons] and [int. adds Mrs.] Ruth Bowker, July 6, 1758.

Peleg and Sarah Clap, wid., May 22 [1785].

Peleg and Ruth Cushing of Hingham, int. Sept. 1, 1821.

Peleg and Lucy S. Daron, Apr. 17, 1825.

Perez, 35, counseller at law, of Hanover, b. Hanover, s. Ebenezer (Simmonds) and Sophia, and Adaline Jones, 22, d. John and Sarah, May 3, 1846.

Samuel and Sarah Morten, int, Dec. 9, 1779 [Morton, m. Mar 2, 1780, C.R.1.]

Samuel Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Thankfull Curtis, [Nov.] 28 [1786].

* intention not recorded


SIMMONS, Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Jonathan Cushing of Hingham, Dec. 20, 1787.

Sarah of Marshfield, and David Litchfield, int. Dec. 10, 1802.

Sarah E. and Harvey S. Harrington [int. Farrington] of Boston, Aug. 28, 1843.

Silvanus of Marshfield, and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Daman, Dec. 4, 1800. [Elisabeth, C.R.1]

Silvanus [int. Simons] and Elizabeth Whellright, Mar. 15, 1820. [Simmons, and Elizabeth Whealright, C.R.1.]

Sylvanus and Sarah F. Stearns of Boston, int. Nov. 11, 1837.

Sylvanus and Elizabeth Cole of Boston, Mar. 2, 1843.

Thankful and Billings Litchfield, int. Mar. 22, 1834.

Thomas and Bethiah Gray of Hanover, int. Oct. 3, 1816.

SIMONS (see Simmons, Symons), Aron and Elizabeth Hyland, int. Oct. 15, 1748. [Aaron Symmons, m. Feb. 7, 1748, C.R.1.]

Ebenezer and Lydia Kent, Dec. 23, 1714.* [Symmons, C.R.1.]

Ebenezer and Mrs. Leah Whiten of Hing[ha]m, int. June 22, 1765.

Elisabeth and Jacob Vinall Jr., Apr. 30, 1716.* [Elizabeth Symmons and Jacob Vinal Jr., C.R.1.]

Isaac and Abigal English, Jan. 3, 1725.* [Feb. 3, C.R.1.]

Joshua and Eliza[beth] Dillingham, int. Sept. 25, 1742. [Symmons, m. Nov. 11, C.R.2.]

Leah ([Leah]) [and] —— —— [int. Jo[h]n Mansel], Nov. 29, 1744.

Lydia and Ezekiel Woodworth, Nov. 14, 1723.* [Simmons, and Ezekiel Woodworth of Lebanon, C.R.2.]

Mosess and Rachell Cudworth, Jan. 1, 1712.* [Moses Symons, C.R.1.]

Rachel ([Rac]hel) [int. Simmons] [and] —— —— [int. James Cudwurth Jr.], Dec. 5, 1745. [Symmons, and James Cudworth, s. Jo[[h]n, C.R.1.]

SIMPSON, Elijah N. of Hingham, and Eliza Freeman, Sept, 1, 1833.

SISCO, Anthony and Meriah, negro, Oct. 28, 1714.* [Antony "my negro man," and Meriah "Negro a free woman," C.R.2.]

Anthony and Febe, negroes, Nov. 11, 1719.* [Tony "Alias Anthuny Sisco a negro man," and Phebie "a negro woman," C.R.2.]

SKIFF (see Sciff), Stephen B., 27, blacksmith, of New Bedford [int. Mew Bedford], b. New Bedford, s. William and Hannah of New Bedford, and Deborah C. N. Sparrell, 19, d. James N. and Desire, Nov. 30, 1848.

* intention not recorded


SLACK, Martha of Weymouth, and Sam[ue]ll Hatch, int. May 24, 1745.

Thomas (see Thomas Isack).

SLADE, John of Boston, and [int. adds Mrs.] Hannah Torrey, Aug. 4 [1776].

SMALL, Jane of Raymond, Me., and Harvey H. Jenkins, int. Jan. 26, 1845.

SMITH, Abigall and Joseph Neells, Apr. 24, 1705.*

Ann, wid., and Ammasa Turn[e]r, Dec. 14, 1704.* [Amasa, C.R.2.]

Ann and Anthony Stetson, Mar. 28, 1717.* [Anna, C.R.2.]

Benjamin and Peggy Tilden, Oct. 18, 1812.* P.R.5.

Caleb and Aphia Bowker, Jan. 12, 1826.

Davis of Abington, and Abigail Peirce, Nov. 5, 1837.

Deborah and Ruben Dammon, int. Dec. 4, 1756. [Reubin, m. Mar. 20, 1757, C.R.1.]

Deliverance of Hingham, and Isreal Sylvester [int. Israel Silvester], Nov. 22, 1743, in Hingham.

Elizabeth of Pembroke, and Charles Briggs, June 7, 1795, in Pembroke.

Elizabeth of Hanover [int. Honover], and Joseph Jacobs [int. Jacob] Jr., [Nov.] 3, 1807. [Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of Hanover, and Joseph Jacobs Jr., C.R.1.]

Israel and Abigail [int. Abigal] Ford of Marshfield, Oct. 24, 1746, m. Marshfield.

John H. of Provincetown, and Mary H. Bates, Nov. 20, 1836.

Jonothan of Providance, and Deborah Turner, Aug. 10, 1704.* [Jonathan of Providence, C.R.2.]

Joseph and Rachel Randall, Oct. 1, 1719.* [Randal, C.R.2.]

Josiah M. and Frances Waterman, Mar. 27, 1836.

Mary of Hingham, and Joseph Garnit, int. Oct. 26, 1745.

Mary F. and James S. Beal, int. Oct. 21, 1838.

Sarah and John Kent, Dec. 22, 1692.* P.R.3.

William of Boston, and Betsey T. Hatch, Dec. 3, 1829.

SNOW, Lydia of Eastham, and Jo[h]n Mott, int. Jan. 15, 1731.

SNOWDEN, Margrett and Richttrd Fitzgerald, Apr. 21, 1729.* [Margret Snodon and Richard Fitz Gerald of Hanover, C.R.2.]

SOLE (see Soul, Suule), Abigail [int. Abigil] and Elijah Curtis June 28, 17[56].

Nath[anie]ll of Doxborough, and Mrs. Abigail Tolman Jr., int. Apr. 8, 1775.

* intention not recorded


SOPER, John (—— ——) [int. Jo[h]n Soper] and Anna Woodworth, Oct. 13, 1743.

Joseph and Lydia Stockbridge, Nov. 20, 1729.*

Joseph and Ruth Curtis of Hanover, int. Apr. 14, 1750.

Mary and Robert Woodworth [int. Woodard], Sept. 11, 173[5]. [Mary, "aged 65," and Robert Woodart, "aged 85," Sept. 11, 1735, C.R.2.]

Sarah and James Woodworth, Dec. 16, 1731.* [Woodart, C.R.2.]

Thomas and [int. adds Mrs.] Lusanna Vinall, Oct. 15, 1772. [Lusanna Vinal, C.R.1.]

SOUL (see Sole, Soule), Deborah [int. Sole, adds Mrs.] of Pembroke, and David Cudworth [int. Jr.], June 3, 1773, in Pembroke.

Huldah [int. Hulde Sole], Mrs., of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Capt. Thomas Church of Pembroke, Feb. 24, 1760, in Pembroke.

Ichabod of Duxboro, and Grace Turner of Duxboro, Mar. 25, 1734.*

Lydia Jr. [int. Lyda Sole, omits Jr.] of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Jedediah Dwelle [int. Jediah Dwelly], Feb. 24, 1763, in Pembroke.

SOULE (see Sole, Soul), Josiah and Sophronia Jenkins, Nov. 20, 1823.

SOUTER (see Souther, Soutter), Hannah of Cohasset, and Garshum Ewell, int. Oct. 9, 1773.

Laben and Betty Randoll [int. Bettey Randol], Dec. 25 [1783].

SOUTHER (see Souter, Soutter), Lot of Cohasset [int. Cohassett], and Lucy Mann, Nov. 18, 1805. [Lot of Cohasset, C.R.1.]

Mary of Hingham, and James Cushing Jr., Jan. 21, 1738-9, in Hingham.

Sarah of Hingham, and Joseph Blake, int. July 27, 1734.

SOUTHWARD (see Southworth), Mary [int. Southword] and Samuel [int. Samual] Jackson, Oct. 12 [1783].

Theophilus and Huldy Pierce, int. Apr. —, 1756.

SOUTHWORTH (see Southward), Abigail of Duxborough, and John Foster Jr., [int.] Feb. 25, 1793.

Elizabeth of Middlebury, and James Sprout, June 5, 1712.* [Elizabeth of Middleborough, and James Sproute, C.R.2.]

Hannah of Duxbury, and Simeon Brooks, int. Mar. 22, 1805.

James and Julia Tilden, Nov. 18, 1832.

* intention not recorded


SOUTHWORTH, Rebecca and Israel Peaks, int. Mar. 3, 1732. [This entry crossed out.]

[Reb]ecca [and] —— —— [int. of Little Compton], Jan. 24, 1733. [Rebekah Southward and Benja[min] Seabury, C.R.1.]

Thomas ([[T]ho[ma]s]) [int. Southward] of Duxborough, and [int. adds Mrs.] Anna Hatch, Nov. 26, 1761.

Thomas of Duxborough, and Sarah James, int. Dec. 16, 1797. [m. Jan. 4, 1798, C.R.2.]

William and Rachel Cowing, Feb. 6, 1727.* [Feb. 6, 1727-8, C.R.2.]

SOUTTER (see Souter, Souther), Eliza[beth], Mrs., of Cohasset and Joseph Cudworth, int. Feb. 11, 1775. [Mrs. Elisabeth Souther, int. Feb. 12, P.R.29.]

SPALDING, Edwin and Mrs. Almeda Otis, Apr. 6, 1834. [Spaulding, C.R.1.]

SPARHAWKE, Hannah and A[bner] Perry, int. Sept. 25, 1743. [Sarah Sparhawk, m. Nov. 10, C.R.2.]

Hannah, Mrs., and Sam[ue]ll Cushing Esq. of Hingham, Aug. 10, 1749.

Hannah and Benja[min] Bowker, Nov. 10, 176[3].

John of Plymo[uth], and Mrs. Hannah Jacob, Dec. 2, 1725.* [Sparhawk, C.R.2.]

SPARIEL (see Sparrell, Sparril), Ruth and Joshua Jenkins, int. Mar. 7, 1778. [Ruth Sparrel, wid., m. Mar. 24, C.R.1.]

SPARRELL (see Spariel, Sparril), Deborah C. N., 19, d. James N. and Desire, and Stephen B. Skiff, 27, blacksmith, of New Bedford [int. Mew Bedford], b. New Bedford, s. William and Hannah of New Bedford, Nov. 30, 1848.

James N. and Desire Barrell, int. Oct. 6, 1822.

James N. Jr., 21, housewright, of Worcester, s. James N. and Desire, and Emerline Gleason of Worcester, b. Worcester, d. —— of Worcester, —, 1846.*

James Newton and Rachel Turner, int. Nov. 19, 1796. [m. June 11, 1797, C.R.2.]

John and Sylvia S. Turner of Pembroke, int. [? Apr.] 13, 1820.

John T. and [int. adds Mrs.] Delight Clapp, June 18, 1826.

Martha J. [int. Sparrill] and Hosea Damon of New Bedford, Nov. 30, 1843.

Mary and Simeon Young of Hull, Nov. 3, 1825.

* intention not recorded


SPARRELL, Mary T., 20, d. James N. and Desire, and Henry I. [? J.] [int. J.] Turner Jr., widr. [int. omits widr.], 29, mason, of Cohasset, b. Cohasset, s. Henry I. [? J.] and Mary of Cohasset, Dec. 23, 1847. [Mary J. and Henry J. Turner of Cohassett, C.R.1.]

SPARRIL (see Spariel, Sparrell), James Nuten, and Mrs. Ruth Vinal, int. Jan. 10, 1767.

SPAULDING (see Spalding).

SPEAR, George of Quincy, and Hannah R. Jenkins, int. Jan. 12, 1827.

Sarah of Quincy [int. Braintree], and Elisha Bowker, June 9, 1793, in Quincy.

William, carpenter, and Mary Jane Briggs, Nov. 27, 1845.*

SPRAGE (see Sprague), Asher [int. Sprague] of Hing[ha]m and [int. adds Mrs.] Lusanna Buck, July 12, 176[worn] [int. 1764].

Ezekel and Priscila Totmon, int. May 19, 1753. [Ezekiel Sprague and Mrs. Priscilla Totman, m. July 5, C.R.2.]

James 3d of Marshfield, and Sarah Jackson, int. June 10, 1749. [Sprague, m. Feb. 21, 1749 [sic], C.R.1.]

SPRAGUE (see Sprage), Abigail [int. Abagail] and Cornelious [int. Cornelius] Sylvaster of Hanover, Apr. 8, 1787.

Abigail and Elisha Sylvaster "Transient Person," int. July 21, 1807.

Amos of Hingham, and [int. adds Mrs.] Desier [dup. Disire] Stodder, Feb. 21, 1771.

Asenith and Simeon Curtis, Apr. 20, 1742, in Duxbury.*

Asher and Anna [int. Anne] Lapham, Feb. 25, 1793.

Bela of Hingham, and Perses Litchfield, int. Apr. 1, 1803. [Persis, m. Dec. 1, C.R.2.]

Benja[min] of Hing[ha]m, and Mrs. Ruth Stodder, int. May 25, 1765,

Eliza[beth] [int. Rebecca] and Edward Prouty, Nov. [21, 1734]. [Rebecca, C.R.2.]

Hannah and Seth Stodder, June 27, 1824.

Jacob Jr. and Bathsheba T. Hatch, int. Oct. 3, 1829.

Jacob and Betsey Adams of Plymouth, int. May 6, 1837.

Laban of Hingham, and Welthy Damon [int. Wealthy Daman], Dec. 1, 1814.

Laban, 32, shoemaker, of S. Scituate, b. Hingham, s. Laban and Matilda W. Damon, of S. Scituate, d. Joshua, int. Nov. 3, 1849, in S. Scituate.

* intention not recorded


SPRAGUE, Mary of Hingham, and Mellen Minot, int. Dec. 19, 1840.

Nancy and Adam Lapham [int. Jr.] of Marshfield, Feb. 6, 1817.

Nathan of Swanzie, and Margaret Randall, Dec. 14, 1710.*

Nehemiah of Hingham, and Mary Simmons, int. Aug. 10, 1745.

Noah and Lusanna Haskins, int. Mar. 11, 1797. [Susannah Hoskins, m. Apr. 2, C.R.2.]

Persis [int. Mrs. Percis] of Hingham, and Seth Stodder, Sept. 3, 1765, m. in Hingham.

Priscilla of Hingham, and Michael Hatch, int. Feb. 10, 1732.

Priscilta, Mrs., and Daniel Tegue of Hing[ha]m, int. June 2, 1770.

Rebecca (see Elizabeth).

Samuel [int. "a Tranciant Person"] and Lydia Mayo, Dec. 25. 1788. [Mayhew, C.R.2.]

Sylvia [int. Mrs. Silviah Sprage of Duxborough] and Nathaniel Sylvester [int. Nath[anie]ll Silvester], Dec. 6, 1759, in Duxbury.

Wealthy, Mrs., and Edward D. Munroe, Dec. 16, 1838.

SPRINGER, Jonathan and Elizabeth Sanders, Feb. 7, 1701.*

SPROUT, James and Elizabeth Southworth of Middlebury, June 5, 1712.* [Sproute, and Elizabeth Southworth of Middleborough, C.R.2.]

James and Rachel Dwelly, Jan. 8, 1728-9.* [James of Midleboro, and Rachel Dwelle, C.R.2.]

Mercy and Thomas Oldam, June 27, 1683.*

STANDISH, Lucy B. of Pembroke, and Elijah B. Turner, int. [Dec.] 6, 1845.

STANDLEY (see Standly), Elizabeth and James Newel [int. Newell], Nov. 2, 1788.

Jabez and Ann Keen, int. Sept. 27, 1735.

Luther and Temperance [int. Temporence] Phinney of Harwich [int. Hingham], Apr. 25, — [int. 1804], in Hingham.

STANDLY (see Standley), Jabez [int. Standley] and Deborah Tremere [int. Tremear], Feb. —[worn], 17[3][worn] [int. Nov. 22, 1735]. [Jaberz Standley and Deborah Tremere, Feb. 5, 1735-6, C.R.2.]

Jabez int. Standley Jr.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Thrift, June 2, 1765.

STANTON, Prudence of Stoningtown, and John James, int. Aug. 6, 1737.

* intention not recorded


STAPLES, Jenna "formorly" of Hanover, and Bela Hammon, int. Jan. 16, 1779. [Hamman, m. Mar. 11, C.R.1.]

Joshua and Rebecca Tayler, July 3, 1727.* [Taylor, C.R.2.]

Joshua ([s]hua) and Mary Rogers, Oct. 21, 1731.* [Joshua, C.R.1.]

Nabby [int. Nabbe] of Hanover, and Stephen Mott, Feb. 25, 1773, in Hanover.

STEARNS, Sarah F. of Boston, and Sylvanus Simmons, int. Nov. 11, 1837.

STEED, Mary and Simon Lesperance, int. Dec. 10, 1731.

STEEL, Abigail and Thomas Jenkins, July 12, 1721.*

Abigail and Joseph Foster, Jan. 11, 1727.*

STEPHENS (see Stevens), Ann of Taunton, and Rob[er]t Ellmes, int. June 9, 1732.

Horrace P. [int. Horace P. Stevens], Rev., 26, s. Jordon (Stevens) and Jane, and Merrial [int. Merial] Jacobs, 23, d. Loring and Meriel, Sept. 13, 1846.

Josse of Hingham, and Content Cushing, int. Dec. 4, 1742. [Stephenson, m. May 3, 1743, C.R.2.]

Sarah and Isaac Hatch, July 28, 1721.* [Stevens of Boston, and Isaac Hatch Jr., C.R.2.]

STEPHENSON (see Stevenson), Alice [int. Elice] of Cohasset, and Enoch Cole, Feb. 7, 1790, in Cohasset.

Bryant [int. Stevens] and Deborah Turner, Feb. 1 [1784].

Jesse (see Jesse Stephens).

Joannah (see Joanna Stevens).

Sally of Hingham, and Nathan Lock, int. May 16, 1822.

STETSON (see Stetsun, Studson, Stutson), Abner ([Abner St]etsun) and Deborah Stetson, Oct. 7, 1762.

Abner and Julia Leonard of Middleborough, ont. Nov. 16, 1844.

Amos and Mrs. Eliza[beth] Pray of Brantrey, int. Mar. 27, 1762.

Ann [int. Anne] and Barnabas Webb, Jan. 7, 1779 [Nanne, C.R.1.]

Anna [int. Anne] and John Morton [int. Morten], Nov. 13 [1785].

Anne und William Haden, int. May 18, 1744.

Anthony and Ann Smith, Mar. 28, 1717. [Anna, C.R.2.]

Benj[amin] and Bethia, Lincoln, Aug. 15, 1665, in Hingham.*

Benja[min] and Mercy [int. Marcy] Turner [int. Jr.], June 14, 176[3].

Benjamin Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Lucy. Clapp [int. Clap], Feb. 19, 1795. [Benjamin Jr. and Lucy Clap, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


STETSON, Benjamin Jr. and Deborah Jackson, [Aug.] 22, 1813.

Benjamin Jr. and Deborah S. Webb, Nov. 7, 1827.

Benjamin and Abigail Lovell of Weymouth, int. May 13, 1830.

Bethia, d. Benjamin, and Stephen Andrews of Hingham, June 23, 1697, in Hingham.*

Betsy [int. Betsey] and Consider Merritt Jr., Oct. 11, 1815.

Betty and Leonard Clapp, int. May 10, 1797. [Betsy, m. Nov. 28, C.R.2.]

Celinda [int. Celenda] and James Harvey Jacob [int. Jacobs], [Nov.] 24, 1811.

Charles and Lois Crooker, Feb. 1, 1824.

Charlotte and Henry Josselyn of Pembroke, int. Apr. 7, 1833.

Christopher and Mary Wright, int. Sept. 28, 1804. [m. Nov. 26, C.R.2.]

Clarissa and Melzar Stetson, int. Sept. 29, 1803. [Melzer, m. Oct. 23, C.R.2.]

Clarissa and Israel H. Sherman, Nov. 16, 1834.

Cloe [int. Cloea] and Benja[min] Bowker Jr., June 30, 1791. [Cloa, C.R.2.]

Cummungs and Lucy Cudworth, [Nov.] 30, 1815. [Commings, C.R.1.]

David and Sally [int. Sarah] Lapham, Sept. 8, 1793. [Sally, C.R.1.]

Deborah and [Abner St]etsun, Oct. 7, 1762.

Deborah and Abner Crooker of Marshfield [int. Mashfield], Nov. 27, 1791. [Stutson, and Abner Crooker of Marshfield, Nov. 21, C.R.2.]

Deborah and William Stetson, Dec. 10, 1820.

Deborah and Martin Curtis of Hanover, int. Jan. 5, 1834.

Desire and Richard Silvester, Aug. 16, 1703.*

Ebenezer and Lydia Barker, Apr. 2, 1728, in Duxbury.*

Ebenezer and Rachel Turner, Jan. 13, 1836.

Eleanor, Mrs., and Dr. Charles Stockbridge, Oct. 4, 1784.*

Elijah and Ruth Chittenden, Nov. 17, 1710.*

Elisha [int. Stutson] and Lydia Cook of Kingston [int. Kingstown], Dec. 17, 1753, in Kingston.

Elisha and Mrs. Rebacah [int. Rebecah, omits Mrs.] Curtis, — [int. July 17], 1784.

Elizabeth and William Eustis of Hanover, int. Apr. 17, 1736.

Elizabeth [int. adds Mrs.] and Garshum [dup. Garsham] Bowker, Feb. 18, 1733.

Ephraim and Rebekah Curtis of Hanover, int. Jan. 16, 1819.

Esther and Noah Brooks of Campden, Feb. 9, 1812. [Ester and Noah Brooks [of] Camden, Feb. 16, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


STETSON, Ethan A. of Hanson, and Hannah L. Baker, Dec. 12, 1824.

Eunee of Charlston, and Richard Boylston of Charlston, May 6, 1808.* C.R.2.

Eunice (see Unis).

Eunice [int. adds Mrs.] of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Thomas Nash, Feb. 18, 1766, in Pembroke.

Georg [int. George] Jr. and Betty Torrey, [Oct.] 23 [1777].

George W. 2d, 33, shipwright, s. Melzar and Clarissa, and Eliza [int. Elizabeth] W. Pratt, 24, d. Elias W. and Ruth, Dec. 24, 1848.

George Warshington [int. Washington] and Sibbil Tildin [int. Sibbel Tillden], [Nov.] 24, 1810. [George Washing[? ton] Stetson, and Sibbil Tilden, C.R.1.]

Gershom and Mary Holmes, Nov. 28, 1707.* [Holms, C.R.2.]

Gershom and Anne King, Jan. 29, 1712-13.*

Grace and John Hatch Jr., Feb. 26, 1718.* [Grace Jr., Feb. 26, 1718-19, C.R.2.]

Hannah and Solloman Lincoln, Apr. 25, 1705.*

Hannah [second dup. Studson, int. adds Mrs.] and Adam [int. Addum] Hunt of Braintree [dup. Brantree, int. Brantry], Mar. 29 [second dup. Feb. 18, sic], 1770 [second dup. in Braintree].

Hanah [int. Hanah] and Elijah Randal [int. Randol], Dec. 22 [1784].

Hellen [int. Helen] T. and William Jones, Nov. 25, 1838.

Hervey of Pembrok, and Polly Landmon, int. Sept. 14, 1802. [Harvey of Pimbroke, and Polly Landman, m. Nov. 25, C.R.2.]

Isaac and Rosamond D. M. Savil of Dorchester, int. Dec. 6, 1845.

James of Hanover, and Lucinda B. Wright, int. Dec. 17, 1842.

James H. and Deborah C. Barker of Pembroke, int. Feb. 13, 1829.

James H. and Mary Stetson, Aug. 7, 1836.

Jane and William Copeland, Oct. 31, 1815.

Job [int. Stutson] and Mary Prouty, Sept. 27, 1742. [Stedson, C.R.1.]

John ([John Ste]tson) Jr. and Bathsheba [int. Mrs. Barsha] Dunber, Sept. 10, 1761.

Jonah Jr. [int. Stutson] and Elizabeth Hatch, Dec. 19, 1751. [Stetson, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch, C.R.2.]

Jonah and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Vinal, Mar. 31, 1796. [Elisabeth, C.R.1.]

Jonathan of Marshfield, and Mrs. Sally Curtis, Dec. 15, 1835.

Joseph and Hannah Oldam, Nov. 6, 1688.*

* intention not recorded


STETSON, Joseph [int. Stutson] and Mary Eames of Marshfield, Sept. 15, 1743, in Marshfield.

Joseph, Capt., and Martha Gross [int. Grose], Mar. 20 [1778].

Joshua and Lydia Ewell of Marshfield, int. Oct. 23, 1802.

Joshua Jr. and Deborah Josselyn of Pembroke, int. Oct.7, 1832.

Jotham of Medford, and Harriet James, Oct. 31, 1822.*

Lois, Mrs., and Clark Sampson of Duxbury, int. Mar. 7, 1834.

Lois C. and Daniel T. Blanchard of E. Bridgewater, int. Oct.7, 1844.

Louis [int. Lois] and Henry Joslyn of Pembroke [int. Henery Joslyen of Pembrook], [Apr.] 13, 1793. [Henry Joslyn of Pembroke, C.R.2.]

Lucy and Isaiah Dammon "a Transiant Person," Oct. 28 [1779].*

Lucy and [int. adds Lt.] Benja[min] Vassal [int. Vasall] of Charlton, Sept. 8 [1782].

Lucy and Benja[min] Turner Lane, Nov. 25, 1790.

Luke and Ruth Howland of Duxburough, int. May 22, 1762.

Lusanna and Jsiah [Josiah] Damon "Transant Per.," int. June 20, 1779.

Lusanna [int. Steson] and James Harvey Jacob, [Nov.] 26, 1812.

Luther, 24, bootmaker, s. Melzar and Clarisa, and Caroline Gardner, 19, b. Hanson, d. John and Ruth, Mar. 16, 1845. [Gardener, C.R.3.]

Lydia [int. Jr., adds Mrs.] and Joseph Brooks of Hanover, July 27, 1769.

Lydia and George Pitts [int. Deth] of Dighton [int. Dighten], July 22 [1780].

Lydia F. and Rev. Lot B. Sullivan [of] Lime, O., Oct. 9, 1820.

Marcy [int. Mercy] and Elijah Jenkins, Apr. 6, 1795.

Martin W. of Hanover, and Mary C. Tolman, int. Oct. 19, 1832.

Mary and James Partridge of Duxbury, Apr. 26, 1712, in Duxbury.*

Mary and Nathanaell Bassett of Sandwich, Oct. 22, 1712.* [Nathan of Sandwitch, C.R.2.]

Mary [int. adds wid.] and [Benja Pe]rry [int. Benja[min] Perry], June 16, 1763.

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Seth Turner, Dec. 11 [1774].

Mary and Robert Stover of Portland, int. Aug. 14, 1802. [m. Aug. 29, C.R.2.]

Mary and James H. Stetson, Aug. 7, 1836.

Mary I. [? J.] [int. J.], 21, d. Sam[uel] and Mary, and James B. Knapp, 20, s. Otis and Mary, Jan. 31, 1848.

Mathew of Hanover, and Hannah Lincoln, Sept. 24, 1730, in Hanover.*

* intention not recorded


STETSON, Matthew [int. Mathew Stutson] and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Randal 2d [int. Randall, omits 2d] of Pembroke [int. Pembrook] Feb. 5, 1761, in Pembroke.

Matthew and Sylvina B. Sherman ol Marshfield, int. [Nov.] 8, 1846.

Melzar and Clarissa Stetson, int. Sept. 29, 1803. [Melzer, m. Oct. 23, C.R.2. ]

Mercy and Joseph Picher, Oct. 21, 1714.* [Pitcher, C.R.1.]

Mercy [int. Mrs. Marcy] and Daniel Williams [int. Willimes] of Charlton, June 4 [1786].

Mercy (see Marcy).

Micah and Sarah Copland, Mar. 23 [1783].

Molly [int. Molley, adds wid.] and Job Turner, Sept. 12, 1799.

Nathaniel [int. and dup. int. Nath[anie]ll] 3d of Hanover [dup. int. Honover], and Temperance Curtis [int. Temporance Curts [of] Hanover], Nov. 7, 1793, in Hanover.

Nathaniell and Susanna Randall, July 28, 1710.* [Nathanael and Susanna Randal, C.R.2.]

Peddy Daws and Christopher Josselyn, Feb. 24, 1811.

Prudence and Ebenezar Leach of Bridgwater, Dec. 17, 1707.*

Rachel and Procter Sampson of Marshfield, Dec. 10, 1801.

Rachel and Martin Palmer of Hanover, Oct. 15, 1811.

Rhoda and Jihiel [int. Jehiel] Simmons of Duxborough, Apr. 10, 17[6][worn] [1764].

Robbert [int. Rob[er]t Stutson] Jr. and Hannah Turner of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], Nov. 23, 1738, in Pembroke.

Robert, s. Joseph, and Mary Callomer, Jan. 12, 1692-3.* P.C.R.

Rogers 2d and Susan B. Barker of Pembroke, int. Feb. 13, 1836.

Ruth and William Bryant of Pembroke, May 7, 1712.*

Ruth and Nehemiah Randull, Aug. 30, 1716.* [Randall, C.R.2.]

Ruth, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and John Lincoln, — [int. Oct. 2], 1779.

Samuel and Rebecca Turner, May 12, 1719.*

Samuel and Polly [int. Molley] Clap, Apr. 26, 1779.

Samuel Jr. and Deborah Gross, July 16 [1780].

Sarah and Ebinezer Bennit, Apr. 23, 1719.* [Ebenezar Bennet of Midleborough, C.R.2.]

Sarah and Jonath[a]n Waterman Josselyen of Pembrook, [int.] Jan. 30, 1791.

Sarah and Edward Ells of Hanover, int. Oct. 5, 1805. [Eelles, m. Oct. 24, C.R.2.]

Seviah (see Siviah).

* intention not recorded


STETSON, Silas and Patty Milton of Braintree, Feb. 3, 1780, in Braintree.*

Siviah [int. Seviah] and Bennett [int. Bennit] Dunbar, Nov. 7, 1787.

Snow and Lydia Tolman, [Dec.] 7 [1780].

Stephen ([Step]hen) [int. Stephen] and Experance Palmer, Dec. 19, 1762.

Sybil [int. Sybel] T., 32, d. Geo[rge] W. and Sybil, and George Tilden, widr. [int. omits widr.], 47, ship carpenter, of Marshfield, s. Jotham and Betsey, June 17 [1844].

Thomas and Lydia Drew Hollace of Hanover, int. Jan. 2, 1802.

Unis and John James, Mar. 18, 1700.*

Will[ia]m and Mary Linclon, July 19, 17[6][worn] [int. 1764].

William and Deborah Stetson, Dec. 10, 1820.

Zilfer and Job Clap, int. May 5, 1764.

Zilpha and Josiah Mann, Dec. 10, 1820.

STETSUN (see Stetson, Studson, Stutson), Benjamen and Grace Turner, Jan. 22, 1690.*

STEVENS (see Stephens), Benja[min] and Mrs. Hannah Doane, int. Nov. 18, 1775. [m. Dec. 18, C.R.1.]

Bethiah of Marshfield, and Caleb Oldham, Oct. 21, 1724, in Marshfield.*

Bryant (see Bryant Stephenson).

Eleanor [int. Mrs. Elenor] of Marshfield, and William Delino [int. Dillino], Nov. 19, 1761, in Marshfield.

Joanna (see Susannah).

Joanna of Pembroke [int. Joannah Stephenson of Pembrook], and Jacob Foster, Mar. 24, 1793, in Pembroke.

Nathaniel of Marshfield, and Lydia Church, Jan. 1, 1796. [Nath[ame]ll, C.R.2.]

Susannah [int. Joanna] Mrs. [int. of Roxbury], and Rev. Sheerjashub [int. Shearjashub] Bourn, Nov. 10, 1757, in Roxbury.

STEVENSON (see Stephenson), Samuel C. of Boston, and Sally Corlow, int. Sept. 21, 1821.

STEWART, William T., 29, sea capt[ain], b. Are [Ayr] Scotland, and Elizabeth C. Damon, 18, d. James S. and Elizabeth, Mar. 29, 1846.

STOCBRIDGE (see Stockbridg, Stockbridge, Stockbrige, Stockebridge, Stogbridge), Abigal [int. Stockbridge] and Jonathan Turner, Nov. 15, 1738. [Abigail Stockbridge, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


STUDLEY, Mary E. and Henry Osborn, Aug. 15, 1832.

Mary T., wid. [int. Mrs., omits wid.], and Elias R. Mungo, farmer, Sept. 20, 1846. [Mrs. Mary T. C.R.1.]

Mercy [int. adds Mrs.] and Elkenah Gannett [int. Alconah Gennett], Nov. 12 [1786].

Polley [int. Polly] and Reuben Sutton, July 13 [1797].

Polly, Mrs., and Capt. Thomas Clapp, June 3, 1832. [Thomas Sr., C.R.1.]

Rachel W. and Zibea Chessman [int. Ziba Chesman], Dec. 3, 1818. [Zeba Chessman, C.R.1.]

Sarah [int. Studly] and Siles Hamilton [int. Silas Hambeltun], Sept. 23, 1785.

Sarab Cole [int. Studey] and Leonard Litchfield Jr., May 26, 1817. [Studley, C.R.1.]

Solon N. and Eunice W. Litchfield, Nov. 27, 1843.

Thomas Jr. [int. Studly] and [int. adds Mrs.] Olive Gross [int. Grose], Jan. 1, 1776.

William [int. Studly] and Mary Donoty [int. Dorrety] wid., May 3, 1790.

William Jr. and Lucy Litchfield, [Nov.] 2, 1808.

Xoa and Lewis Ellms, int. Nov. 24, 1826.

STUDLIE (see Studley, Studly), Benjamen and Mary Merrett, Oct. 7, 1683.*

STUDLY (see Studley, Studlie), Abigail [int. Mrs. Abigal] and Josiah Litchfield Jr. [int. 3d, omits Jr.], Dec. 24, 1759.

Amasa [int. Studley] and Lydia Wilcot [int. of Hingham], Feb. 9, 1747.

Anna [int. Anner] and [int. adds Capt.] Henery Merrit [int. Merritt], Mar. 17, 1763.

Benjamin of Hanover, and Hannah Litchfield, int. Aug. 8 1752 [Benja[min]] Studley of Hannover, and Hannah Litchfeild, m. Dec. 24, C.R.1.]

Benoni and Abigall ——, Dec. 22, 1701.*

Betty, Mrs., of Hanover, and Elisha Curtis Jr., int. Sept. 8, 1759.

David and Susanah Vinton, Nov. 12, 1717.* [Studley, and Susanna Vinten, C.R.1.]

David Jr. [int. Studley] and Eliza[beth] Curtis, Oct. 18, 1744.

David and Anna Price [int. adds wid.], Dec. 26, 1757.

Eliab and Mary Briggs, Apr. 1[0] [17[worn]].* [Studley, Apr. 10, 1729, C.R.1.]

Eunice and Simion Wade, int. Sept. 8, 1750.

Hannah and Caleb Damon [int. Dammon], Mar. 29, 1747.

* intention not recorded


STUDLY, James and Sarah Farrow, Mar. 12, 1717.* [Studley, C.R.1.]

John and Mary Benson Jones, Feb. 10, 1756.

Lois and Jesse Wilcut of Hingham, int. July 7, 1750. [Studley, and Jesse Willcut, m. Dec. 4, C.R.1.]

Lydia and Ezra Hayden, int. May 13, 1775. [Heyden, m. Nov. 8, C.R.1.]

Mary Benson [int. adds Mrs.] and Henery [int. Hanary] Ewell, Nov. 16, 1758.

Mercy [int. adds Mrs.] and Joseph Colman, May 13, 1765. [Marcy and Joseph Coleman, C.R.1.]

Priscila and Nath[anie]ll Rice of Waymouth, int. Dec. 6, 1755.

Priscilla and Andrew Beals of Cohasset, int. Aug. 3, 1771.

Rany and Abner Cass of Boston, int. Jan. 17, 1756. [Studley, m. Sept. 5, C.R.1.]

Rhoda and Experence Litchfield, int. Mar. 23, 1754. [Studley, and Experience Litchfeild, m. Nov. 28, C.R.1.]

Ruth and Ichabad Damon 3d, int. Sept. 3, 1748.

Sarah [int. Studley] and Nicholas Litchfield Jr., Mar. 23, 173[7]. [Studley, Mar. 23, 1737, C.R.1.]

Susanna [int. Studley] and Joseph Battles [int. of Hingham], Aug. 22, 1[7][worn] [int. 1738]. [Susannah Studley, Aug. 22, 1738, C.R.1.]

Thomus and Mary Lacka, int. Sept. 23, 1752.

William and Mrs. Ruth Hatch, int. Aug. 3, 1776. [m. Aug. 26, C.R.1.]

STUDSON (see Stetson, Stetsun, Stutson), Nathanael [int. Nath[anie]ll Stutson] and Mary Dellis [int. Dillis], Apr. 1, 1736. [Nathan[ie]l Stedson and Mary Deilis, C.R.1.]

STURTEVANT, Eliza F. and David Colman, July 17, 1836.

Josiah and Hannah Church, Dec. 24, 1719.* [Sturdefant of Plymouth, and Hanna Church, C.R.2.]

Susannah of Halifax [int. Hallifax], and Perez Randal [int. Peres Randall], Jan. 30, 1744, in Halifax.

STUTSON (see Stetson, Stetsun, Studson), Abijah and Deborah Turner, June 5, 1729.* [Stetson, C.R.2.]

Anna and James Briggs, int. Sept. 7, 1751. [Stedson, m. Sept. 26, C.R.1.]

Benja[min] of Hingham, and Zibiah [int. Surviah] Elmes, Feb. 5, 175[6].

Bethiah and Nicholas Powers, Sept. 5, 172[worn] [? 1727].* [Stedson, Sept. 5, 1728, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


STUTSON, Charles and Bathsheba Nye of Rochester, int. Aug. 8, 1752.

Deborah and —— [int. Jonathan] [J]ackson, Oct. 30, 1732. [Stedson, C.R.1.]

Eliza[beth] and Nath[anie]ll Stutson of Marshfield, int. Mar 8. 1739. [Stetson, and Nathan[ie]ll Stetson, m. Jan. 8, 1740-1, C.R.2.]

Eunice [int. Unice Stetson] and George Stutson [int. Stetson], May 10, 1742. [Eunice Stedson and George Stedson, C.R.1.]

George [int. Stetson] and Eunice Stutson [int. Unice Stetson], May 10, 1742. [Stedson, and Eunice Stedson, C.R.1.]

Giddeon and Mary Pain of Brantrey, int. July 12, 1740.

Gideon [int. Giddeon] and Lydia Pitcher, June 5, 173[worn] [int. 1735]. [Gideon Stetson, June 5, 1735, C.R.2.]

Gidion Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Eliza[beth] Perry [int. Perrey], Nov. 14 [175][worn] [int. 1757]

Isaac and Ruth Prouty, Nov. 16, 1749.

James and Mrs. Nancy Ellmes, —, 1786.*

Jemimah and Daniel Damon, July 27, 1721.* [Stetson, and Daniel Dammon, C.R.2.]

John and Relief Ewel, wid., July 27, 1727.* [Stedson, and Releif Ewell, wid., C.R.1.]

John and Ruth Peniman of Brantrey, int. June 13, 1741.

Jonas and Mercy Turner, May 31, 1720.* [Jonah Stetson, C.R.2.]

Joshua and Lillis Stutson of Hanover, int. Feb. 28, 1746.

Leah and Enoch Whitten [int. Whittin] of Hingham, Nov. 16, 1732. [Stetson, and Enoch Whitten, C.R.2.]

Lillis of Hanover, and Joshua Stutson, int. Feb. 28, 1746.

Margaret Jr. and Nathan Pickles Jr., Mar. 13, 1731.* [Margret Stetson, Mar. 13, 1731-2, C.R.2.]

Margaret and James Briggs, int. Aug. 24, 1739. [Margret Stetson, m. Nov. 22, C.R.2.]

Martha and Nehemiah Hatch, Dec. 21, 1731.* [Stetson, C.R.2.]

Martha [int. adds Mrs.] and Seth Tayler of Pembrook, Nov. 29, 1759.

Mary and John Vinal Jr., int. Jan. 29, 1736.

Nath[anie]ll of Marshfield, and Eliza[beth] Stutson, int. Mar. 8, 1739. [Stetson, and Elizabeth Stetson, m. Jan. 8, 1740-1, C.R.2.]

Rachel and Sam[ue]ll Stutson, Jan. 7, 1730-1. C.R.2.]

Rebecca, wid., of Hano[ver], and David Cudworth, int. July 12, 1760.

* intention not recorded


STUTSON, Ruth and Jonathan Merritt Jr., Nov. 6, 1746.*

Sam[ue]ll and Rachel Stutson, Jan. 7, 1730.* [Samuel Stetson and Rachel Stetson, Jan. 7, 1730-1, C.R.2.]

Seth and Elizabeth Rose, Apr. 19, 1727.* [Stetson, C.R.2.]

Silas and Mary Bracket, int. Dec. 3, 1743.

Will[ia]m and Hannah Lapham, Nov. 21, 1723.* [Stetson, and Hannah Lappam, C.R.2.]

SULLIVAN, Lot B., Rev., [of] Lime, O., and Lydia F. Stetson, Oct. 9, 1820.

SUMMERS, John of Rochester, and Elisabeth Booth, Nov. 26, 1716.*

SUTTEN (see Sutton), Abner and Mrs. Anna Hayden, int. July 6, 1776. [Sutton, and Anna Heyden, m. July 24, C.R.1.]

Hannah and Jonathan Chubbuck of Wereham, int. June 3, 1749.

Jesse and Mrs. Eliza[beth] Otis, int. May 27, 1758.

John and Elizabeth House, Jan. 1, 1661.*

Mary and Sam[ue]ll Gannit, int. Dec. 9, 1749. [Sutton, and Samuel Gannett, m. July 10, 1750, C.R.1.]

SUTTLIF. Abraham and An ——, Aug. 3, 1702.*

SUTTON (see Sutten), Abigail [int. Abigal] and John Garrett [int. Garret], Feb. 1, 17[worn] [int. Nov. 25, 1738]. [Abigail and John Garrett, Feb. 1, 1738, C.R.1.]

Abigail and John Beers [int. Bears] of Duxbury, Apr. 7, 1806. [Beers, C.R.1.]

Abigall and Amborose Cole, Dec. 1, 1715.* [Abigail, wid., and Ambrose Cole, C.R.1.]

Debby and Bezaleel Bennet of Boston, int. July 1, 1797.

Deborah and James Hyland, int. Nov. 10, 1750 [m. June 13, 1751, C.R.1.]

Eliza[beth] and [worn][Jose]ph Elms [int. Joseph Ellmes], May 30, 1732. [Joseph Ellms, C.R.1.]

Joe and Samuel Jones, int. Dec. 8, 1808.

John and Anne Cole, Dec. 3, 1719.* [Ann, C.R.1.]

John Jr. [int. Sutten] and Peggy Lincoln [int. Mrs. Margrat Linclon] of Cohasset, Nov. 13, 1774, in Cohasset.

Margaret, wid. [int. omits wid.], and —— —— [int. Thomas Orcut of Hingham], May 15, 1744.

Mary and Ichabod Cook, Dec. 9, 1805.

Nathan and Hannah Thorn, Feb. 19, 1744.*

Nathaniel and Mary Ray of Hingham, May 26, 1709, in Hingham.*

* intention not recorded

*** pages yet to insert ***


SYLVESTER, Henry. H and Mary A. Glines, int. June 13, 1846. [Mary Ariannah, m. July 2, P.R.22.]

Isreal [int. Israel Silvester] and Deliverance Smith of Hingham, Nov. 22, 1743, in Hingham.

James and Elizabeth Young, Feb. 8, 1818.

Jotham and Lydia Totman, [Nov.] 26, 1815. [Silvester, C.R.1.]

Jotham T. and Mary Totman, Oct. 1, 1839.

Laura A., 19, d. James and Elizabeth, and Edward James, 30, farmer, s. Elisha and Lydia Y., Dec. 16, 1847.

Lydia and Jeremiah Gundaway [int. Jr.], Feb. 12, 1835.

Lydia and William H. Main, int. Nov. 9, 1839.

Lydia A. of Hanover, and Austin Damon, int. June 25, 1841.

Mary [int. Silvester], wid. [int. omits wid.], of Marshfield, and Dea. [int. omits Dea.] Samuel Hatch, Oct. 27, 1747, in Marshfield.

Mary [int. Silvester Jr., adds Mrs.] of Hanover, and Charles Tollman [int. Tolman], May 15, 1774, in Hanover.

Mary A, 26, d. Abel and Lillis, and William E. Hunt, 23, shoemaker, s. Sam[uel] and Hannah L., Sept. 20, 1846.

Mary N. and Henry W. Scott of Boston, int. Sept. 13, 1844.

Nathaniel [int. Nath[anie]ll Silvester] and Sylvia Sprague [int. Mrs. Silviah Sprage of Duxborough], Dec. 6, 1759, in Duxbury.

Nath[anie]l B. and Adeline Clapp, Dec. 12, 1838.

Peter and Emma Franks of Hingham, Dec. 30, 1835.

Polly and Abraham Harris, Dec. 18, 1809. [Silvester, and Abram Harris, C.R.1.]

Thomas Jr. and Abigal [int. Abigail] Bowker, Aug. 16, 1815.

Tryphosa and Benjamin R. Jacobs, Dec. 2, 1819.

William, 26, farmer, s. Tho[mas] and Abigail dec'd, and Abigail [int. Abagail] Vinal, 23, d. John and Abigail, Oct. 13 [1844]. [Abigail, C.R.3.]

William T., 32, shoemaker, s. Joseph and Betsey, and Betsey W. Kender, 20, d. William and Hannah, June 10, 1848.

SYMMES, Timothy and Elizabeth Rose, wid., July 31, 1710.* [Symms, C.R.2.]

SYMONS (see Simmons, Simons), Aaron and Mary Woodworth, Dec. 24, 1677.*

Rebecah and Timothy White, Jan. 1, 1707-8.* [Rebecca, C.R.1.]

TAILLER (see Tailor, Talier, Tayler, Taylor), Richard of Boston, and Lydia Perrey, [int.] Sept. 21, 1793.

* intention not recorded


TAILOR (see Tailler, Talier, Tayler, Taylor), Ephraim of Newcastle [int. adds Lincoln Co.], and Debby [int. Deborah] Otis, Nov. 13 [1797].

James of Weymouth, and Patience H. Webb, Nov. 16, 1842.

William B. and Betsey L. Sherman of Marshfield, int. [Sept.] 30, 1845.

TALBOT, William H. [int. adds Capt.], mariner, s. Zephaniah, and Mary Foster, d. Elisha and Sally, Aug. 18 [1844].

TALIER (see Tailler, Tailor, Tayler, Taylor), Silus and John Phillups of Bridgwater, negroes, int. June 27, 1761.

TANTACHU, Experience and Joseph Warwick, Aug. 14, 1710.*

TAYLER (see Tailler, Tailor, Talier, Taylor), Annah of Hano[ve]r and Thom[a]s Pincin Jr., int. Jan. 18, 1755.

Benja[min] and Susannah Barstow, Nov. 19, 1724.* [Taylor and Susanna Bestow, C.R.2.]

Hannah and Thomas Buck, Jan. 8, 1705.*

Isaace and Ruth Green, Jan. 16, 1717.* [Isaac Taylor, Jan. 16, 1717-18, C.R.2.]

Lattice [int. Letti Taylor] and Gad [int. Gad Willis "Negro Servant of Doct. Isaac Otis "], negroes, Feb. 13 [1777].

Mary and Nathaniell Brooks Jr., Nov. 27, 1717.* [Taylor, and Nathanael Brooks, C.R.2.]

Rebecca and Joshua Staples, July 3, 1727.* [Taylor, C.R.2.]

Ryah and Cato Lanard, negro, [int.] May 17, 1788.

Seth of Pembrook, and [int. adds Mrs.] Martha Stutson, Nov. 29. 1759.

TAYLOR (see Tailler, Tailor, Talier, Tayler), Asa [int. Taler] and Abigail Collamore [int. Collamor] of Hanover, Dec. 26, 1792.

Benjamin and Anna Bates, Dec. 12, 1720.*

David and Eliza[beth] Silvester, Nov. — [worn].* [Nov. 20, 1729, C.R.1.]

Deborah and Joseph Tower of Hingham, int. Nov. 9, 1739.

Jo[h]n nd Elizabeth Gilford, Nov. 23, 1730.* [Tailor of Hanover, C.R.2.]

John S. and Cordelia A. Bell of Boston, int. Nov. 17, 1838.

Lettice [int. Lettis Tayler] and Nehemiah Prouty, Aug. 3, 1752. [Mrs. Lettice Taylor, Aug. 3 "N. Stile," C.R.2.]

Lydia and John Rite, Nov. 23, 1709.* [Right, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


TEGUE, Daniel of Hing[ha]m, and Mrs. Priscilla Sprague, int. June 2, 1770.

TEW (see Tue), Alice [int. Tue] and Benj[amin] D. Brooker, Oct. 5, 1834.

THAXTER, Gracey, Mrs., and Rev. Paul Jewett, Apr. 24, 1827.

John and Gracey Torrey, June 2, 1822.

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] of Hingham, and Joshua Otis [int. Jr.], Nov. 23, 1769, in Hingham.

THAYER, Nabby and Leonard Tirrell [int. Tirriell] of Weymouth, Mar. 8, 1815.

Warren Jr. of Hingham, and Margaret Damon, int. Sept. 1, 1835.

THOMAS (see Thomus), Abigale of Marshfield, and Ebenezer Daman, Oct. 27, 1725, in Marshfield.*

Allis, [int. Elice] and Robart Northey, June 16 [1785].

Benja[min] of Duxborough, and [int. adds Mrs.] Abigail Turner, Jan. 6, 1767.

Bethiah of Marshfield, [and] Israel Hatch, Oct. 27, 1725, in Marshfield.*

Chrischain of Plympton, and Charles Cushing, int. Mar. 3, 1804.

Daniel of Marshfield, and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Ewel [int. Ewell], Nov. 13, 1760.

Deborah of Pembroke, and John Briggs [int. "Tertius"], Oct. 23, 1796, in Pembroke.

Deborah B. of Hanson, and Cushing Vinal, Feb. 7, 1841.

Dorothy and Joseph Otis, Nov. 20, 1688.*

Elsia of Hanover, and Thomas Bostow Jr., int. Apr. 26, 1806.

Eunice (see Unice).

Francis, Dr., and Sarah Dunbar, Apr. 14, 1834.

Isaac of Marshfield [int. Mershfield], and Temperance Turner, Mar. 17, 1793. [Isaac of Marshfield, C.R.2.]

Jean, Mrs., of Marshfield, and Nehemiah Hatch, int. Nov. 28, 1764.

Joseph of Tivertown, and Abigal Curtis, int. Apr. 7, 1744. [Joseph of Tiverton, and Abigail Curtice, m. May 7, C.R.2.]

Marcy Little of Pembrook, and Cushing Otis Briggs, int. Dec. 19, 1812.

Mary of Marshfield, and Daniel Doran, int. Mar. 15, 1732.

Mary of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Benjamin Jacob, May 12, 1737, in Pembroke.

Mercy of Marshfield, and Benjamin Tolman Jr., Apr. 23, 1764, in Marshfield.

Mercy Little (see Marcy Little Thomas)

* intention not recorded


THOMAS, N. Esq. of Marshfield, and Abiah ——, July 16, 1741.* C.R.1.

Nehemiah, Rev., and Hannah Otis, int. Sept. 11, 1795.

Ruth and Josiah Cushing, Oct. 20, 1737.

Seth of Boston, and Ruth Damon, June 6, 1819.

Unice [int. Eunice] and Ignatious Vinal Jr., Feb. 19, 1789.

THOMPSON (see Thomson, Tomson), Jane, Mrs., and Rev. William Willard Wheeler, int. Oct. 26, 1787.

Molly, Mrs., and Lemuel Ransom of Middleborough, Jan. 3, 1785.*

THOMSON (see Thompson, Tomson), Robert and Anne Barker, Mar. 11, 1713.* [Thompson, C.R.1.]

THOMUS (see Thomas), James and Ruth Brooks, May 12, 174[8].

THORN (see Thorne), Hannah and Nathan Sutton, Feb. 19, 1744.*

Mary and Ichabod Merrit, Apr. 23, 1728.*

THORNDIKE, Israel of Campden [int. Isral Thorndack of Camdan], and Mary Withiell [int. Mercy Wethrell], [July] 20, 1808. [Israel Thorndike of Camden, and Mary Witherell, C.R.1.]

THORNE (see Thorn), Joseph and Joanna Pincen, May 16, 1695.*

THORP, Alexander and Eliza[beth] Balch, Feb. 25, 172[worn] [?1727].* [Feb. 25, 1727, C.R.1.]

THRIEFT (see Thrift), Hannah, Mrs., and John Ganes of Boston, int. Jan. 13, 1759.

THRIFT (see Thrieft), Hannah and Abiezer [int. Abizer] Turner, Jan. 5, 1764. [Abiezer, C.R.1.]

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Jabez Standly [int. Standley Jr.], June 2, 1765.

TICKNER, William Jr. and Lydia Tilden, Nov. 2, 1696.*

TILDEN (see Tildin, Tilding, Tillden), Abigail [int. adds Mrs.] of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], and Nathan Cushing Esq., July 11, 1772, in Pembroke.

Amos and [int. adds Mrs.] Lydia Duglass, Nov. 19, 1795.

Amos and Rhoda Merritt, [Mar.] 22, 1820.

Amos and Nabby [int. Abigail] Merritt, Apr. 12, 1835 [Abigail, C.R.1]

Amos H. of Marshfield, and Martha Hayden, int. Nov. 22, 1833.

* intention not recorded


TILDEN, Benjamin and Grace Turner, Feb. 24, 1731.

Betsey and Israel Damon, Aug. 24, 1826.

Chloe S., Mrs., of Hingham, and Amasa Hyland, int. Oct. 12, 1840.

Christopher and Aseneth Bailey of Dorchester, int. July 17, 1824.

Christopher adn Phillippa [int. Phillipa] Bailey of Boston, June 15, 1834. [Phillippa, C.R.1.] [Phillipia, P.R.10.]

Colman and Catharine Hall, Jan. 27, 1833.

David and Abigail Pitcher, Jan. 11, 1710-11.*

Deborah and Joseph Bailey, Dec. 19, 1790.

Deborah and Joseph Colman [int. Coleman] 3d, Jan. 1, 1822. [Colman, C.R.1]

Ebenezer and Mary Vinall, Mar. 23, 1713-14.*

Elijah and Lucy Cook, Nov. 30, 1826.

Elisabeth and Rodulphus Hatch, Dec. 16, 1701.*

Emeline and Samuel L. Fearing [int. Jr.] of Hingham, June 3, 1832 [Emmeline, d. Amos, C.R.1.]

George, widr. [int. omits widr.], 47, ship carpenter, of Marshfield, s. Jotham and Betsey, and Sybil [int. Sybel] T. Stetson, 32, d. Geo[rgw] W. and Sybil, June 17, [1844].

Grace and Benjamin Clap, Oct. [23, 1734] [int. 1734]. [Tildin, C.R.2.]

Gracey of Marshfield, and Capt. Joseph Oldham, int. Apr. 16, 1819.

Hannah of Marshfield, and Seth Vinal, Jan. 7, 1745-6, in Marshfield.

Hannah and Hezekiah [int. Capt. Hazekiah] Riply of Kingston, Jan. 20, 1785. [Hezekiah Ripley, Jan. 13, P.R.20]

Joana of Marshfield, and Charles Turner, June 26, 1716.* [Joanna and Charls Turner, C.R.2.]

Job Jr. of Hanover, and Lydia Jackson, Nov. 15 [1781].

John and Mercy Colman, Nov. 2, 1794.

John Jr., Capt., and Sally Vinal, [Dec.] 27, 1818. [Polly, C.R.1.]

Joseph and Sarah White, Nov. 30, 1710.*

Joseph Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Saran Foster of Kingston, Plymouth Co., Feb. 2, 1762, in Kingston.

Josepth and Ellice Twisden, Nov. 20, 1649.* P.C.R.

Jotham of Marshfield [int. Mershfield], and Betty Turner, Jan. 13, 1794.

Jotham Jr. of Marshfield, and Harriet Chitenden [int. Chittenden], Nov. 19, 1818.

Jotham, Capt., of Marshfield, and Betsey [int. Betty] Brooks, [Apr.] 22 [1819].

Julia and James Southworth, Nov. 18, 1832.

* intention not recorded


TILDEN, Lendal and Chloe S. Turner, Nov. 21, 1819.

Luther of Marshfield, and Philendia Brooks, int. Feb. 8, 1800 [Philenda, m. Sept. 18, C.R.2.j

Luther and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah S. Benson [of] Hingham, July 4, 1841.

Luther A. and Sarah S. Foster, Dec. 24, 1828.

Lydia and William Tickner Jr., Nov. 2, 1696.*

Lydia [int. adds Mrs.] of Marshfield, and Seth Vinal, May 11, 1758, in Marshfield.

Lydia and Joseph Bailey, Dec. 28, 1797.* P.R.10.

Lydia and Amasa Bailey of Cohasset, Apr. 17, 1833. [Amasa of Cohassett, C.R.1.]

Marcy and Benjamin Stockbridg, July 23, 1701.*

Marcy (see Mary).

Margaret and Jotham [int. Jothum] Wade, June 15, 1794. [Jotham, C.R.1.] [Jotham, ch. Simeon and Eunice, P.R.27.]

Margret and Sam[ue]ll Foster, Oct. 10, 1723.* [Margaret and Samuel Foster of Plymouth, C.R.2.]

Martha and Robert [int. adds C.] Merritt, Dec. 23, 1832.

Mary and James Hyland, July 3, 172[8].*

Mary of Marshfield, and Ignatious [int. Ignatius] Vinal, Dec. 15, 1743, in Marshfield.

Mary [int. adds Mrs.] and Timothy Robbens [int. Robbins] of Hano[ver], Oct. 25, 1770. [Robbins, C.R.1.]

Mary (see Polly).

Mary [int. Marcy] and Allen Litchfield, Feb. 12, 1815. [Marcy, C.R.1.]

Mary and Luther Page of Boston, Aug. 10, 1834.

Mercy (see Marcy)

Nathanaell and Mary Sharpe, Nov. 5, 1673.*

Nathanaell Jr. and Ruth Tilden, Dec. 18, 1700.*

Nath[anie]ll and Elizabeth Turner, int. June 20, 17.

Peggy and Benjamin Smith, Oct. 18, 1812.* P.R.5.

Philenda and Joseph Bond Jr. of Boston [int. Waltham], June 10, 1824.

Polly [int. Mary Tildin] and Roger [int. Rogers] King of Westford [int. adds Middlesex Co.], Sept. 1, 1799. [Polly Tilden and Capt. Roger King of Westford, C.R.1.]

Ruth and Nathanaell Tilden Jr., Dec. 18, 1700.*

Ruth [int. Jr.] and [worn][mes] [int. James] [L]itchfield, June 15, 1732.

Ruth of Marshfeild and North Eells, int. June 24, 1742.

Ruth and Ebenezer Peirce, int. Mar. 21, 1752. [Ruth Tilden wid., m. Apr. 16, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


TILDEN, Samuel and Sarah Curtice, July 25, 1694.*

Samuel [int. Sam[ue]ll] Jr. of Marshfield, and Mercy [int. Marcy] Hatch, Nov. 10, 1763, in Marshfield.

Samuell Jr. and Desire Oldum, Nov. 14, 1717.* [Sam[ue]ll of Marshfield, and Desire Oldham, C.R.2.]

Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel] of Marshfield [int. Mershfield], and Peggy Foster, [Nov.] 11, 1790 [Tylden, C.R.2.] [Samuel Tilden Jr., Nov. 4, P.R.5.]

Sarah [int. Jr.] and Samuel Stocbridge [int. Sam[ue]ll Stockbridge] Jr., Nov. 1, 1737. [Samuel Stockbridge Jr., C.R.1.]

Sarah of Marshfield, and John James 3d, Dec. 3, 1755, in Marshfield.

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Charles Otis, Feb. 8 [1787].

Sarah and William Turner, Apr. 23, 1829.

Sarah M., 21, d. John Jr. and Sally, and William C. Turner, 25, merchant, of Medford, s. Calvin and Rhoda, Sept. 29, 1847.

Steven [dup. Tillding] and Hannah Littell [dup. Hanah Litell], Jan. 25, 1661.*

Thacher and Betsey Lewis of Hingham, int. Nov. 29, 1824.

Thatcher of Marshfield [int. Mershfild], and Lucy Turner, Dec. 22, 1791. [Thatcher of Mars[h]field, C.R.2.]

Thomas and Lettice Turner, Dec. 12 [17[worn]] [? 1727].* [Thomas of Marshfield, Dec. 12, 1728, C.R.1.]

Thomas and Abigail [int. Abigal] Hatch, Dec. 4, 1766.

William H. and Sarah A. Rainsford, June 16, 1829.*

William P. and Mary J. Foster, May 15, 1834.

TILDIN (see Tilden, Tilding, Tillden), Sibbil [int. Sibbel Tilden] and George Warshington [int. Washington] Stetson, [Nov.] 24, 1810. [Sibbil Tilden and George Washing[? ton] Stetson, C.R.1.]

TILDING (see Tilden, Tildin, Tillden), Rebackah and James Briges, July 8, 1673.*

TILLDEN (see Tilden, Tildin, Tilding), Nathanell and Margrett Dodsun of Hingham, Jan. 3, 1673-4.*

TILLEDGE, Dinah and Ansulem Barnes of Hingham, int. June 19, 1785.

TILSON (see Tylestone), Elizabeth of Plymouth, and Doughty Randall, Jan. 8, 1746, in Plymouth.

Elizabeth [int. Elizebeth] of Plymouth, and Caleb Jenkins, Apr. 24, 1791. [Elizabeth Tillson of Plimouth, C.R.1.]

* intention not recorded


TINCOMB, Ebenezer and Hannah Turner, July 9, 1719.* [Tinkham of Midleborough, C.R.2.]

TIRRELL, Alonzo of Boston, and Mrs. Mary A. Pettis [int. Petice], Sept. 15, 1843.

Leonard [int. Tirriell] of Weymouth, and Nabby Thayer, Mar. 8, 1815.

TITUS, Silas of Attleborough and Ruth Turner, Aug. 13, 1746.

TOBEY (see Tobie, Toby), Martha of Sandwich, and Richard Garret, Sept. 10, 1712, in Sandwich.*

TOBIE (see Tobey, Toby), Thomas and Mary Damen, July 12, 1711.* [Dammon, C.R.1.]

TOBY (see Tobey, Tobie), Jane and Joseph Palmer, Sept. 20, 1733.

Martha of Hanover, and Caleb Prouty, int. Aug. 16, 1740.

TOLEMAN (see Tollman, Tolman, Toolman, Toulman), Joseph, Lt., and Mrs. Betty Roggers of Marshfield, int. Mar. 9, 1754.

William [int. Tolman] and Abigail [int. Abigall] Williamson of Marshfield, June 23, 1760, in Duxbury.

TOLLMAN (see Toleman, Tolman, Toolman, Toulman), Charles [int. Tolman] and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Sylvester [int. Silvester Jr.] of Hanover, May 15, 1774, in Hanover,

Eliza[beth] [int. Tolman] and Joseph Copeland [int. Copland], July 23, 173[5] [int. 1734]. [Tolman, and Joseph Copeland, July 23, 1735, C.R.2.]

TOLMAN (see Toleman, Tollman, Toolman, Toulman), Abigail Jr., Mrs., and Nath[anie]ll Sole of Doxborough, int. Apr. 8, 1775.

Arathusa and Stephen Nye of Rochester, Sept. 1, 1799.* C.R.2.

Benjamin Jr. and Mercy Thomas of Marshfield, Apr. 23, 1764, in Marshfield.

Benja[min] of Pembrook, and Nancy Crooker, [int.] Oct. 24, 1784.

Charles (see Charles Palmar)

Charles and Sarah W. Winslow, July 26, 1840.

Elisha and Miriam Turner, int. Nov. 1, 1740. [m. Dec. 1, C.R.2.]

Elisha and Judiah Winslow, [int.] Oct. 13, 1807. [Judith, m. Nov. 26, C.R.2.]

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and John Jacob, Nov. 2, 1[7][worn] [int. 1758].

* intention not recorded


TOLMAN, Hannah and William Nye of Falmouth, int. Oct. 10, 1801. [m. June 3, 1802, C.R.2.]

John and Dolly Hall of Penbrook, [int.] Mar. 21, 1784.

Joseph and Mary Turner, May 22, 173[8].

Josephr Jr. [dup. Tolmon] and Bethyah [dup. Bethiah] Turner, Nov. 4, 1771.

Joseph C. and Betsey B. Ford of Pembroke [int. Pembrook], July 25, 1841.

Joseph Robinson and Susan Butler Jones of Falmouth, int. Jan. 1, 1814.

Judith W. and David Wilder of N. Bridgewater, May 12, 1835.

Lydia and Snow Stetson, [Dec.] 7 [1780].

Mary C. and Martin W. Stetson of Hanover, int. Oct. 19, 1832.

Mary Turner and Samuel Hart [int. Hartt] of Boston, Nov. 14, 1813.

Mercy [int. adds Mrs.] and Benja[min] Bass of Hanover, Oct. 28, 1765.

Nabby. [int. adds Turner] and [int. adds Capt.] Samuel Lewis of Falmouth, Sept. 1, 1794. [Nabby Turner Tolman, and Sam[ue]ll Lewis, C.R.2.]

Samuel, Maj., and Judith H. [int. Hatch] Turner, [F]eb. 21, 1819.

Sam[ue]ll [int. Samuel Tolmon] and Rebaccah Copeland [int. Rebacah Copland], Nov. 25 [1784].

Sarah H. and John C. Wilder of N. Bridgewater, May 12, 1835.

Thomas J., plane maker, of S. Scitmtte, s. Joseph R, and Mary Willcutt of Cohassett, int. June 9, 1849, in S. Scituate.

William [int. adds C.] and Susan [int. adds C.] Knapp, Nov. 5, 1840.

TOMSON (see Thompson, Thomson), John and Lelle Sephet, negroes, [int.] June 4, 1786.

TOOLMAN (see Toleman, Tollman, Tolman, Toulman), Benjamin and Elizabeth Palmer, wid. Bezeleel, d. W[iIIia]m Perry, Aug. 4, 1709.* [Tolman, C.R.2.]

TORRENCE, William [int. Torrance] of Pembroke, and Deborah Barrell, May 16, 1816.

TORREY (see Torry), Abigal and Sam[ue]ll Hourard Jr. of Bridgwater, Jan. 13, 1725.*

Ann and Benjamin Worodworth, Feb. 14, 1716.* [Torry, Feb. 14, 1716-17, C.R.2.]

Benjamin and Hannah Ransom, int. Mar. 15, 17[45].

Betty and Georg [int. George] Stetson Jr., [Oct.] 23 [1777].

* intention not recorded


TORREY, Caleb and Mary Bryant, int. Feb. 19, 1731.

Caleb [int. adds Lt.] and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Clap, May 1, 1735 [Lt. Caleb and Mrs. Mary Clap, C.R.1.]

Caleb and Hannah Sylvaster [int. Sylvester], Nov. 13 [1781].

Caleb and Susanna Litchfield, June 10, 1792. [Torry, and Susannah Litchfield, C.R.2.]

Caleb Jr. and Lydia Curtis Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Hanover, Oct. 3, 1804.

Caleb and Hannah Rogers, wid., int. Feb. 1, 1807. [Torry, m. Feb. 26, C.R.2.]

Caroline F., wid., 19, of Hanover, b. Hanover, d. Abisha Soule and Frances of Hanover, and Spencer Binney, 20, shoemaker, of Hanover, b. Hanover, s. Spencer and Nancy of Hanover, Sept. 16, 1849.*

Charles and Hannah Tolman Turner, Mar. 21, 1813.

David and Hope Warren, June 12, 1710.* [Torry, C.R.2.]

David of Hanover [int. Hunover], and Miriam [int. Mrs. Meriam] Manson, Jan. 2, 1777, in Hanover.

Eunice and Hesekiah Barber of Dorchester, Jan. 3, 1722.* [Torry, and Hezekiah Barber, Jan. 3, 1722-3, C.R.2.]

George and Thankfull Otis, Sept. 22 [1782].

George and Eliza Day of Marshfield, int. Oct. 6 [? 5], 1815.

George [Otis] and Martha S. Frost, Sept. 21, 1843, in S. Boston.* P.R.24.

Gracey and John Thaxter, June 2, 1822.

Hannah [int. adds Mrs.] and John Slade of Boston, Aug. 4. [1776].

Harriet [int. Harriot] and Samuel Turner, Nov. 30, 1819.

Isaac and Eliza Cotton Archer of Salem, int. Jan. 14, 1815.

James and Anne Hatch, d. Will[iam], Nov. 2, 1643.*

James Sr. [dup. Torry, omits Sr.] and Eunice Deanes, wid. [dup. Unice Dean, omits wid.], July 30, 1701.*

James Jr. and Sarah Collamer, Apr. 20, 1710.*

James and Unice [int. Eunice] Turner, Nov. 28 [1782].

James Jr. and Bethiah Clapp, Nov. 25, 1802.

James and Mrs. Nancy Magoun, int. Mar. 27, 1819.

Joanna and Thomas Lambert, May 3, 1709.*

Joseph and Deborah Ripley, May 21, 1722.*

Kezia and Nehemiah Hatch, June 17, 1755.

Lucy and Ellis Boynton [int. Bouyington] of Saugus, [Oct.] 27, 1816.

Lydia, wid. [int. omits wid.], and Charles D. Bishop, Dec. 2, 1821.

Mary and Peter Silvester, Dec. 31, 1712.* [Torry, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


TORREY, Mary Jr., Mrs., and Benja[min] Cradick "Trachant person," int. Dec. 1, 1771.

Mary of Pembrooke, and George Little Jr., int. Jan. 10, 1806.

Mary O. and Walter Robbins, Nov. 30, 1837.

Patince [int. Patience], Mrs., and Constant Little of Marshfield, July 5, 1812. [Mrs. Patience, C.R.1.]

Sally and Capt. Elijah Curtis, Mar. 16, 1826.

Sally [int. Salley] Rann and William Brooks Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Nov. 26, 1812.

Samuel and Mary Lambart, Oct. 6, 1720.* [Torry, and Mary Lambert C.R.2.]

Samuel and Bathsheba Ripley, Sept. 7, 1721.*

Samuel and Patince [int. Patience] Young, Nov. 10, 1805. [Patience, C.R.1.]

Vesta H., 24, d. David and Vesta, and Albion Turner, 33, farmer, s. Lem[uel] and Lusanna, June 29, 1848.

William and Honour Rogers of Marshfield, July 12, 1711.* [Torry, and Honor Rogers, C.R.2.]

William Turner, Rev., of Canandagua [int. Canandaigua], N.Y., and Betsey James, May 19, 1814.

TORRY (see Torrey), James and Lyda Willes, June 1, 1666.*

James and Elizabeth Rallings, Sept. 29, 1679.*

John D. and Mrs. Mary A. Vinal, June 3, 1840.

Josiah and Isabell Witherlee, Oct. 6, 1684.*

Josiah and Sarah Mendall, Jan. 12, 1692.*

Richmond of Weymouth, and Xoa Damon, Dec. 11, 1842.

Thankful O. and George A. Trow of N. Bridgewater, Sept. 23, 1838.*

William and Margritt Buck, May 9, 1706.*

TOTMAN (see Totmon, Tottman), Alexander and Lucy C. Sable of Medford, int. Apr. 6, 1848.

Benjamin C. and Betsey C. Vinal, int. June 2, 1849.

Benjamin O., 28, blacksmith, s. Benjamin, and Betsey C. Vinal, 20, d. John S., int. June 2, 1849.

Benjamin T. [int. Turner] and Eunice Otis, Nov. 23, 1820.

Betsey [int. adds A.] and Benjamin Otis, [Dec.] 18, 1842,

Charles and Sophia Collamore, Jan. 24, 1813.

Charles and Thais Holbrook of Weymouth, int. Apr. 4, 1835.

Dorcasina [int. Dorcassina] and Reuben Payne, July 10, 1842.

Ebenezer and Hannah Benney of Hull, int. Dec. 6, 1808.

Fanny and Barnabas Otis of Plymouth, int. July 29, 1832.

Harris M. and Sarah S. Gross of Hanover, int. Aug. 24, 1816,

* intention not recorded


TOTMAN, Isaac and Mary Clap, [int.] Oct. 24, 1807. [Clapp, m. Nov. 29, C.R.2.]

John of Plymo[uth], and Mary Silvester Jr., int. Apr. 16, 1774.

Lucy and Bena[min] Tower, int. Aug. 30, 1778.

Lydia and Jotham Sylvester, [Nov.] 26, 1815. [Silvester, C.R.1.]

Mary [int. Totmon, adds Mrs.] and Joshua Gardner of Hingham, Nov. [worn] [int. 1759]

Mary and Samuel Eells, Oct. 24, 1813.

Mary and Jotham T. Sylvester, Oct. 1, 1839.

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] and Isariel Sylvaster [int. Israel Silvester], Apr. 7, 1805.

Sarah and David Wade, Nov. 18, 1819.

Sarah B., 17, d. Thomas and Ruth, and Enoch C. Newcomb, 28, shoemaker, of Hingham, July 4, 1848.

Sophia D. and Alfred Paine of Abington, int. June 14, 1834.

Stephen and [int. adds Mrs.] Hannah Damon, Oct. 16 [1777].

Stephen and Lucy Damon [int. Daman], Oct. 16, 1816.

Stephen 3d and Leah B. Dermest of Hingham, int. Apr. 21, 1822.

Thomas and [int. adds Mrs.] Sarah Carman [dup. Cormam], June 15, 1772.

Thomas and Mary Ann R. Fillebrown of Charlestown, int. [Oct.] 5, 1822.

Thomas and Lucy S. Beal of Cohasset, int. Aug. 27, 1825.

Thomas and Ruth Cushing, Oct. 1, 1826.

TOTMON (see Totman, Tottman), Priscila and Ezekel Sprage, int. May 19, 1753. [Mrs. Priscilla Totman and Ezekiel Sprague, m. July 5, C.R.2.]

TOTO, Moses and Sarah Whood, int. Aug. 23, 1752.

TOTTMAN (see Totman, Totmon), Ebenezer [int. Tottmon] of Marshfield, and Grace Turner, Nov. 27, 1752, in Marshfield.

TOULMAN (see Toleman, Tollman, Tolman, Toolman), Abigail and John Clark, June 11, 1724, in Pembroke.*

TOWER, Asa C. of Cohasset, and Eliza Stoddard, int. June 15, 1834.

Asa Cushing of Cohasset, and Charlotte [int. Charlott] Mann, Nov. 13, 1806. [Asa Cushing Tower of Cohassett, and Charlotte Man, C.R.1.]

Benjamin and Bethiah Woodward, May 6, 1718.* [Benjamin of Weymouth, C.R.2.]

* intention not recorded


TOWER, Benja[min] Jr. and Deborah Hollis of Weymouth, int, Jan. 10, 1739.

Benja[min] and Rebecca Whitton of Hingham, int. Sept. 21, 1744. [Whitten, m. Dec. 6, C.R.2.]

Benja[min] and Lucy Totman, int. Aug. 30, 1778.

Betsey and Capt. Isaac Whittemore, [June] 27, 1811.

Deborah and Samuel Hollis [int. Holace] of Weymouth [int. Weymoth, Jan. 15, 17[3][worn] [int. Dec. 6, 1735]. [Hollis ol Weymouth, Jan. 15, 1735-6, C.R.2.]

James and Mary Day of Hingham, Jan. 16, 1746, in Hingham.

James and Lucy Dunbar [int. Dunber] [of] Hingham, [May] 23 [1780].

Jane of Hanover, and John S. Tower, int. June 4, 1836.

Jemima and William Prouty, Nov. 15, 173[3]. [Jemimah, C.R.2.]

John S. and Jane Tower of Hanover, int. June 4, 1836.

Jonathan [int. John Towre] and Lydia Hollis of Weymouth, Dec. 18, 1746.

Joseph of Hingham, and Deborah Taylor, int. Nov. 9, 1739.

Lidia [int. adds Mrs.] of Hingham, and Joseph Cudworth, Jan. 22, 1767. [Lydia, C.R.1.]

Lucy [int. adds Mrs.j and Theophilus Corthell, May 29, 1800.

Lucy and Jairus Leavitt, Apr. 22, 1832.

Lydia (see Lidia)

Mary of Cohasset, and Leonard Hamilton, Dec. 15, 1833.

Mary W. and Henry H. Sylvester, int. Nov. 26, 1836. [Henry H[ayden] Sylvester, m. Dec. 25, P.R.22.]

Matthew [int. Mathaw] and Jerusha Hatch, June 1, 1782, in Marshfield.

Ratchel and Thomas Stoddard, Oct. 17, 1825.

Rusha and Samuel Ells of Hanover, int. July 20, 1805. [Ruth and Sam[ue]ll Eells, m. Sept. 2, C.R.2.]

Sam[ue]ll [int. Sam[ue]l] of Hingham, and [int. adds Mrs.] Hannah Collamer, Feb. 12, 1761.

Sarah of Hingham, d. Danie1, and John Whitcom [int. Whetcomb], Aug. 29, 1734, in Hingham

Sarah [int. adds Mrs.] of Cohasset [int. Hingham], and James Cushing Jr., Dec. 8, 1763, in Cohasstt.

Sarah Deming, of Cohassett, and Charles Mann, int. Apr. 28, 1816.

Sarah S. and William R. Brown, May 3, 1837.

Solomon [int. Soloman] and Sarah Stoddord [int. Stodderd], Jan. 28, 1808.

Stephen of Hingham, and Anne [int. Mrs. Anna] Bowker, Apr. 21 [1776].

* intention not recorded


TOWER, Susanna of Hingham, and Ray Sutton [int. Sutten], Aug. 1, 1734, in Hingham.

TRASK, William and Sarah Shaw, Jan. 19, 1720.*

TREMERE, Deborah [int. Tremear] and Jabez Standly [int. Standley], Feb. —[worn], 17[3][worn] [int. Nov. 22, 1735] [Tremere, and Jaberz Standley, Feb. 5, 1735-6, C.R.2 ]

TROW, George A. of N. Bridgewater, and Thankful O. Torry, Sept. 23, 1838.*

TRUANT, David of Georgetown, and Sarah Brooks, int. Oct. 27, 1764.

TUBBS (see Tubs), Morris [int. of Pembrook] and Bethiah Holbrook, Aug. 4, 1737.

TUBS (see Tubbs), Charles (Tubs [?]) of Marshfield, and Molly Stodder, int. Apr. 5, 1783.

Sarah of Pembroke [int. Tubbs of Pembrook], and Waterman [int. Watermon] Eells, Aug. 23, 1753, in Pembroke.

TUCKER, Nathaniel of Milton, and Lucy [int. Lusanna] Jacobs, Dec. 1 [1799].

TUE (see Tew), David [int. Too] and Alice Freeman [int. adds wid.], negroes, July 9, 1816.

TUELL, Samuell and Mehetable James, Oct. 24, 1700.*

TUEY, Hamilton H., shoemalrer, of S. Scituate, and Eliza Jane Francis of Boston, int. Oct. 13, 1849, in S. Scituate.

TURNER, Abiel [and] Elizabeth Robenson [int. Robinson] of Falmouth, May 16, 1737, in Falmouth.

Abiel [dup. Abial] Jr. and [int. adds Mrs.] Lurana Silvester [int. Sisvester, dup. Uraina Sylvaster]. Nov. 13, 1766.

Abiel and Rebecca Bates, Dec. 8, 1824. [Abial, C.R.1. P.R.25.]

Abiezer and Grace AIott, Feb. 1, 1726.*

Abiezer [int. Abizer] and Hannah Thrift, Jan. 5, 1764. [Abiezer, C.R.1.]

Abigail and Samuell Bryant, Feb. 14, 1711-12.* [Samuel, C.R.2.]

Abigail [int. Abigal] and Israel Chittenden, Nov. 24, 17[6][worn] [int. 1763]

Abigail [int. adds Mrs.] and Benja[min] Thomas of Duxborough, Jan. 6, 1767.

* intention not recorded

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